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Significant compositions by Czech composers of the 20th Century with trumpet usage for solo and chamber literature
Soukup, Jiří ; REJLEK, Vladimír (advisor) ; ROUČEK, Jaroslav (referee)
In my diploma thesis I am trying to give a review of 20th century czech composers, who composed or still compose compositions for trumpet in chamber and especially soloist compositions.
Czech Faces of Franz Kafka before World War II
Soukup, Jiří ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee) ; Vojvodík, Josef (referee)
The present study focuses on the analysis of the changes of Franz Kafka's reception in the Czech context before World War II, i. e. on the analysis of Czech translations and critical reflections in Czech language of his works. The study is divided into two symmetrical (in time) parts: the first one focuses on Kafka's reception in his lifetime (1909-1922), the second one on the reception after his death (1924-1939). In the first part, translations of Kafka's office publications are analyzed in the context of their origin, Kafka's part (as an author) in the formation of the original texts as a source for their translation and set in the context of his belletristic works; in the prosopographically oriented analysis the aim is further focused on the reception of Kafka's belletristic texts in his lifetime and on different strategies of translation by authors who translated his texts into Czech during his lifetime (Milena Jesenská, Milena Illová, Jaroslav Dohnal), Kafka's responses and how they are reflected in his work. The analysis in the second part is structured mainly according to the tendencies of reception whose focus shifts gradually from expressionist to surrealistic interpretations; the analysis of gradual changes of Kafka's image in the Czech press which reflects the changing reception of his...
Methods and algorithms for face recognition
Soukup, Jiří ; Heriban, Pavel (referee) ; Šťastný, Jiří (advisor)
This work is describing basic methods of face recognition. The methods PCA, LDA, ICA, trace tranfsorm, elastic bunch graph map, genetic algorithm and neural network are described. In practical part, the PCA, PCA + RBF neural network and genetic algorithms are implemented. The RBF neural network is used in the way of clasificator and genetic algorithm is used for RBF NN training in one case and for selecting eigenvectors from PCA method in the other case. This method, PCA + GA, called EPCA, outperform other methods tested in this work on the ORL testing database.
How to interpret Kafka? Criticism of the Czech reception of Kafka's work and an attempt a new approach
Soukup, Jiří ; Bílek, Petr (referee) ; Pokorný, Martin (advisor)
The point of departure of this thesis is a detailed research into Kafka's early periodical publications and into the earliest German reception connected to them. The Czech reception, not following until the first Kafka's book, is investigated here in several steps: desribed is as whole the Czech reception during Kafka's lifetime (1913-1923), at large the period before the February Coup d'état (1924-1948) and in a summarizing chapter we focus on the history of Kafka's reception until these days (1948-2010). The typological part of this thesis analyzes then in detail two different philosophical approaches to Kafka: the unsatisfactory Calasso's conception and an original understanding by Matěj Král. The aim is to distinguish productive lines of Kafka's philosophical interpretations through a substantial analysis and critique.
Selection of optimal variant of financing the investement engineering charakters
Soukup, Jiří ; Polák, Martin (referee) ; Puchýř, Bohumil (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is to selection of optimal variant of financing the investment engineering characters. The theoretical part is focused on the possibilities of investment financing in the public sector, the issue of public procurement, risks arising from the financing of public procurement and state engineering in the south and west Bohemia. The benefit of the practical part will specifically identify funding options researched the project and recommend the optimal variant of its financing.
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava and it´s trumpet group
Soukup, Jiří ; REJLEK, Vladimír (advisor) ; ROUČEK, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis is divided into two chapters, which consists of subsections. First chapter deals with a complet historical development of Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra. Since the beginnings of musical culture in Ostrava - it was at the turn of the 20 th century, till present. This chapter also includes summary of Janacek Philharmonic orchestra chief conductors and short history of International Music Festival Janacek May. Second chapter includes summary and biography of Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra former and present trumpet players. This chapter also includes a short subsection which deals with instruments of section and their funding and shopping.
The beginnings of education in Netolice
The diploma work describes the development of education in the town of Netolice. In the first chapter we find short history of this town and his present. In the next theoretical chapter this work generally deals with genesis and development of education in the town of Netolice, up to the year of 1945. In this part the work especially draws from archival materials, especially from chronicles and records, therefory are mentioned not only names of schools in Netolice, but names of teachers, pupils and school and sociallife in the specific time, too.
The Journey to a Film Debut /a Report/
Kadrnka, Václav ; Soukup, Jiří (advisor) ; Kallista, Jaromír (referee)
While writing my diploma work I was firstly striving for that goal so that the overall result would not cause an impression of lamenting over the prevailing conditions of Czech kinematography. I tried to evade to subjectify and maintain the plain of my writing so that this, for myself very significant, experience would come out in the most compact format as possible. It is apparent from my writing that the failure of the project was caused by undetecting gesture especially in the economical-organization branch of the project. However, at the same time the gesture. And that is why I do not want to wash away my own liability. Simultaneously it occurs to me that pouring ashes over my head would be too easy at this moment. The objective of my diploma work was to arrive at some definite conclusion and to diagnose that failure. Therefore I still would like to clarify this: "dominating conditions" of Czech kinematography is overly sweeping and abstract definition. And I do not have the power to evaluate these "conditions" in general. I even think that it is probably impossible. I do not believe that certain "condition" dominate the Czech kinematography. I our case the fiasco of the project pertains to failing of specific people.
The Short Prosaic Form of the Czech Literary Decadence
The goal of the work advanced is to examine the problems of the Czech literary decadence, the term itself and the possible limits of its use. As a basic material we investigate a corpus of texts belonging mainly to the short story genre, also paying attention to the model of a decadent novel and being interested in the most significant decadent features. The problems of literary decadence do not belong to profoundly explored topics in the history of the Czech literature, incidentally conditioned by the preference of the symbolist and decadent poetry. That is why this work was to present some texts themselves, potentially representative for the model of a decadent short story genre and of certain artistic value. The text of this work consists of three main parts. The first presents the possibilities of progressive insight into the topic, its cultural and philosophical context, showing two model novels (Huysmans{\crq} A Rebours and Wilde{\crq}s The Picture of Dorian Gray) as different but relevant types of the decadent living scheme, the specific conception of life and the role of art in it. The second part applies several theoretical questions onto the topic, constructing the form. In the final part more than two tens of original Czech short stories are concerned and the thematic composition analysed, that at least some questions asked in the previous parts could be answered and certain theses postulated proved.

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