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The book market development with an emphasis on the internet development including the concept of an e-book (relationship of a publisher - book distributor - bookseller)
Váňová, Miloslava ; Papík, Richard (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee) ; Jansová, Linda (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to the changes of the book market between its entities, libraries and final consumer of information (readers, library users) after the arrival of the internet. Development of the internet has brought searching of the new business models and opportunities for cooperation. Electronic publishing that, along with the internet availability, commenced to raise is the starting factor for the development of electronic books. The thesis outlines the roles of individual entities of the book market, i.e. publisher and seller (distributor, book-seller and digital platform) and libraries during the production, sale and accessing books with the focus on electronic books. After description of used terminology, especially different approaches to the definition of "an e-book", the next chapter presents hardware devices and software programs that enable reading e-books. The third chapter introduces the role of a publisher in the process of publishing printed and electronic e-books. The aim of the chapter is to highlight different strategies of processing the printed and electronic text, incl. possibilities of self-publishing which gives new possibilities to the author's hands. The fourth chapter describes distribution and sale of printed and mainly electronic books and also defines the new...
Assessment of informetric, bibliometric and scientometric methods as a tool for support and evaluation of research in European context
Boudová, Lucie ; Papík, Richard (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
This thesis is concerned with the topic of research evaluation by bibliometric methods at European level. European level is defined in two perspectives: first as a set of countries grouped in EU (and its historic predecessors), second the Framework Programmes were appointed as a representative of pan-European research. It is investigated how bibliometric methods are used in a research development and evaluation on both political and academic level. The thesis maps the history of use of bibliometric methods and indicators in great detail and it analyzes the aim and impact of such use. The rationale of use of those methods as well as the enablers such as availability of data are investigated. An experiment of constructing and analyzing the set of relevant data is pursued to assess the relevancy and feasibility of such analysis. Based on the findings the thesis summarizes the options and opportunities of bibliometrics as a method for formation and evaluation of European research.
Digital Images Production and Quality Control
Vychodil, Bedřich ; Souček, Jiří (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee) ; Nič, Miloslav (referee)
(EN) This dissertation provides a broad understanding of fundamental terminology and an inside view of the digitization workflow and quality control processes. The main foci are on quality assurance during and outside the digitization processes and identification of the most suitable format for access, long term preservation, rendering and reformatting issues. An analysis of selected digitization centers is also included. An application called DIFFER (Determinator of Image File Format propERties) and subsequently The Image Data Validator - DIFFER has been developed using results from previously conducted research. The application utilizes new methods and technologies to help accelerate the whole processing and quality control. The goal was to develop a quality control application for a select group of relevant still image file formats capable of performing identification, characterization, validation and visual/mathematical comparison integrated into an operational digital preservation framework. This application comes with a well-structured graphic user interface, which helps the end user to understand the relationships between various file format properties, detect visual and non visual errors and simplify decision-making. Additional comprehensive annexes, describing the most crucial still image...
Digitalization, metadata description and metadata formats
Hutař, Jan ; Kalkus, Stanislav (advisor) ; Bratková, Eva (referee) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee)
(EN) This thesis is dedicated to the processes of digitization and metadata description, as well as the links that connect them. In recent years, another topic has been becoming relevant for both mentioned processes - the logical long-term preservation of digital objects. Long-term preservation is dependent on metadata and therefore on the processes of digitization, when some important metadata is created. The first introductory chapter of the thesis briefly describes, with an emphasis on metadata, digitization and theoretical and practical problems of long-term preservation of digital objects. The OAIS reference framework is also analysed, since it is the background for digital preservation and present preservation metadata standards. OAIS is also important for the shape and functionality of digital repositories. Metadata is also the topic of the next chapter of the thesis. General metadata use and its development are discussed, with emphasis on administrative, technical and preservation metadata. The following chapter focuses on the use of metadata in the National Library of the Czech Republic. It describes the evolution during two periods leading up to the present. This section includes comments on how long-term preservation has been reflected in used metadata standards. The second-to-last part...
Methodology for design of digital archives
Získal, Bohuš ; Souček, Jiří (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee) ; Bratková, Eva (referee)
Bohuš Získal Methodology for design of digital archives Summary: This work examines how concepts and recommendations defined within the ISO 14721:2003 standard could be applied to archives in audiovisual industry and how its key components and processes relate to the corresponding structure of real production archives. A basic overview of audiovisual content formats, storage solutions and metadata structures is provided with respect to long time content preservation. The most common standards (international, industry and proprietary ones) specific for this area are discussed within the perspective of inevitable data migration process. As certain types of organisation have their archive deeply integrated in the production process and its functional and organisational parts could not be easily distinguished from the rest of the structure, the various approaches to the complex archive design are evaluated, including a brief introduction to MAM system role and implementation. The data migration to new solutions also means the integration with the existing technologies, where a rather higher level of dependence on commercially available solutions is often involved. As the interoperability standards are not widely adopted yet, some decisions are inevitably tied with previously adopted technologies. Changes in...
History, Presence and Future of Exchangeable Formats of Bibliographic Data
Rösslerová, Klára ; Vlasák, Rudolf (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
This dissertation focuses on the data exchange bibliographic formats that have been used in the libraries since the 1960s. There have not been many changes over the decades although librarians have been calling for them. Since the beginning of the new millennium, there has been a growing pressure for change. The aim of this dissertation is to try to summarize the activities in this field and to outline possible future development. The formats used in the past and in the present are analysed in the first part. It is possible to predict the future development on the basis of the analysis of individual projects and on the basis of surveys. The results of the analysis suggest that these activities are headed to a linked data publication model that preserves the current cataloguing procedures. Keywords: exchange formats, bibliographic data, MARC format, MARC 21 format, linked data, BIBFRAME,, cataloguing
Orienteering club support system
Buk, Jindřich ; Vojíř, Stanislav (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee)
Nowadays, an increasing number of processes and life situations is getting IT support. Often the use of the Internet aims to accelerate and simplify existing processes. In addition, there is a big area of social networking that can be complementary. This thesis deals with the possibilities of using web technologies to support the running of a club and its subsequent development. Indeed, the club has the potential to simplify and automate many processes which previously have been carried out by someone in person. It has also a potential to use social networks for its publicity and development. The aim is to first determine what areas of the clubs operations are the most appropriate to be supported by any information system. Another objective is to find out how other clubs already integrate any information systems. The final objective is to design and create a specific application. The first two objectives are addressed through a survey among the leaders of the biggest Czech clubs. Indeed in these clubs, the use of automation and simplification of existing processes could have a great potential. The proposal for a specific application is then based on the previous survey and the field experience of the author. While serving many existing processes in running the club, the proposed application adds many elements of social networking.
Problems with seraching information on the Internet
Kmoníčková, Adéla ; Sklenák, Vilém (advisor) ; Chudán, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with problems while searching for information on the Internet. The goal of this thesis is to increase the knowledge of underused ways of searching as well as to cover the history of the searching and analysis of user´s behaviour. The theoretical part is devoted to the history of the Internet and Internet search. Subsequently there are mentioned the different types of Internet search engines with specific advantages and disadvantages. The last theoretical chapter shows the ways how to facilitate the discovery and increase its relevance. The practical part of my thesis is based on survey evaluation relating to search behaviour of the Internet users. Second chapter of this part describes the development of user search behaviour on the Internet using the surveys from 2010 to 2016.
Web applications testing
Svatoš, Martin ; Sklenák, Vilém (advisor) ; Vojíř, Stanislav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe how to test a web application developed for business Hospůdka u nás located in Horoušánky, Prague-east. The main focus rests on functional testing of the application and its readiness for entry into service. First I explain the basics of testing. Then I provide some more detail of different testing methodologies. Then I briefly review some methods of software development. Last, but not least, I explain how security and performance aspects can be tested. The practical part follows. I define requirements for the tested application. Every requirement is assigned possibly multiple tests. Scenarios are created form the test descriptions and the scenarios are applied to the application. Some tests identified errors and in the last part of the thesis I describe how they could be solved. I used the HP Quality Center software to assign and conduct the tests.
Modern web
Snížek, Martin ; Sklenák, Vilém (advisor) ; Gála, Libor (referee)
This master thesis shows which qualities should modern website have and which technologies should be used to achieve them. The thesis should mainly point out, what are the unwritten requirements of the websites nowadays and what the latest trends in this field are. It also mentions which components can be used when creating a website. In the theoretical part there is described the historical development of technical background of the web technology. The following section analyses current web platform development phase and all the new possibilities that are there for the developers and users both. The next part of the thesis shows what the requirements when creating modern websites are and which technologies can be used to fulfil them. In the practical part I am concentrating on developing a new website (from the design to the development, including testing and optimization) while using all of the modern technologies and trends in this field.

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