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Reduction of CO2 emissions during firing of hydraulic binders
Stachová, Jana ; Kolář,, Karel (referee) ; Wagner,, Štěpán (referee) ; Palou, Martin (referee) ; Dvořák, Karel (advisor)
The thesis is focused on research and development of hydraulic binders based on FBC-ashes. It examines the possibilities of using this ash in the clinker so that the properties of the final cement are comparable to Portland cement. As an integral part of this thesis the research of emission reduction possibilities in the cement industry - a very current topic these days - is presented.
Public participation in small municipalities of Central Bohemian Region
Pečenka, Samuel ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Stachová, Jana (referee)
This master thesis deals with public participation, as a possible way of decision making in small municipalities of Central Bohemian Region. The study is based on theoretical resources about place conception and public participation in particular. The aim of the thesis is to delineate public participation among municipal mayors, to find whether and how it functions, and to point out specific examples in selected municipalities. The answers to these questions are based on the evaluation and analysis of the results of the Internet questionnaire survey and the analysis of individual interviews in case studies. Research among mayors of municipalities shows a relatively positive attitude towards public participation and a relatively large number of actions, where citizens are called upon to express their views on a particular decision. However, public participation, where people have the opportunity to change things, is rare. Research also shows, that one of the main perceived barriers to public participation is apathy of citizens, who often participate only when they disagree with something they are bothered. Nevertheless some examples demonstrate, that involvement of citizens in a particular decision-making can lead to decisions, which are for citizens more acceptable. Key words: Central Bohemian...
Cannons in a different war
Špinková, Lucie ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Stachová, Jana (referee)
This thesis is focused on members of two groups, rangers and ski lift operators of the area of Krkonoše mountains. In Krkonoše National Park there si a huge gain of using artificial snow lately, which is globally supposed to be kind of adaptation on climatic changes. It leads to extension of ski season, which is livelihood for many ski lift operators. This fact evokes conflicts. Rangers say that artificial snow has negative influence on environment, such as decrease of water, biodiversity, soil etc. I have decided to find out, using a quantitative sociological method of semi-structured interviews followed by analysis, how these two groups percieve the nature and how their differnces influence negotiation of reproduction of countryside in Krkonoše mountains. Sources of my research were works of authors such as Swyngedouw, Macnaghten, Urry or Escobar. These works describe various kinds of socio-countrysides and authors try to destroy stereotype of one nature. These socio-countrysides may be the main reason for arguing about nature. This thesis extends knowledge about heretofore missing analysis of conflict between two groups of ski lift operators and rangers. Main contribution of the thesis is undertsanding to two groups dealing with the same issue, but with different perspective and opinion.
How the Czech public sees forests: how they should look and how to manage them
Stachová, Jana
The Czech public perceives forests in a broad context of environmental protection, while recognizing the importance of the production function of forests. Opinions emphasizing the environmental dimension of forest ecosystems are more likely to be attributed to people with higher education. It can be said that groups promoting the urgency of environmental problems are successful in public discourse. The public perceives the threat of forests by climate change, accentuating the non-productive functions of the forest and leaning towards nature-friendly ways of dealing with the forest.
Free participation as the ethos of civil society development
Nejdl, Pavel ; Bayer, Ivo (advisor) ; Stachová, Jana (referee)
In the theoretical part of the thesis will be treated the diversification of the private and the public sphere. Borderline between the private and public sphere is the pivot element at enclosing of the market of ideas' limits from the side of society. The market of ideas is the mechanism of mutual competition of ideas and thoughts in the public sphere. The significant barrier between the private and the public sphere and historically persisting stigmatization of the public sphere in the attitudes of citizens of the post communistic Czech Republic, weak the interest of citizens to enter into this market. The very citizens are potential that nourishes the market of ideas and thoughts from the side of society. The second element, which creates the theoretical frame of the thesis, are concepts of civil society and political culture, as two concepts of the public sphere. Civil society will be presented from various corners, as it is analysed in the theoretical literature. From the historical perspective will be then described formation of civil society on the territory of present Czech Republic together with the explication of its relation to the state system. In this description the emphasis is placed on the period of supremacy of the communist regime, whereas communist checkups executed in the 1970s...
Social Capital – the Factor of Regional Development
Stachová, Jana ; Čermák, Daniel
First part of the paper shows that social capital plays crucial role in regional development, moreover that regional politics could increase the level of social capital in regions. We were able to distinguish three NUTS 2 regions that significantly differ from each other in the measure of social capital. Moreover we find out that social capital depends also on the size of municipality measured by the number of inhabitants. The larger the municipality is the lower the level of social capital.
Institucionální důvěra v regionech České republiky
Stachová, Jana ; Čermák, Daniel ; Vobecká, Jana
The aim of this paper is to describe and explain regional differences in the level of trust in political institutions in the NUTS 2 regions in the Czech Republic. On the regional level the differences in the degree of political trust exists. However, these differences are caused rather by individual characteristics of respondents than by contextual regional factors. In addition, the differences between urban and rural regions were identified. The more urban region is the lower level of political trust was observed. Finally, the size of the municipality influences significantly the level of institutional trust, especially the trust in municipal boards. The smaller the municipality is the higher confidence in municipal board was observed.
Volební účast v závislosti na velikosti obce
Čermák, Daniel ; Stachová, Jana
This paper is focusing on the differences in voter turnout between municipalities of different sizes in the Czech Republic. We will see that small municipalities has higher voter turnout than big one.

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