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Project of software for comparing advantageousness of leasing with loan
Vávrová, Martina ; Podlipný, Zdeněk (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
This bachelor thesis „Project of software for comparing advantageousness of leasing with loan“ solves the situation, that came with the effect of changes in law of income tax. It compares which form of purchase of passenger vehicles for entrepreneurial purpose is more advantageous – if leasing, or loan. Theoretical part focuses on definiton of all basic terms. Practical part is divided into specific comparison leasing with loan, and conceptual part, which deals with solving current situation by creating software for choosing the optimal form of funding.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation in the Firm and Proposals to its Improvement
Vávrová, Martina ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
This master's thesis describes and analyses financial situation of the FEI Czech Rebublic s.r.o. during years 2006-2009 using special methods of financial, company and company's sorroundings analysis. Based on the situation assessed by the methods it also proposes improvements of the present situation regarding the area of company's interest.
The Conception of Art and Kitsch in Aesthetics of Tomas Kulka
VÁVROVÁ, Martina
In her bachelor thesis, student focuses in problem of kitsch and its relationship to art in the conception of Tomas Kulka. After introducing Kulka's theory in his book Art and Kitsch, whose core is definitional analysis of this concept, finished by setting the necessary and together sufficient conditions for its aplication, she compares his conception with the other selected systematic approaches, especially with the theory of kitsch by Umbero Eco.
Histological and histochemical methods used in study of development of internal male sex organs
VÁVROVÁ, Martina
Presented thesis devotes to comparative study of usability of fixation agents and colouring methods for the study of histology and histochemistry of Culex pipiens s.l. mosquito males. The study was carried out in males of Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus Say, which is a significant transmitter of filariasis. Histological and histochemistry studies of the structure of the whole abdomens or prepared testicles were carried out on the material fixed by fixation agents Carnoy and Bouin of Dubosque-Brasil modification. Fixed tissue was cast in paraplast or resin. Histological sections were done by means of automatic microtome Leica and half-thin sections by means of ultra microtone Reichert. Section preparations were coloured by Mayer or Harris haematoxylin or by colouring method according to Mallory. Semi-thin sections from materials cast in resin were coloured by toluidine blue. Fixation agent Bouin, Dubosque-Brasil modification proved as more convenient than Carnoy, either for the preparation of paraffin sections or for fabrication of half-thin sections from tissues cast in resin. The next advantage of this fixation is that fixed tissue can be stored for unlimited period of time without over fixation of the tissue as it is in the case of fixation by Carnoy. For general histological preparations Mallory colouring is apparently the most convenient from the used methods; it provides better orientation in coloured tissue thanks to the whole spectrum of colours-pink to red colouring of cell nuclei, blue colouring of tissue and secretions. In case of colouring of male genital organs all used colourings (Mallory, Harris and Mayer haematoxylin) seem to be comparable. Casting in resin with connection to colouring by toluidine blue (also histochemistry proof for carbohydrates) has shown to be suitable for visualisation of finer structures, in male genital organs particular developmental phases of male sex cells were distinguished.
Elaboration of topics in the area of financial mathematics for elementary school computer-supported mathematics classes
VÁVROVÁ, Martina
This diploma work deals with the standards and support of financial education in the world, mainly in European countries and the Czech Republic.It introduces a suggested elementary schools didactical tool for computer-supported education in the area of finance, and it contains a description of its mechanism. An inseparable part of the work is a description and conclusions from classes supported with this tool. The work includes an attached CD containing the designed tool.

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