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Blood count changes in chronic ill patients and their laboratory processing
VÁVROVÁ, Michala
In my bachelor´s thesis I deal with anaemia of chronic disease (ACD), which is the sekond most common anaemia after anaemia from iron deficiency and usually it accompanies chronic inflammatory, infectious or even autoimmune diseases. I describe anaemia in general terms, because it´s a very common disease, in the theoretical part. I also deal with disorders of iron metabolism and it is correct functioning in the organism, diagnosis, causes, treatment and new therapeutic approaches of ACD. I devote a particular attention to patients, who have anaemia of chronic kidney disease. It is one of the most common diseases, which anaemia accompanies and in the last decade it has been the subject of intense study. I devote to analysis data in the practical part. At first, I investigated the blood cell counts of 30 patients with ACD using the hematology analyzer CELL-DYN Ruby in the laboratory STAFILA, spol. s. r. o. České Budějovice for the period June 2016 to April 2017. Next I dealt with cell blood count with parameters: the number of erythrocytes (RBC), the amount of hemoglobin (HGB), a medium volume (MCV) and distribution width of erythrocytes (RDW), because they are associated with ACD. I observed that ACD is most found at the patients in the age group over 70 years, which included mostly women and according to the calculated average age of both sexes, the disease appears a little earlier at woman. Almost all patients had low levels of RBC and HGB. I´ve identified the severity of anaemia according to HGB levels. Most patients had mild anaemia and the least patients severe one. I observed according to the average values of Hb for each age category. I observed that the value of Hb decreases with increasing age. The majority of patients had according to the value of MCV normocytic anaemia and according to the value of RDW heterogeneous population of erythrocytes more occured more at the men. I compared my results with the studies and comfirmed that it really is ACD.

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