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Access to Justice in Environmental Matters
Bernard, Michal ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Smolek, Martin (referee) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
The aim of this work on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters is to describe possibilities of access of natural and legal persons to the judicial protection of the environment in the Czech Republic. Judicial protection is an important element of ensuring the right to favourable environment. To ensure effective environmental protection and the rights of individuals to the favourable environment, it is necessary to ensure the widest possible access of natural and legal persons to public authorities and courts claiming the illegality of decisions, acts and omissions of public authorities or third parties. Broad judicial protection of the right to favourable environment is necessary and indispensable part of democratic system and a prerequisite for the functioning of basic human rights in practice. This work must first address the question of substantive legal right to favourable environment -its content and range of entities to which this fundamental constitutional right belongs. Right to favourable environment means the right to an environment which is polluted below given limit. Thus, on environmental polluted and stressed as a consequences of human activities, including the introduction of physical, chemical or biological agents emissions and agents in extent to which the legal regulations on...
Caves and their legal protection
Chvátalová, Eva ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis aims at Czech legislation related to conservation of caves both in terms of its link to the protection of caves as subterranean spaces and parts of the natural environment and of its relation to other fields of expertise, including legal studies (e.g., mining law) and other disciplines (e.g., geology, carsology). First, our attention is paid to definition of the term "cave" and to links of the term to natural sciences. Further, we analyse the development of legal conservation of caves and approaches to caves as a subject of legislation per se. The example of Slovenia - being a prominent speleological country with recognized legislation in terms of its quality and detail - is used in order to compare Czech approaches to cave conservation. Concerning the practical issues, we present an example of conservation effort devoted to one single cave in Czechia, which enables to describe functioning of legal conservation tools, including the themes where these tools overlap. We also present and discuss the only one Czech case-law dealing with the legal aspect of caves.
Marketing Mix for Kofi-Kofi servis s.r.o.
Sobotka, Michal ; Koudelková,, Petra (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
Contents thesis is to design a marketing mix for the company Kofi-Kofi servis Ltd. The work is devided into 4 parts. The first part deals with the definitiv of the problems and goals. The second part describes the theoretical basis underlying the practical part. The third part focuses on the analysis of the problem and the current situation. In the last part of the marketing mix is created, which aims to improve the offer.
Zkušenosti s používáním metody local correlation tracking při studiu velkorozměrových rychlostních polí
Švanda, Michal ; Sobotka, Michal ; Klvaňa, Miroslav
We verify the reliability of the method recently used for the calculation of the large-scale velocity fields on synthetic dopplergrams obtained by a very simple numerical simulation of the supergranular pattern. A series of synthetic dopplergrams was stretched by the known vector field and the LCT was applied. The results were compared with the original vector field. Applying the LCT method on synthetic data we got an important experience in the behaviour of this method when used on full-disc dopplergrams. On the basis of the described tests we assume that the use of LCT on full-disc dopplergrams provides sufficiently reliable results, so that method could be used for mapping the large-scale velocities with resolution 60" and an accuracy 10 m/s.

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