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Environmental topics in nation branding: the case of Slovenia
Havlíčková, Marta ; Tomalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on the approach of Slovenia to the promotion of the state abroad. It is a small country with two million inhabitants, suffering from poor visibility and being confused with Slovakia. Slovenia has decided to change this by creating a national brand. Positive perception of a country contributes to economic development of the state. It is also an ideal means by which small states can maximise their influence in the international arena. The thesis describes the gradual development of the national brand and its implementation. The thesis also describes the institutional background, the work being coordinated by the Government Office for Communication. Slovenia has succeeded in creating the brand of a green country with a quality of life for all. For a national brand to be successful, it must be based on real national priorities. In the case of Slovenia, ecology is also part of its domestic and foreign policy priorities. The monitored indicators show that Slovenia's environmental performance varies in different areas. In some areas Slovenia is a leader in the EU, in others, for example in transport, its performance is below average. The work concludes that the label is based on real foundations because some part of environmental policy is effective.
British reaction to the Arab Spring events in the context of United Kingdom's relations with Persian Gulf countries
Fričová, Kateřina ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis named British reaction to the Arab Spring events in the context of United Kingdom's relations with Persian Gulf countries is concerned with an impact of the revolutionary events of 2011, known as the Arab Spring, on bilateral cooperation between United Kingdom on one side and Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman on the other. While using quantitative analysis approach, it depicts how the Persian Gulf developments were reflected by prominent British representatives and members of the Cameron coalition government. Since the government promised to approach foreign policy matters through a liberal-conservative lens and also planned to further deepen its relations with Persian Gulf countries, the Arab Spring events can be interpreted as a clear dilemma for British policymakers. This thesis aims to answer whether such dilemma forced the government officials to re-asses the traditionally warm attitudes towards Persian Gulf and additionally, it demonstrates which spheres of their cooperation were threatened the most. Firstly, the bilateral relations between United Kingdom and Persian Gulf countries between 1971 and 2010 are described. Then, the focus moves towards the Cameron coalition government and its foreign- policy aims. In its final part, the thesis focuses on British...
Political Debate about the Issue of Free Movement of People in the United Kingdom between the Years 2010 and 2016
Janáková, Šárka ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is concerning with the evolution of stances of four main British political parties, namely the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, and the United Kingdom Independence Party, towards the issue of free movement of people between the years 2010 and 2016. The thesis aims to analyse on the basis of chosen documents, mainly manifestos or speeches of the parties' leaders, how and why did the stance of each political party towards the freedom of movement changed over the chosen period and how the stances differed among the parties. Mostly two documents are analysed for every chosen milestone of the time period between the years 2010 and 2016. These milestones are general elections in the years 2010 and 2015, the end of the transitional period for Bulgaria and Romania at the turn of the year 2014 and the European Parliament elections in the year 2014. For showing a possible shift in the stances of individual parties towards the issue of free movement of people are their statements characterised on a six-level scale negative to positive, whereas the sixth level means the issue was not mentioned in the statement. Apart from that also the level of prominence of the issue of freedom of movement is characterised at each milestone, showing how important a role this issue...
Redefinition of Sweden's security policy at the turn of millennium
Malina, Václav ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
This thesis verifies a statement that the specific Swedish security policy of military non- alignment, reformulated from a policy of neutrality after the end of the Cold War, was compatible with Sweden's involvement in the European integration structures between 1990 and 2009. Compatibility is assessed based on a definition of military non-alignment, consisting of a general condition of non-participation in military alliances, or in other words the non- existence of mutual security guarantees, as well as two specific Swedish conditions, independent foreign policy and resistance to common defence. Regarding independent foreign policy, EU's CFSP retained unanimous decisions about basic outline and did not violate Sweden's independence in this field. Concerning resistance to common defence, CSDP did not lead to mutual security guarantees or a unified army. Even further away from this is NATO's Partnership for Peace programme. Solidarity Declaration and Lisbon Treaty constituted a threat to Sweden's military non-alignment, yet the country insisted it decided about the military assistance to other countries on its own. Nordic and Nordic-Baltic defence cooperation did not endanger Sweden's specific policy. Instead, it proved that the functional approach to security policy, applied by Nordic countries, is...

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