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Basic Italian Vocabulary in the Area of Fashion
VAŇKOVÁ, Michaela
The aim of this bachelor thesis is an overview of the basic Italian vocabulary used in the area of clothing and accessories. The thesis deals with elements of composition of Italian vocabulary and word-forming processes that are used in this terminology. It briefly describes the italian vocabulary of specific historical period and extensively describes contemporary vocabulary of clothes and vocabulary in the area of sport.
Survey and Diagnostics of Building Construction
Vaňková, Michaela ; Vítek, Lubomír (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis deals with building survey and diagnostics of residential house in Brno, which since its construction showed extensive faults. The theoretical presents to the general issue of building technical surveys, diagnostics reinforced concrete structures and describes methods for diagnosis of reinforced concrete structures. Practical part deals with building survey and diagnostics of the object including static assessment. Overall assessment is given in the conclusion.
Diagnostic methods for reinforced concrete bridges
Vaňková, Michaela ; Vítek, Lubomír (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the diagnostic survey of reinforced concrete bridges. In the introductory part is the bridge terminology, another part deals with methods of diagnosis,which can be applied to concrete bridges. Last chapter refers to the typical defects and disorders of reinforced concrete bridges. The practical part describes the technical survey of existing bridge and comparison methods determining the position of reinforcement - a radiometric method and using the GPR.
High standard detached house
Vaňková, Michaela ; Ing.Tomáš Duriš (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor's work deal with study of high standard deteached house with the double garage. House is two – storey high with shed roof with prevailing dimentions 26 m x 10,6 m. Around the house is designed teracce follow up to garden. Entries to the house are from the teracce on first floor and from path on second floor. Supporting walls are made prom Porotherm 30 PROFI, extermal walls are extamal thermal contact insulation system.
EU Structural Funds: Control of OPPP Projects and Case Study
Vaňková, Michaela ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Bič, Josef (referee)
The objective of the diploma thesis is to explain and evaluate the process of control of projects that were realized within the Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise. The thesis points out the most common problems and mistakes that were discovered during the financial control and extended the proces of control and postponed the payment of grant. Another aim is prosessing of case study of real project and evaluation of its effects and benefits. Firs part of the diploma thesis contains introduction, second part is theoretical. It sets Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise into wider context. It defines EU regional and structural policies and their objectives. It also mentions particular structural funds. Second part also talks about legislative framework concerning these policies. And this part also mentions operational programmes'administration. Third part of the diploma thesis is concerned with the Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise (OPPP). It describes individual OPPP support programmes from which it was possible to draw the support. Beside that, it shows the process through which the project of applier had to go from application for support, through authorisation to realization and control of project. Fourth part of thesis deals with the control of projects and the main focus is on the financial control. Fifth part contains the case study of real project. The conclusion contains evaluation of projects control process and also evaluation of project that was analysed in the case sudy.

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