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Meaning of the Teaching Assistant at the Elementary School
Hejduková, Petra ; Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
This study opens the question of the teaching assistant at the mainstream Elementary schools. It is focused on the role of teaching Assistant in respect to the teachers, the representatives of the school management, pupils and teaching assistants it selves. The core theoretical interest of this study is to describe extensively this position deployed in the Czech Republic Educational System through the inclusive education. The empirical part includes the entire philosophy of employment such a position at the chosen mainstream schools. It survey teaching assistant work while using the form with the open questions for the teachers and teaching assistants, semistructured interviews with the representatives of the school management as well as with the pupils with statements of special educational need. The outcome of the master's project comprise all the conceptions of deployment of the teaching assistant into the Elementary schools and brings the evidence of the usage and benefit of this position.
Planning of teaching focused on cross curricula topics and verification of its impact on the development of key values and attitudes of primary school pupils
Frkalová, Nikola ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The target of the thesis In the theoretical part of the thesis is my aim to chart the teachers possibilities for incorporation of the sectional themes into the teaching at first level of basic school. Especially the theme regarding the education of the thinking in European and global context. I would like to focus on how the teacher can within the class develop the students values and their attitude, which are related to the sectional themes and concurrently, how can we detect and use the impacts of this type of teaching. I will focus on definition of the requirements for the teachers, who prefers approach to the teaching oriented on attitudes and values. In the empirical part of the thesis I am going to make a case study at the basic school, which will chart the actual work of the survey methods, regarding the students values and their attitudes and efficiency of the intervention presented as targeted work with these values and attitudes. Data collection will be in form of participant observations and collection of the documents and artefacts in the classroom. The relationship between the research subject and the questions Based on the knowledge and obtained experiences, I would like to focus on following questions. How the teacher is developing the attitudes and the values coming from the...
Eligibility of primary school pupils to manage their time
Tošnerová, Aneta ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The topic of this thesis is procrastination. Procrastination is "the illogical, but deliberate delaying of planned action, which is accompanied by a commitment to alternative activities." (Sliviaková 2010, p. 3). Occasional procrastination however mostly harmless is only a small step from procrastination chronic. Chronic procrastination already points at undesirable situation, the malfunction of a healthy lifestyle and self-control. That view is the starting point for the research work of the problem, which investigates the symptoms of procrastination among primary and secondary school pupils. Procrastination is usually being considered in relation to adults' behaviour. The question asked is whether it is relevant to consider procrastination also in relation to children at primary school. In the theoretical part, we therefore first gathered and compiled the available data about the topic from various Czech and foreign sources, mainly to define with necessary precision the object of the study (procrastination) and learned the wider context of the issue (time management, self- management). The survey is based on interviews with six parents and thirty pupils from 1st to 5th grade. The method of research used with pupils was author a story that allowed them to identify themselves with a certain type of...
Application of CLIL in Primary Education
Špačková, Iveta ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis is concentrated on CLIL, an innovative method of teaching. It integrates the content and the language learning. The aim of this work is to find out how CLIL is actually realized at primary schools and discover the possibilities and the limits of this method. The theoretical part of this work is based on the literature and it summarizes the main characteristic of Content and Language Integrated Learning. The practical part of this diploma thesis is an outcome of qualitative research. As the methods of research I used interviews with teachers, observations, a realization and a following reflection of a lesson which was planned and based on the principles of CLIL. The result of this work is the analysis of the CLIL lessons in primary education and the analysis of the possibilities and the limits of this method. KEYWORDS innovative method, foreign language teaching, Content and Language Integrated Learning, foreign language across the curriculum, qualitative research
Applied theory of inclusive education in primary schools with focus on students with specific learning disabilities
Kalinová, Tereza ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to analyze various aspects of the inclusive teaching concept within the first stages of elementary education and how such aspects may be applied. The work is divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is further divided into five main chapters. The first chapter covers the topic of how all students can be included in the elementary education system. The second chapter discusses the key components of how the theory can be implemented and successfully applied to individuals in order to help students achieve their educational goals. The third chapter focuses on topics of special needs education, learning and behavioral disorders. The fourth chapter discusses the necessary role parents and guardians should take in this process. A summary of theoretical part is provided in the fifth chapter. The practical part of the thesis is also divided into four chapters, each of which is numbered and connected to the theoretical part. The sixth chapter defines the objectives of the practical part of my thesis, which are based on various research methods including interviews, surveys and questionnaires. The purpose of the research was to collect firsthand accounts, information and data that would help me analyze the concept of inclusive education and assist...
Navier's Slip and Evolutionary Navier-Stokes-Fourier- Like Systems with Pressure, Shear-Rate and Temperature Dependent Viscosity
Bulíček, Miroslav ; Málek, Josef (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee) ; Feireisl, Eduard (referee)
There are plenty of experimental studies suggesting to model behavior of viscous materials as incompressible fluids with the viscosity depending on the shear-rate, the temperature and the mean normal stress (the pressure). In this thesis we investigate mathematical properties of internal unsteady three-dimensional flows of such fluids subject to Navier's slip at the boundary. We establish the large-data and long-time existence of weak solution provided that the viscosity and heat conductivity depend on the shear rate, temperature and the pressure in a suitably specified manner. Note that specific relationship however includes the classical Navier-Stokes equations and power-law fluid (with power law index r 2, r 2) as special cases. The achieved results are based on two observation. First, although for smooth functions completely equivalent, in the context of weak solutions the formulation of the balance of total energy share better mathematical properties than the equation for the temperature, balancing the internal energy. Second, for evolutionary models, again in the context of weak solutions, Navier's slip boundary conditions are well suitable to defining the global pressure needed if the viscosity is pressure-dependent. Except for the special case, the Navier-Stokes equations, when one identifies the...
Secondary school ESL teachers' attitudes, understandings and concerns about implementation of inclusive education in Kazakhstan
Makhmudayeva, Shynar ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The issue of special and inclusive education had become the crucial topic for discussion in Kazakhstan after signing the UN CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) in 2008. The fact that children with disabilities are excluded from the mainstream and quality education in Kazakhstan attracted the attention of national and international experts. Kazakhstan with its trilingual language policy (Kazakh language as the state language, Russian as the language of interethnic communication and English as a way to enter the global community (Ministry of Education and Science [MoES], 2010a)) should be able to provide quality language learning for children with and without disabilities. The attitudes of teachers remain as one of the most crucial factors in implementing inclusive education. The purpose of this qualitative study is to examine the attitudes, understandings and concerns of secondary school English as the Second language teachers regarding the implementation of inclusive education in Kazakhstan. The central research question of the study is following: What are the attitudes, understandings and concerns of the secondary school English as the Second language teachers about the inclusion of children with disabilities? Three sub- questions are: 1.What are inclusive school ESL...
The Family and the School - Communication and Cooperation
Kuchařová, Pavla ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
The goal of the graduation work called Family and school - communication and collaboration is to describe an area of school-family communication and cooperation and to bring basic facts, circumstances, researches and conclusions useful for a future teacher practice closer to the reader. The purpose is to help teachers to create a notion of a level of school-family communication and collaboration and its possible form. The teacher-parent relationship has an essential influence at child's school performance. In child's own attitudes to the school and the teacher we can identify parent's attitudes. An effective communication and collaboration could be a contribution for all participating members (teacher, parents, and child). The task of the teacher is to create suitable conditions. KEY WORDS School-family relationship, parent involvement, collaboration, communication, attitudes, partnership. Powered by TCPDF (

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