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Foreign investors and their perception of investment and intrepreneurial environment in the Czech Republic: a pilot study in behavioural geography
Spilková, Jana ; Dostál, Petr (advisor) ; Drbohlav, Dušan (referee) ; Viturka, Milan (referee)
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Ionizing radiation and its influence on the quality of human environment: Radon as a risk factor for health in the Czech Republic
Suchánek, Vladimír ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Kazmarová, Helena (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis is divided into four chapters dealing with the problems of radon and its influence on the human organism. The first chapter summarizes the basic issues of human environment, interaction and division of the environment based on its function (use for life). The second chapter focuses on the radioactivity of environment, specifically on ionizing radiation, its formation and division, as well as its effect on human health. The next chapter is about radon, its formation, sources of radon, its distribution in the environment, measurements, protection against radon, the history of problems with radon and the Radon Programme of the Czech Republic. The last chapter of the theoretical part is dedicated to lung carcinoma, its origin, distribution, diagnosis, treatment and relationship with the incidence of radon based on surveys of selected epidemiological studies. The practical part of the thesis includes description of source data and methodology of processing data sets of radon equilibrium equivalent concentration (EEC), number of deaths by causes and population status. Chapter of results includes map outputs of radon EEC, mortality rates of carcinoma lung for men, women, and both sexes. Other parts of the outputs are the results of the correlation analysis of the...
Food related lifestyle: shopping and nutritional habits in the Czech society
Hynková, Barbora ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Žejglicová, Kristýna (referee)
Presented diploma thesis deals with a problematics of shopping and nutritional habits in the Czech society. Its primary aims are to identify the shopping characteristics of Czech consumers, to find out whether the consumers are interested in a healthy lifestyle, if they pursue and consume organic (bio) food, and most importantly, what are the motivation factors of the consumers for shopping in general. The secondary aim is a comparison of the presented survey and the foreign FRL (Food Related Lifestyle) concept which served as an inspiration of the analytical part of this thesis. The research section of the thesis is characterized as a pilot survey for which the method of quantitative research by questionnaire survey was chosen. The previously determined hypotheses are verified by the crosstabs and by the cluster analysis method. The main parameter of the study is the healthy lifestyle which is confronted with particular aspects of the FRL concept and also compared to the identified consumer segments. On the general level, the main contribution of the presented diploma thesis is the introduction of the FRL concept, which allows to create a typology of consumers on which is possible to build some effective measures to streamline the eating habits of the general population. Keywords: food related...
Child overweight and obesity in Czechia: development and trends during the transformational period
Řihošková, Nikola ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Kratěnová, Jana (referee)
According to the World Health Organisation, obesity is an epidemic of the 21st century. It is most certainly a serious risk to the health of the individual in question, markedly lowering their quality of life. The Czech Republic is the fourth most obese country in Europe, with 5-10 % of child obesity present. This paper explores the development of child obesity and its potential root causes that might contribute to it. The analysis is supported by data from a study by the State Health Institute, which was carried out over 4 phases in 18 cities in the Czech Republic. Quantitative research was used in the analytical part of this paper. The data was processed within the SPSS programme, using the method of statistical analysis of contingency tables and binary logistical regression analysis for testing previously established working hypotheses. The results of the analysis have shown that the rate of obesity grew across the four phases, except only in the youngest group of participants. An analysis of the various contributory factors to obesity has highlighted age and place of residence as being the most influential. The highest number of obese children was found in the regions of Karlovy Vary and Ustí nad Labem, which could be due to the socioeconomic and environmental factors in these areas. In...
Youth and healthy leisure activities: protective versus risk activities
Rožeková, Katarína ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Kážmér, Ladislav (referee)
ROŽEKOVÁ, Katarína: Youth and healthy leisure activities: protective versus risk activities. [Diploma thesis]. Charles University. Faculty of Science; Department of Social Geography and Regional Development. Tutor: Doc. RNDr. Bc. Jana Spilková, Ph.D. Qualification degree: Master of Social Epidemiology. Prague: PřF UK, 2017. 76 p. Introduction: Leisure time is a framework for a wide range of activities. Preferred activities during leisure are activities that individuals can freely choose and perform. Providing opportunities for health-promoting activities leads to a healthy lifestyle that can prevent risk behaviors or health problems. Objectives: Identify the choice of respondents' leisure time activities based on their place of residence. Explain how teenagers perceive risks associated with risky behaviors. What are the demographic, geographic and social predictors of risk behaviors, and the selection and implementation of selected leisure activities. To analyze the relationship between the risk behaviors of youth and the risk activities involved, ie to determine which activities are conducive to risk behaviors and which are protective in nature. Methods: Our monitored set consists of 3. and 4. grade students at selected secondary schools. The main research tool we used was a questionnaire....
Street art and its relationship to tourism in Prague
Šubrt, Jan ; Marianovská, Veronika (advisor) ; Spilková, Jana (referee)
Street art and its relationship to tourism in Prague Abstract Bachelor thesis is focused on mutual relationship between street art and tourism in urban environment. Purpose of research is to describe relationships between individual artists (buskers) and other participants within the historic center of Prague. Also impact of busking on the city. First part contains analyses of used specialized literature. This literature is mostly focused on street art problematics, public spaces and urban tourism. Different part of thesis is dedicated to identifying current conditions for street artist and outlining the developmental phases of street art. After acceptance of new restrictive public notice in year 2016, the impact of street art on tourism has decreased. Street art production does not oppress city areas anymore. Combination of several qualitative methods were used for research. Chapter with case study Prague consists of evaluation of results gained by observations made in selected areas. Also, it includes analyses of interviews with selected street artists or representatives of public administration. Key words: Prague, busking, tourism, public space, urban tourism

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