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Attitude of teachers and parents toward inclusive education at Step by Step program
Koníčková, Klára ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The topic of this graduate thesis is the inclusive education programme Step by Step. More specifically, the work focuses on the attitude of the involved teachers and parents to this phenomenon. The theoretical bases are focused on the definition of the terminologically unclear terms of inclusion and integration, they outline their historical and legislative development as well as the overall intention and summarize the main components which influence its high-quality course. One part of the thesis also focuses on the characteristics of the participants and the base of this education, and also on the psychological aspects influencing the attitude of an individual. Last but not least, the work also deals with the programme Step by Step, with the summary of its inclusive principals and comparison of the publication: Kompetentní učitel 21. století: Mezinárodní profesní rámec kvality ISSA (2011) s dokumentem Profil inkluzivního učitele (Evropská agentura, 2012). The aim of the work was to map attitudes of several teachers of this programme to the joint education and to find out by using one example of a suitable inclusive practice whether the valuable work of a teacher positively projects into the minds of the parents and pupils of this class. To determine the results, observation method and...
Language skills development of pupils from language disadvantaged background realised in primary science education
Štěpán, Cyril ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis - Cyril Štěpán Abstract In the theoretical part of my thesis, I first aim to outline the particular language problems of children brought up in a socially disadvantaged background. I attempt to describe what actually is "social disadvantage" and what are its specifics. Moreover, I deal with the particularity of development of children in such background and with the imapact on communication skills of these children when they enter nursery or elementary school. In the second chapter of my thesis, I write about langugage and communication barriers of children with different mother tongue. I describe and explain the term "different mother tongue". Then I pursue the statistics on pupils foreigners in czech schools and their categorisation to discover the most represented foreign languages in czech schools. I furthermore describe these languages (Slavic language group and Vietnamese) and I point out those linguistic differences of these languages when compared to the czech language that are the most crucial ones in the process of learning czech. In the last chapter of the theoretical part of my thesis, I write about school inclusion of these pupils. I first try to define the term inclusion only to later come up with concrete strategies and possibilities of inclusion of these pupils in czech...
Education of hospitalized children
Juránová, Veronika ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Kropáčková, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with needs of hospitalized school-age children, attitudes towards rearing of these children and education in a hospital school. Attention is paid mainly to social and educational needs of hospitalized children. The aim of the diploma thesis is to collect expertise related to the aspects of long-term hospitalization of a child and evaluate the reality of the education in the hospital school where the research took place. Firstly, the theoretical part defines the characteristics of physical and mental development of a school-age child. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with various aspects of hospitalization of a child, especially in relation to his family and school life. In the empirical part, the qualitative research through interviews and observation is applied. It concentrates on how hospitalized children assess education in hospital schools, how the hospital schooling is organized and how the hospital school communicates with the school where a patient goes to. The research has shown that the respondents have a very positive attitude towards education in the hospital school, especially due to the individual approach of hospital teachers. On the other hand, they lack a collective from the school they normally go to. Moreover, a hospital teacher must be flexible in...
Education of pupils of primary school how not to be consumers
Wanková, Natálie ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The theoretical part of the presented diploma thesis aims to suggest a way to encourage non- consumer way of life in today's pupils at lower level in primary school (first school). Promotion of non-consumerism is based on the aims and principles stated in current Czech official curricular documents. The issues connected to consumerism, its formation and consequences are explained. Furthermore, general ways to avoid consumer way of life are suggested. A deeper insight is provided using pedagogical constructivism, with focus on the evocation phase, part of the "E-U-R model". This phase helps to motivate pupils and to discover what conceptions children have of consumerism. For this reason, the theoretical part also provides a closer look at children's conceptions. Considering the fact that consumer way of life is influenced by personal moral values, a section of the theoretical part deals with moral development of a child, focusing on a crucial age of 9-10, when the conception of moral realism changes. The practical part of the diploma thesis suggests a lesson whose main part is a questionnaire, which serves as a tool to determine children's conceptions of consumerism. The lesson is reflected upon and, based on the reflection, ideas for further education are suggested. The results stated in the...
Support of inclusive education in Step by Step programme
Dimelisová, Kristina ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals in detail with inclusive education in the Step by Step programme, especially with the intention to find out what means and arrangements the Step by Step programme uses to promote inclusive education. The theoretical background is focused on defining the key features of inclusive education, describing developments abroad and in the Czech Republic and showing the Finish education system as a good example of practice. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the brief characteristics of the Step by Step programme and compares its main principles with inclusive principles. For a deeper insight into inclusive education much of the work is devoted to analyse the main aspects of current legislation to support inclusive education, which includes evaluation of support arrangements based on literature. In connection with this, the support arrangements became the focus of the research section. For this reason a research was conducted in the practical part with the aim of mapping a system of support arrangements at a selected primary school with the Step by Step programme and to set out some recommendations for introducing functional inclusive education to other schools. For this research, semi-structured interviews and student case studies were chosen as concrete examples of successful...
Formative Assessment in the Educational Area Man and His World
Mücková, Tereza ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with the use of formative assessment in the educational area Man and His World. Its outcome offers a possible way of solving the shortcomings of the area in question which negatively affects pupils' attitudes towards the school subjects of this educational area. The theoretical part presents findings about the assessment in general, namely its definition, presentation of functions, types and forms of assessment. It also emphasizes the relationship between the objectives and assessment which will be a pivotal one in the educational area in question. It also discusses the specifics of this educational area in relation to the impact on pupils' attitudes. Findings about formative assessment are focused on the definition, analysis of advantages and methods of implementation into teaching. The empirical part is based on the findings from the theoretical part and is carried out by a mixed research design. Questionnaire, interview and observation was used as methods to conduct the research. The aim was to find out whether the pupils who are assessed formatively have a more positive attitude than the pupils, who are assessed only summatively. The established hypothesis assumes that the pupils who are assessed formatively would have a better attitude towards the subject,...
The Issue of Discipline with Focus on Primary Schools.
Fast, David ; Uhlířová, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
THE ABSTRACT This diploma thesis is taking a theoretical insight into a discipline based on philosophical, psychological, sociological and pedagogical point of view. A legal point of view is included as far as the school behavior code goes. The author is researching inner and outer factors which are having an impact on the discipline. Many aspects are taking a role in this including teacher's authority or the environmental condition of the whole class. The thesis is then searching an answers for such a questions as 'what would the most common discipline problem be" that we would be able to come into a contact with at our elementary schools. This mainly focuses on smaller elementary school children. Thesis describes many individual approaches and techniques frequently used to deal with specific discipline problematics or that could potentially be used to prevent faulty behavior. The author separates different approaches regarding small scale schools with just a few students in classes. This is supported by author's own experience gained in such a school. The thesis also gives an account of how the school cooperates with a family. The whole separate chapter belongs to acting classes and how it helps with learning when used properly. There has been a long-term observation on how the children are behaving...
Use of social studies textbooks by primary school teachers
Šteyr, Michal ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the textbooks used by teachers of national history and geography. Most of the teachers included in my research sample use textbooks mainly for preparation of their lessons, which corresponds with the researches in the Czech Republic presented in the theoretical part of this thesis. As a complementary material used for lesson planning they use the Internet. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters. The findings of the research and the recommendations of the professional literature related to the issue of teacher's choice of curriculum and to the role of textbooks are discussed. The research related to the lesson planning, teaching methods and types of planning for the lesson is analysed and a special attention is given to the usage of various recourses e.g. encyclopaedias and educational software used for lesson planning. One chapter deals with the theory of textbooks and with the research related to their evaluation. The last chapter of the theoretical part is focused on the concept of lesson planning in the Czech Republic and the potential of textbooks usage for teaching of given subject. The empirical part is conducted by the semi-structured interviews with primary school teachers, specifically with four females and two male respondents. The findings are...
Teachers' use of textbooks of social studies and sciences at primary schools
Mánková, Iveta ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis attends to the primary school teachers' work with textbooks dedicated to the educational field Človek a jeho svět (̔Human and his world̕). In the theoretical part I deal with a clarification of basic terminology, which is crucial for the thesis' theme. I define here terms teacher and educational staff not only how it is understood by the specialized literature, but also by the laws in force of the Czech Republic. In the next chapter, a textbook is defined and its functions and the most cited classifications of textbooks' functions. are introduced. I mention its structural components and introduce further didactic tools that we encounter in practice. In the most extensive chapter of the theoretical part of the thesis I present existing theoretical findings and results of researches, which were in the field of textbooks' usage realized up to now, both in the Czech Republic and the world. The last chapter acquaints with the educational field Človek a jeho svět in terms of how it is circumscribed in the curricular document which is called: The framework educational plan for elementary schools. The research part of the thesis introduces a qualitative survey of a textbooks' usage in the educational field Člověk a jeho svět by six primary school teachers, which was realized at one of...

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