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Reactive oxygen species and their role in myocard injury
Selingerová, Josefína ; Kalous, Martin (advisor) ; Rauchová, Hana (referee)
Cardiac tissue is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. Ischemia and subsequent reperfusion are the source of metabolic and structural changes. They lead to irreversible tissue damage and cell death. Under this conditions the increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is crucial. ROS are highly reactive molecules, which contains at least one unpaired electron. They are formed in organism as a natural by-products of aerobic metabolism. Under physiological conditions mitochondria protect cells against ROS trough antioxidants sweeper systems and ATP synthase inhibitor. However, under pathological conditions mitochondria are one of the largest sources of ROS and they are responsible for initiation of cell death. This thesis discusses the changes in cells during the ischemia and following reperfusion. How is ion homeostasis and ATP concentration affected and why the activities of individual complexes of electron-transport chain are decreased.

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2 Selingerová, Jana
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