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Marketing activities in the category of Nike basketball for the domestic market
Tichý, Petr ; Boučková, Jana (advisor) ; Kaňovský, Luděk (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the analysis and presentation of the global company Nike, especially the perception of the brand as a symbol of basketball. The master's thesis is divided into two parts. The first part describes the theoretical and methodological starting points, particularly the international marketing environment, concepts and strategic approaches, international marketing mix, plus the event marketing and sponsorship, which are an integral part of Nike marketing. The practical part describes the Nike company both from an international perspective, and marketing activities in the domestic environment. Based on the information and the survey, conducted gives recommendations for marketing activities in the basketball category in the domestic market.
Ethics and morality as a part of human resource management
The goal of this diploma is to discover, how employees percive ethics and morality as an component of human resources management. For my survey were selected three farming businesses and one institution of public administration. I have chosen these businesses because of their diverse specialization. I made a guestion form which was given to 96 employees. In the first part of this diploma work I summarized theoretical infotmation about ethics, morality and human resource management. In methodology, there is description of questionary method and dialogue which I used. In the next capitol I am descibing individual guestions. Each answer was put down into the graph. The results and discussion follow after the graph. Ethics and morality are not priotity in most of ours farming businesses. The top management staff must learn, that these important parts of human resource management are the key in their way to success. In the institution of public administration are ethics and morality part of human resource management for a long time. But there are still some problems in this dilemma. The ethics code is matter of course. But the top management should be more open to their employees and give them more respect and recognition.
Worst-case GMRES pro normální matice
Liesen, J. ; Tichý, Petr
We study the convergence of GMRES for linear algebraic systems with normal matrices. In particular, we explore the standard bound based on a min-max approximation problem on the discrete set of the matrix eigenvalues.
The Shadow Vector in the Lanczos Method
Tichý, Petr
The left starting vector, also called shadow vector, is one of the parameters of Krylov subspace methods for solving systems of linear equations based on the nonsymetric Lanczos process. We will shov various choices of this vector that cause equality of certain residual vectors of another Krylov subspace method like GMRES.
Marketingové aktivity v Severočeských dolech,a.s.
Tichý, Petr ; Horová, Olga (advisor) ; Král, Petr (referee)
Zkoumání marketingové komunikace ve vybrané firmě

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