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Fundamental Milestones of Life in Judaism
Salačová, Lucie ; Rybák, David (advisor) ; Jirásková, Věra (referee)
This diploma thesis named Fundamental Milestones of Life in Judaism deals, as the title of the diploma thesis suggests with the main transitional rituals in Judaism in terms of religious studies such as birth, bar / bat mitzvah, wedding and death as all these milestones are very important in the life of every Orthodox Jew or Jewess because each of these transitions means for them a certain position in the world, that means, that they know and realize their position in the world. One of the aim of this thesis is to characterize and describe these particular and specific milestones of Jewish life and also, the diploma thesis depicts their history and their development over time. To the beginning, we will describe the history of the Jews, because without this context, life in Judaism, as the Jews live, is really hard to understand. This chapter is followed by the characteristics of Judaism as a religion and then the thesis will focus on the transition rituals themselves and their importance for life in Judaism. The description of these key moments in a Jew's life should then lead to an understanding of the meaning of life as perceived by the Jews themselves.
Epimeleia: Care for the Soul
Policoff, Brian ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee) ; Semrádová, Ilona (referee)
The purpose of this work is to introduce the subject of Epimeleia (care) as the necessary and fundamental premise of educational endeavours. The focus of these endeavours is not directed toward any fixed point but instead, driven by attention to and delight in the process. The outcome of this human experience in becoming, is absent of any goal, beyond that of a life well-led. Abstract Educators remain the most instrumental force toward the develop of the next generation of people, who will in turn be representative of the era to come. Rediscovering the fundamental purpose of the Educator is paramount toward a world of authenticity, fulfillment, and truth. Since the time of Socrates, care for the soul of mankind has been the course toward enlightenment. Through Anamnesis we emerge as we uncover the truth that was hidden. Over the millennia however, education has lost its way and become a means of control and manipulation. Teaching is predicated on the answer not the question. The world has become one of certainty and absolutism. The Educational Industrial complex is manufacturing people as tools toward their own end. Teachers are products of an Economic Zeitgeist that has designed the very foundations of their worldview. They have embraced the false logic of the scientific society however, there is hope....
Daseinsanalysis of Heideggers
Kavková, Monika ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The diploma thesis tries to outline the daseinsanalysis as such, so that the readers can be better understood. I describe the basic terms that are necessary for daseinsanalysis and without which it would not be understandable to a wider audience. In the first chapters I deal with the history of daseinsanalysis, where the reader is also acquainted with the names associated with this discipline. Then I describe the development in Czech republic and its principles. As the daseinsanalysis is linked to psychology, I do not forget this aspect and the connection with psychotherapy. I devote my phenomenology to the chapter itself, as it is essential for the daseinanalysis to be deepened. I am writing about the principles, development and essence of this philosophical discipline. In the following chapters, I then deal with the interpretation of the time that has been and still is the essence and basic pillar of daseinsanalysis. I describe it from the point of view of Heidegger and also from the philosophical point of view. I also explain concepts such as temporality and succession for better orientation in time. In my work I also distinguish cyclic and linear time and familiarize them with it and its essence. The following chapters are devoted to Martin Heidegger himself. I try to interpret his attitudes, philosophy...
The Influence of Psychoanalysis on the First Generation of the Franfurt School with Special Focus on the work of Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm
Fodorová, Aneta ; Hauser, Michael (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The diploma thesis shows the work of Erich Fromm through the context of one of his major sources of inspiration - Sigmund Freud and the psychoanalytic theory. The thesis is thus focued on those aspects of Fromm`s thinking which origintae in Freud, works with them and tries to create a new unit. There is also an effort to use Fromm`s psychoanalytic ideas as a critial viewpoint of today`s world.

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