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Stránský, Jiří ; Mikš, Lubomír (referee) ; Kropáčková, Barbora (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
The dissertation focuses on the problem of determining the timeliness of the normal market rent an apartment at the market price of the apartment. The basic premise is obtain a database of prices of flats and apartments to compare these parameters the most accurate way. This area has been addressed several times, but only in some cities and not fully explored. The conclusions of the dissertation indicate what the relationship is normal and usual rental price of the apartment, then further comparison of the development of this relationship before the economic crisis, ie the price levels of 2008 and the present. Based on these data, it is also possible to determine the level of capitalization in each regional cities with regard to the average wage in each regional cities.
Business plan of following development of Golf Hrádek, s.r.o.
Makovský, Petr ; Veber, Jaromír (advisor) ; Stránský, Jiří (referee)
The aim of diploma thesis is to evaluate the position of a small company offering services in a golf courses market. Following aims are to show reference both in short run investments and strategic investments. The main tools used in the document are the Porter's five forces, the SWOT analysis, and the analysis of criterions matrix. The output of the diploma statement is that the small company is strongly fixed in the market of golf services. The short term strategic recomendation is to focus on the needs of the target market customers as well as to increase the quality of the services and the golf environment. The main long term strategic recomendation is to rebuilt the old devastated building near by chateau Hrádek u Nechanic into a hotel and restaurant belonging to the golf course. This reconstruction needs to be funded with EU grants at least by 27% of the total cost, therefore by 30.922.000,- CZK.

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