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Health risk behavior, selected countries in Europe
Kunftová, Karolína ; Spilková, Jana (referee) ; Dzúrová, Dagmar (advisor)
Karolína Kunftová: Zdravotně-rizikové formy chování, vybrané země Evropy _________________________________________________________________________ 6 Abstract The aim of this graduation thesis was to assess and describe risk behaviour in European countries with focusing upon the five countries that experienced a transition process at the end of the last century. Given the ongoing process of socio-economic transformation significant changes in life style and health can be expected in the Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. The graduation thesis compared a situation in the five assessed countries under consideration and other European countries based on risk behaviour indicators. The first attention was given on a description and a classification of risk behaviour in general during period 1980-2005. The main part includes typology of European countries based on chosen indicators of risk behaviour. The aggregate data was taken over from World Health Organization in case of substance use (smoking and alcohol) and suicide. We decided for the Cluster analysis for the typology purpose and representing years 1985, 1995 and 2002. In case of smoking were selected: % of regular daily smokers in the population age over 15, number cigarettes consumed per person per year and death rate from selected...
Cube Solids - Their Educational Use
Spilková, Jana ; Hejný, Milan (advisor) ; Jirotková, Darina (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with cube solids and their application in the lessons of mathematics. It is focused on individual experiments and their analysis. Most of the experiments were implemented in Derby, England, and they are described in English language. This is followed by experiments taken in the Czech environment; while one experiment is individual, the other one deals with two children. The next part of the diploma thesis is focused on investigation of several exercise books and their content of cube solids. Chosen exercises are looked at from different points of view and presented in a chart. As a part of judging the real situation in schools there is an interview with two experienced teachers. The interview is based on practical use of cube solids in the lessons and teachers' experience with 3D geometry.
Geography of Cyberspace: from the Beginning to the Future of the Discipline
Lukášová, Natália ; Mašata, Radek (referee) ; Spilková, Jana (advisor)
Diplomová práce Geography of Cyberspace: from the beginning to the future of the discipline. Natália Lukášová Praha 2010 Abstract This thesis focuses on the topic of Cyberspace and its role within social geography. Cyberspace, the Internet and their influences on everyday life, on many social, economical, political, as well as geographical aspects are obvious. The aim of the work is to uncover and explain the discipline "Geography of Cyberspace", to form a solid basis and spring board for further studies of this discipline and its sub-disciplines. The work is mainly focused on evaluation of basic literature within the discipline and on introduction of the most important researchers and institutions which are concerned with the research of these issues. The retrieval method was used for purposes of the evaluation. For a complete overview and better understanding of the discipline the thesis depicts the technological history of Cyberspace. It is trying to answer the questions whether and how much Cyberspace influences the "real world", or whether Cyberspace means the end of classical geographical understanding of the world. A qualitative research was realised for the purpose of the thesis for better comprehension of human perception of Cyberspace. The research was done with the sample of university students...
The outdoor geography of high school students in Prague
Rodová, Alena ; Novák, Jakub (referee) ; Spilková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the leisure time outdoor activities of the high school students in Prague. Outdoor activities spread dynamically, because they involve complex activities which take place outdoors. These activities are especially favoured by teenagers. The aims of this thesis is to reveal if high school students spend their leisure time actively or passively, how much leisure time they have and which outdoor activities are the most popular. More, the thesis also answers the questions with whom students spend their leisure time, if they prefer collective or individual sports, winter or summer sports etc. Methodologically the thesis stems from the quantitative methods - a questionnaire survey. The survey was conducted in two gymnasia, two high schools and two vocational training schools in Prague. In the concluding part, there are some ideas for the next research agenda in this topic.
The Food Deserts Issue - The Case Study of Zlín
Suchý, Jan ; Bednář, Pavel (referee) ; Spilková, Jana (advisor)
8 THE FOOD DESERTS ISSUE - THE CASE STUDY OF ZLÍN ABSTRACT This thesis attempts to provide an introduction to the 'food deserts' theme by outlining how the problem of access to food for households has become an increasingly important issue in the transforming Czech retail market. The first part reviews the development of new types of retail space in the Czech Republic in the past two decades. The emphasis is principally on the growth of new formats of food retailing - supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores - which to a greater or lesser extent have affected every local market and supported spatial restructuring of the Czech retailing. On the other hand, it has also changed the pattern of traditional shopping facilities, which in turn have often experienced decline. The second part of this work describes the retail change in Zlín and analyses the local distribution of food retail stores. It takes both quantitative and qualitative approach to define areas with relatively poor access to adequate food provision. There, it particularly focuses on consumers with lower mobility who are thus more restricted in their grocery choice. The last section includes conclusions, mainly the discussion of resulting policy responses, possibilities of prevention of this phenomenon, as well as implications for...
Analysis of factors influencing the crime in the city of Liberec
Růžička, Jakub ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Vávra, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with crime in the urban environment, focusing on the city of Liberec. The basic approaches to urban studies and the basic theories of criminality are mentioned in the theoretical background. The results of various Czech and foreign studies dealing with the same topic are also mentioned. The methodological section contains the explanation of statistical analyses based on the data obtained from the Police and Czech statistical office and from guided interviews with members of the Police and the Municipality of Liberec. The main aim of the thesis is to define characteristics which influence crime and its location in the urban space, and to sketch out what the best crime prevention in the urban space could be. In the empirical part of the thesis firstly, the most frequent offenders and the most frequent types of crime are identified. Then, the influence of the residents' characteristics and the characteristics of urban environment on the crime rates are considered in the subsequent analyses. These analyses are grouped into three factors called the socioeconomic conditions of residents, the living conditions and the quality of flats. The results of the analyses are combined with the outcomes of guided interviews to form the final conclusions. The first one is that crime in Liberec is mainly...
New residential areas in Prague and their public spaces
Vyhnánková, Markéta ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Spilková, Jana (referee)
In the first part of my thesis I evaluate emplacement of new residential areas within Prague. I focus on residential areas constructed after 1996 and I try to find what types of buildings these new areas consist of. In the second part of this thesis I investigate presence of sojourn public spaces in the selected residential areas and I concentrate on their equipment. I am interested in visitor's opinion on appearance of public spaces in four different areas in Prague. I conclude that the count of new residential areas in outer city is very similar to the count in the peripheral parts of Prague. Sojourn public spaces are present mostly in the areas, which are created by blocks of flats. The presence of sojourn public spaces is an important factor for the inhabitants of Prague. But when it comes to choosing a new housing, they prefer other criteria such as the price of the realty or the quality of its surrounding. Powered by TCPDF (
Systems of Retail Regulation in European Countries
Tkadlečková, Tereza ; Bednář, Pavel (referee) ; Spilková, Jana (advisor)
8 Abstract This thesis contributes to debate on retail development regulation in European territory. The aim of the text is firstly to evaluate differences between instruments that are used to standardize retail development in Europe. Secondly, point out relevance of rules existence to control retail spread. And thirdly elaborate a scheme of typology according to present valid limits in selected countries. The field survey is divided into two parts. It is primarily focused on modern developing period, interprets basic changes and trends of current situation and atractivity of particular regions for next development. Attention is also paid to describe general impact of assessing influence on environment by retail development. As an output of this work is division countries into groups by analysing their system of legislative restriction's structure and mechanisms of commercial planning. Five categories were described by chosen characteristics. One of the characteristics is the relation between competences in hierarchical levels of state authorities. Another example is differences in allocation of decision making in developing process. Keywords: retail impact assessment - commercial planning - regulating indicators

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