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Heraldic and prosopographical analysis of two armorials from the family archives of Vratislavs from Mitrovice. With edition
Jeránková, Martina ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee) ; Krejčík, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis focuses on scientifical elaboration of two heraldical manuscripts from the Vratislavs from Mirtrovice family archives in the village Dírná (Soběslav region). According to the village name, the manuscrips are known as the Armorials from Dírná in the profesional literature. They were laid aside a little bit because their existence was known only to a relatively narrow circle of specialists as they were kept far away from the research centres. Both books had never been observed in ligt of authorship, datation or analysis of their content. We are speaking about two paper manuscripts, inventary No. 56, sign. I B 9 and No. 58 sign. I B 10. They comprise 984 and 1358 painted coats-of-arms including name of the family beneath each picture. The codicological analysis enabled to identify authors of both armorials, i. e. Kryštof Vilém Harant from Polžice and Bezdružice (1617-1690) and Václav Ignác Vratislav from Mitrovice (1645-1728) and the epoque of their creation in the 1670's and 1680's. Further research proved the necessity of creating an electronical databases that enabled to work effectively with immense volume of data. Analysis of the content of armorials showed that they contain 961 family coats-of-arms. Those represent from the two thirds Czech noble families, the rest is aproximately in the same...
Gottfried Daniel Wunschvitz's collection in the context of genealogical and heraldical studies in the first half of 18th century (Study of the fond and its usage analysis)
Woitschová, Klára ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee)
The main theme of the thesis is the analysis of the genealogical and heraldical collection of Gottfried Daniel Wunschwitz (1678-1741). It is the important set of information conceming more than 1400 noble houses. These house s (more as well as less important, contemporaneous as well as extinct, knights as well as prince s) are presented by many types of materials - from common used genealogical diagrams, through voluminous collection of correspondence and excerpts from newspaper, to paper hatchements and sketches of tomb stones. Some of the most characteristic materials are presented in the thesis through the catalogues and editions. The thesi s contains also several chapters dealing with history of the Wunschwitz house, of the history of the genealogical work in Bohemia (till 18th century) and the comparative synopsis conceming another genealogical collections originated in Bohemia from 18th till 20th century.

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