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The concept of missing nursing care at the department of intensive medicine
Šťastná, Michaela ; Vaňková, Milena (advisor) ; Dynáková, Šárka (referee)
The concept of a missing nursing care in a nursing practice is a phenomenon that could endanger patients' safety in all cultures. This global deficit of a superior and comprehensive nursing care occurs in various departments of healthcare facilities. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with problematic aspects of the concept of a missing nursing care based on theoretical findings. Furthemore it summarises strategies used for ensuring that quality, safety and kompetence in a nursing care is met in relation to latest findings and the legislation. The research part presents outcomes of a conducted qualitative survey research focusing on nurses working in an Intensive Care Unit where a nursing care is directed towards the population of adult patients. Research Metodology: The data collection in the study is based on a semi-structured interview conducted on an actively working group of nine Intensive Care Unit nurses. Aim of the Study: The main objective of the thesis is to describe and analyse problematic aspects of the concept of a missing nursing care in an Intensive Care Unit, as well as to identify factors that affect occurrence of the given concept limited to the nursing staff in the Intensive Care Units. Research Results: The study analyses six categories in total, of which five categories...
Subjective experience of perinatal loss by midwives
Tóthová, Eva ; Vaňková, Milena (advisor) ; Adamcová, Kateřina (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deal with the topic of subjective experiencing of the loss during the delivery from the sight of midwifes. The main goal is to identify the basic spectrum of emotions and feelings related to the problematics. There are established other partial goals and research questions, which cover factors that influence providing care, strategies to handle stressful situations, psychological hygiene of the midwifes, the importence of supervision and its implementation to the praxis, burn-out syndrome in helping professions and personal experiences with this fenomen. Furthermore, there are created suggestions for practice, which alert on absence of attetion to the medical staff and comprise options, how to work in area of this problematic. Interviews in qualitative research, providing us elementary idea about problematic of the reliving attached to care of a woman during perinatal loss. Results show us that even that this process is really mentally tough, midwifes don't look for professional help. They try to solve stress situations on they own reflexion or with help from their community. In the sphere of psychic hygiene, is effort for increasing toughness and maintain mental balanc with many types of freetime activities or any other relaxation techniques. Extra alarming finding is fact...
Nursing care of morbidly obese patients
Buřičová, Iva ; Di Cara, Veronika (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
According available studies the number of obese people is growing worldwide, we can speak about so called pandemic obesity. Obese patients can be mostly found in hospitals and it is needed to react to this fact in medical and nursing care. Subject of this thesis is nursing process of morbidly obese patient. Thesis is formed into case study, which describes in detail nursing case of patient, who has undergone stomach palsy due to third degree of obesity. All attempts for conservative treatment were tried. Research was done on clinic specialized in obesity treatment. Information for both theoretical and practical section were based on czech and internatinonal literatures and researches. In practical section interview was done with staff of the clinic and patient of the clinic. Goal of the thesis is detailed description of nursing process according functional health models by Margaret Gordon, gathering most important facts in nursing care of obese patient on specialized clinic and suggestion how to use these facts even out of the clinic. By analyzing the nursing process I found out, that nurses of the clinic follow given standards. In discussion chapter I am describing in detail, how the clinic is structured, which tools has the staff to their disposal and what are my suggestion for improving the...
Nursing care of patient with quadriplegia
Škodová, Tereza ; Hakenová, Renata (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on nursing care of a quadruplegic patient. The theoretical part describes anatomy and physiology of spine and spinal cord, characteristics of disability, first aid, etiology, symptomatology, diagnostics, therapy, complications and nursing care. The sources for an elaboration of the theoretical part were found in the National Medical Library, via Medvik, on Wikiscriptions, on the thesis repositories and on the Spinal Unit website. For a larger amount of resources, research was made in the National Medical Library based on keywords. For the elaboration of the practical part, a qualitative research method was chosen in the form of a case study of a patient with quadruplegia. Case study includes information from medical records, interviews with the patient and observations. The main goal of the bachelor thesis is to process a case study, which includes a nursing plan of a selected patient with all the specifics, that the care for the quadruplegic patient brings us. The second goal is to raise the awareness of the care provided on the spinal unit amongst general public and healthcare commmunity. The result of the thesis is a presentation of nursing care of a selected patient with all the specifics, which are described in the case study. The case study includes details about...
Differences in the quality of life in patients undergoing hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation
Horníková, Dita ; Di Cara, Veronika (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
The literature indicates that treatment by means of elimination methods is extremely challenging for patients, bringing a fundamental change to their lives. The aim of the thesis was to identify and describe the challenges of treatment in patients with renal failure and how a given method of treatment affects the patient's quality of life and needs, as well as to understand the subjective difficulties and problems. A data collection method in the form of non-standardized semi-structured interviews was selected for qualitative research. The surveyed sample consisted of six patients of a dialysis centre. The respondents taking part in the qualitative research were informed in advance of the course, circumstances and ethical aspects of the research. The obtained data was analyzed, colour-coded and then sorted into subcategories. The results were interpreted using the "showdown" technique. The interviewed sample of respondents was subjected to multiple elimination methods in the treatment of their disease. Kidney transplant patients subjectively evaluated the quality of their lives as very high, talking about "a life of a normal man". Peritoneal dialysis patients also evaluated their quality of life as relatively high, highlighting a certain feeling of independence. Haemodialysis patients describe...
The life quality of patiens with the permanent cardiacstimulator
Sládková, Natálie ; Vaňková, Milena (advisor) ; Hladká, Petra (referee)
Background: The bachelor thesis deals with quality of life of patients with implanted pacemaker. After implantation of the pacemaker there are significant changes that affect the quality of life of patients. The theoretical part analyzes the issue of cardiostimulation, the area of quality of life is also devoted. Last but not least, the theoretical part is focused on the quality of life of patients with implanted pacemaker. Objectives: The main research goal is to map the quality of life of patients with an implanted pacemaker. On the basis of the main research goal, partial research goals are mapped, the patient's view of changes in psychic experience and the patient's view of his / her physical condition and functional status, as well as the opinion of the patient with an implanted pacemaker on his / her social area. Last but not least, they analyze how a patient with an implanted pacemaker evaluates education and information on cardiac stimulation. Methods: The research was conducted on the basis of a qualitative approach. Data collection was conducted using semi-structured interviews with six patients. The research sample was selected on a purposeful and random basis using the snowball method. The interviews were uploaded, overwritten, and then analyzed by open encoding. Results: Patients with...
Assessing the use GUSS test in patients with dysphagia after stroke
Šmídová, Michaela ; Hakenová, Renata (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
(v AJ) Nursing care for patients with dysphagia after stroke is nowadays a very serious problem. This disease is particularly dangerous for patients because of the risk of imminent aspiration pneumonia. In 2015, Czech Republic has developed a standard treatment plan for patients with dysphagia after stroke and following this plan a new screening method was put into practice, which would prevent aspiration pneumonia (Salt, 2015). This method is called THE GUGGING SWALLOWING SCREEN - GUSS test. After a positive GUSS test result a standardized nursing care should follow, which would involve the whole medical team (doctors, health nurses, speech therapists, physiotherapists and orderly). The aim of this work is to verify whether the GUSS test and subsequently the determined process of the standard treatment together with the nursing care meets and the needs of the nurses. Another objective is to verify whether the nurses would want to add, innovate or make necessary updates based on the already acquired experiences. Furthermore, taking into consideration the frequent collaboration of nurses with the speech therapists, this study also aims to evaluate and asses the cooperation between nurses and the speech therapists. The work also evaluates the effectiveness of the use of GUSS test in providing nursing...
Interest on voluntary vaccination in the district Louny
Ježková, Simona ; Pírková, Vendula (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
v anglickém jazyce (Summary): Bachelor thesis is devoted to non-mandatory vaccination. These vaccines immunization status and parents' satisfaction with the information provided on this topic. The theoretical part deals with the history of vaccination in general, and its gradual implementation in The Czech Republic. It explains the concepts of immunity and immunization, describes various infectious diseases against which it can now voluntarily get vaccinated, including a list of available vaccines on the market. There are also discussed best practices, legislation and duties of medical personnel, to be followed when applying. In the empirical part is to evaluate quantitative research that was carried out from September to October 2015, questionnaire was used. The main objective was to determine the non-vaccination rates in the district of vaccines, and parents' satisfaction with the level of information provided 165 questionnaires were distributed and 106 were evaluated answered. The results showed that the vaccination individual vaccines are 61.3%. The greatest demand is for vaccines against pneumococcal infections. If a child is not vaccinated beyond the obligation, then the main reason there are doubts about the usefulness of vaccines, 33.3% .Most of those surveyed were satisfied with the...
History of the pain treatment
Erbenová, Helena ; Mellanová, Alena (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
The thesis focuses on the history of pain treatment from the beginning of humanity to present days. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the research development, creation of theories and struggling of a man with the pain, an unpleasant sensory perception, without which the mankind would most probably not survive. From the skeletal remains we learn about pain-killing practices among primitive people who were, besides various potions, charms, spells and rituals, able to use even the trepanation techniques. We find that people in ancient times apparently understood the pain caused by traumatic mechanisms but they could not handle the pain caused by some internal disorder. Early findings about the treatment of pain were thus linked to the nature. People used plants with narcotic and analgetic effects e. g. opium, cannabis, mandrake and physical quantities such as pressure, heat, cold or even shocks generated by electric fish. Over the time they improved this knowledge and reached for new findings. This thesis presents also ideas and creation of theories of pain provided by thinkers and scholars across centuries. Works from antiquity had apparently the biggest and the longest lasting influence on pain and medical problematics. From historical sources we read that new discoveries in medicine...
The education of patient with cardiovascular diseases
Laubeová, Štěpánka ; Burišková, Klára (advisor) ; Vaňková, Milena (referee)
Backgroud: This thesis deals education of patienton the departmen of cardiovascular surgery where I work. Type of the work is theoratical- empirical. The theoretical part deals overal educational proces, concept of education, signifikance in health care with other principles and forms of education and concepts concerning education. Other parts of the theoretical work is a description of cardiovascular diseases, risk factors and subsequent treatment. Methods: The empirical part is realized the quantitative research using questionnaires. The group of respondent sis between 18-60 years and over. The aim of my work was to determine in they know the concept of education and the extent to patients are educated in educational proces taking place in the department in which processes are most educated as understood, to find out hoiw the most common way informations are delivered and where they find the most common barriers. The last of the goals was to determine if patients have enough information about other options for their treatment. Meaning of work consists of mapping of ongoing education to identify shortfalls in certain educatinal processes and to identify proposals for improving the quality of education. Results: I found that half of those surveyed were familiar with the concept of education but...

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