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The Issue of Discipline with Focus on Primary Schools.
Fast, David ; Uhlířová, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
THE ABSTRACT This diploma thesis is taking a theoretical insight into a discipline based on philosophical, psychological, sociological and pedagogical point of view. A legal point of view is included as far as the school behavior code goes. The author is researching inner and outer factors which are having an impact on the discipline. Many aspects are taking a role in this including teacher's authority or the environmental condition of the whole class. The thesis is then searching an answers for such a questions as 'what would the most common discipline problem be" that we would be able to come into a contact with at our elementary schools. This mainly focuses on smaller elementary school children. Thesis describes many individual approaches and techniques frequently used to deal with specific discipline problematics or that could potentially be used to prevent faulty behavior. The author separates different approaches regarding small scale schools with just a few students in classes. This is supported by author's own experience gained in such a school. The thesis also gives an account of how the school cooperates with a family. The whole separate chapter belongs to acting classes and how it helps with learning when used properly. There has been a long-term observation on how the children are behaving...
Use of social studies textbooks by primary school teachers
Šteyr, Michal ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the textbooks used by teachers of national history and geography. Most of the teachers included in my research sample use textbooks mainly for preparation of their lessons, which corresponds with the researches in the Czech Republic presented in the theoretical part of this thesis. As a complementary material used for lesson planning they use the Internet. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters. The findings of the research and the recommendations of the professional literature related to the issue of teacher's choice of curriculum and to the role of textbooks are discussed. The research related to the lesson planning, teaching methods and types of planning for the lesson is analysed and a special attention is given to the usage of various recourses e.g. encyclopaedias and educational software used for lesson planning. One chapter deals with the theory of textbooks and with the research related to their evaluation. The last chapter of the theoretical part is focused on the concept of lesson planning in the Czech Republic and the potential of textbooks usage for teaching of given subject. The empirical part is conducted by the semi-structured interviews with primary school teachers, specifically with four females and two male respondents. The findings are...
Teachers' use of textbooks of social studies and sciences at primary schools
Mánková, Iveta ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis attends to the primary school teachers' work with textbooks dedicated to the educational field Človek a jeho svět (̔Human and his world̕). In the theoretical part I deal with a clarification of basic terminology, which is crucial for the thesis' theme. I define here terms teacher and educational staff not only how it is understood by the specialized literature, but also by the laws in force of the Czech Republic. In the next chapter, a textbook is defined and its functions and the most cited classifications of textbooks' functions. are introduced. I mention its structural components and introduce further didactic tools that we encounter in practice. In the most extensive chapter of the theoretical part of the thesis I present existing theoretical findings and results of researches, which were in the field of textbooks' usage realized up to now, both in the Czech Republic and the world. The last chapter acquaints with the educational field Človek a jeho svět in terms of how it is circumscribed in the curricular document which is called: The framework educational plan for elementary schools. The research part of the thesis introduces a qualitative survey of a textbooks' usage in the educational field Člověk a jeho svět by six primary school teachers, which was realized at one of...
Christianity in Primary Education
Hlaváčková, Marie ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Kargerová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis Christianity in Primary Education is focused on Christianity (namely holidays and saints, Bible stories and basics of Christianity) in primary teaching. The area of Christianity in Czech public education is analysed on the basis of informations which are contained in curricular documents and textbooks. The results are compare with some other European states. The semi-structured interviews allowed to examine more in detail the influence of teachers and their attitudes in connection with teaching about Christianity. The response to these interviews is the activity file which is possible to use as a teaching tool.
Improving teaching of pupils with different mother tongues at primary school
Brázdilíková, Tereza ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with possibilities of improving the teaching of pupils with a different mother tongue at primary school level. The theoretical part analyzes the available literature on the subject. The thesis answers questions as: How is it possible to support pupils with a different mother tongue? Which approaches and methods can be used while teaching foreign pupils to improve and facilitate the education of pupils with different mother tongues? How to ensure that all the pupils in the class develop the same skills at the same time? The gained knowledge from the theoretical part of the thesis is used to create interventions and empirical part of the thesis. Empirical part of the thesis is based on a research to test methods and practices to improve and facilitate the teaching of the pupils with a different mother tongue. In the course of several months of intense collaboration with a particular pupil, the ways to improve the quality of teaching have been investigated. It turned out not all of the methods and practices are effective. Furthermore, it has been also confirmed that the achievement of some specific goals for improving and facilitating teaching is a long-term process. The efficiency and success are influenced by a number of internal and external factors, that are also covered...
Teacher and the teacher's assistant's mutual cooperation in the first year of studies at primary school
Jinochová, Iva ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The topic of this dissertation is the case study which is concerned with the cooperation of the teacher and the teacher's assistant in the process of education of the first class' pupils at primary school. Theoretic part is collected knowledge from the professional literature. There are described possibilities of pupils' support at the beginning of the compulsory education and the role of the teacher's assistant under the terms of this support. The text also includes the position of the teacher's assistant in legislation and the work of personal assistant. I paid attention to ethical and other problems which are connected with the work of teacher's assistant. In empirical part is processed the case study of the first class at quite common elementary school. It was caught the progress and the changes of teacher and teacher's assistant's cooperation in the term of one year. Collecting of the information was made by the form of observation, field research, dialogues and questionnaires. The cooperation between teacher and the teacher's assistant was not under way I expected. I think that on the basis of acquired experience the teacher's assistant did not pay attention to pupils enough time. It probably contributed to the fact that the work with children was not always in harmony. At the end of the...
Czechoslovak school and its teacher in the period 1948-1989
Mošanská, Barbora ; Uhlířová, Jana (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
This thesis is of a historical character. It is methodologically based on historical comparative analysis, analysis of sources and methods of oral history. The diploma thesis deals with the study of ordinary life of primary schools teachers in Czechoslovakia between 1948-1989. It uses studies and analysis of texts based on legislative sources, characteristics of school teacher's everyday life in professional and teacher magazines and other professional literature. Memories of witnesses who immediately experienced the period between 1948-1989 and worked in primary schools at that time are used. These memories will be confronted with the facts obtained by studying printed sources. The thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, the thesis deals with the historical context of the time, describes the school itself and the teachers at school during socialism. The way it used to be at schools and what the teacher's job was. The theoretical part describes for example school laws, communist education, school regulations, curricula. In the practical part, the oral method is used to talk with teachers - witnesses. It discovers opinions, attitudes and experience of teachers. It also deals with the comparison of the facts obtained from professional literature and the...
Collaboration for the promotion of inclusive education in primary school in the Czech Republic
Jorgic, Natasa ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
The study objective was to explore collaborative practice among professional for the promotion of inclusive education in primary school. The qualitative study was conducted in the domain of inclusion of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and pupils with diverse cultural background in primary schools in the Czech Republic. The semi-structured interviews were conveyed with five participants in two schools, in a village and a suburban area, in the Czech Republic. The study participants differed in terms of their profession and experience in education. The interviews were conducted in English. The research sample was small to make generalisation. Nevertheless, the goal of the research was to understand particulars rather than making claims of the general. The study revealed that collaborative approach among school professionals is considered as a way for the improvement of inclusive education in primary school. In addition, school leaders can influence the school culture, promotion of the professional development, as well the inclusive practices in their schools. Joint planning and shared work can play a significant role in promotion of inclusion, not only in schools but in the society in general. All children, regardless to their needs, have right to be educated. The outcome depends on...

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