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Distributive justice in the context of transplantation medicine
Urbanová, Anna ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
The thesis deals with the concept of distributive justice in the context of health care, whereas the main point of view is transplantation medicine. The field of transplantology has been globally struggling with the lack of resources, but unlike other medical sectors, the deficiency is not in financial resources, but life savings organs. The vital organs need to be distributed in a justifiable way among patients registered on waiting lists. The paper aims to explore different approaches to such allocation and to assess them from the legal and ethical perspective. The first part of the thesis introduces the concept of distributive justice with an emphasis on the right to health care. Further focus is on transplantation, with a brief description of the history of transplantation activities and the development of the whole society's perception of this method. Another part of the paper is devoted to the ethical discussion and associated controversial issues, especially to those that may potentially influence the general lack of organs. The next chapters describe current legislation on transplantation at international, European and national level, as a legal framework for the system of allocation criteria, on basis of which the distribution of organs takes place in practice. For their assessment,...
Vliv fiskální politiky na příjmovou nerovnost ve vybraných zemích Latinské Ameriky
Urbanová, Anna ; Maialeh, Robin (advisor) ; Slaný, Martin (referee)
The region of Latin America remains the most unequal in the world, despite the downward trend of last years. The negative socioeconomic impact of high income inequality has been examined and proved by many studies. The difference between inequality rates in Latin America and more equalitarian countries is much bigger when regarding income after taxes and transfers, which follows that the source of persisting high rates of unequal income distribution might be found in ineffective fiscal policy. This thesis examines the assumed impact of implemented fiscal policy on level of income inequality for four Latin American countries (Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Colombia). In the theoretical part, theoretical background for income inequality and fiscal policy is covered. The practical part includes analysis of development of income inequality, public expenditures and tax revenues in these countries from 1992 to 2012. Subsequently, regression model proves a significant negative impact of public health expenditures on income inequality in case of Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Public spending on education is found effective in reduction of income inequality in Brazil, however in case of Chile an increase in public spending on education seems to increase unequal distribution of income among households. Main finding of this thesis is that when efficiently targeted, fiscal policies aimed at increasing expenditure on health and education systems are likely to serve as effective measures of reduction of unequal income distribution.
The SK Tenis Kladno marketing plan
Urbanová, Anna ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Topic: The SK Tenis Kladno marketing plan Objectives: The main objective is creating a marketing plan for SK Tennis Kladno Tennis Club. The sub-objective was to conduct a situation analysis on which basis was the marketing plan developed. Methods: In this work I used the method of analysis, method of inquiry and method of scaling. By the method of questioning were collected information about customers, their views, needs and desires. The club itself was analyzed, such as its competitors, partners and customers. The method of scaling was used in case of the club and competition analysis. SWOT analysis is included. Results: The analyzes revealed that the club has one strong competitor and two weaker competitors. The results further showed that the greatest weakness of the club is pricing policy stance, the current management of the club and the poor atmosphere in it. The marketing plan focuses both on the young generation, ie. children and young people, both amateur players. Key words: marketing planing, marketing mix, marketing objectives, propagation, cost, customer, competition
Immunomodulatory properties of vitamin D3
Urbanová, Anna ; Stříž, Ilja (advisor) ; Zajícová, Alena (referee)
1 Abstract Vitamin D3 is important for keeping the right concetration of Ca2+ in plasma. Therefore it is essential for proper bone growth and development. Nevertheless, vitamin D3 has also a number of immunomodulating effects. Our thesis has been targeted on evaluation and comparison of vitamin D3 influence on expression of chosen surface markers (CD14, CD54, HLA-DR, CD16, CD36 and CD163) with THP-1 cells and monocytes gained from human peripheral blood. Other aims have been analysing the vitamin D3 influence on longevity of THP-1 cells and measuring the soluble CD14 and IL-8 production with THP-1 cells under the vitamin D3 influence. The cells have been stimulated with five different concentrations of vitamin D3 for the time 24, 48 and 72 hours. Higher used concetrations of vitamin D3, i.e. 100 nM and 1000 nM have increased the expression of CD14 with THP-1 cells in the time 48 and 72 hours of the stimulation time. With the monocytes from peripheral human blood the increase of the CD14 expression hasn't been remarkable from the physiological point of view. Together with the vitamin D3 concentration increase the sCD14 production with THP­1 cells was considerably higher. The sCD14 was the highest in the time 72 hours after the stimulation with the highest used vitamin D3 concetration. The IL-8 quantity with...
The role of T regulatory cells in kidney transplantation
Urbanová, Anna ; Stříž, Ilja (advisor) ; Zajícová, Alena (referee)
T regulatory lymphocytes (Treg) belong to the CD4+ cell group. They are an essential part of the immunity system. Treg cells prevent from excessive activation of effector T cells and they keep the tolerance to the tissues of the body. They have high expression of CD25 and the transcription factor Foxp3. We distinguish two basic populations of Treg cells: natural Treg cells (nTreg) created in the thym and representing 5-10 % of all CD4+ cells, and induced Treg cells (iTreg), created from naive CD4+ cells in the periphery.Their regulatory effect is well-known, therefore using of Treg cells could bring about a huge treatment potential for patients with a transplantated kidney. Healthy people and patients tolerant to the transplantated kidney show higher occurance of circulating Treg cells and the Treg cells present in the graft unlike patients with chronical rejection. The tolerance is cancelled with the damage of CD4+ CD25+ cells.For a graft acceptance it is necessary to treat the patient after the transplantation with immunosuppressive medicaments resulting in suppression of immunity reaction against the graft. Their disadvantages are side effects often resulting in the patient's death. Moreover they often have a negative impact on survival and expansion of Treg cells. The analysis of flow cytometry has...
Socio-technical attacks
Urbanová, Anna ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Palovský, Radomír (referee)
The main objective of this work is to identify how students from the University of Economics, in Prague, looks at their results in two different socio-technical surveys. First, survey no. 1, focuses on the security of password and the second survey, no. 2, looks at how phishing e-mails are detected. In both cases to obtain the results of the surveys, questionnaires were used. After the surveys were completed, we promised that we would inform the students of their results from their questionnaires. The whole thesis is divided into six chapters. The first four chapters are based on theoretical information about social engineering. The last two chapters contain the practical part of the thesis, survey no. 1 and 2. The main benefits of this thesis are the results from the two surveys, which focused on the way that social engineering is attacked. Each survey was completed with the help of questionnaires and highlight the potential risks that social engineering poses to society.

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