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Pavel Tigrid and the magazine Svědectví ("Testimony") - historical biographical essay
Růžička, Jan ; Končelík, Jakub (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
Pavel Tigrid (1917-2003) was czech influential writer, journalist and politician, a distinctive member of czech anticommunist exile. He published the magazine Svědectví (Testimony) - the most famous periodical of czech exile. It was established in the USA, but its seat moved to Paris later on and then to Prague after the Velvet revolution. He worked in London during the second world war. He took part in the exile radio broadcast and cooperated closely with the prime minister in exile Jan Šrámek, who influenced him in converting to the catholic religion. He was editor-in-chief in the magazine Obzory (Horizons), which was well-known for its critical, anticommunist attitude. After his emigration he participated in establishment of the czech version of Radio Free Europe. He continued in his strong-worded comments towards the despotism of the totalitarian communist regime until the end of his life with his typical humor and sarcasm. The czech communist leaders considered him as the most dangerous representative of anticommunist resistance in exile. This bachelor essay is the first attempt to compactly summarize the professional life of this figure. It also has an ambition to explore the avail of the magazine Svědectví in the cultural and political life in exile and in Czechoslovakia of that time.
Deconstruction of interdependence between the pro-export segment of Russian energy and raw material insufficiency of European market - Case study on the relationship of Russia's energy policy to their own role in the natural gas market
Růžička, Jan ; Kučerová, Irah (referee) ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor)
The author of the diploma thesis focuses on the securitization of a portfolio of energy importing strategic raw commodity of natural gas from Russia and CIS countries to the European consumer market (in the context of the Common Market of the European Union). Because this import is by part of European market agents perceived as a potential geopolitical instrument of the Russian Federation, they securitize interdependent trade and economic relationship and shape it to the form of political and economic threat. But the question is how much this form of securitization is an appropriate form of reaction. Under such thesis, the author focuses primarily on the analysis of approaches to securitization of the individual actors (EU, Russia, transit actors - states and corporations as well as key companies operating across whole network), and analyze their validity and logic. The second section of the thesis is the prediction of possible scenarios for European energy security in terms of its raw material inadequacy in the segment of natural gas. The prediction is done through a model of future development of natural gas segment including the possible development of the Russian energy sector as such.
Use of Grant Funds for the Realization of the Construction Project
Růžička, Jan ; Adlofová, Petra (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
This master's thesis describes an issue of preparation and evaluation of investment projects which are co-financed by EU funds. A practical example of the specific investment project is used to demonstrate a usefulness of co-financing by these funds. This investment project is processed as a case study which includes both financial and economic evaluation of the project. This evaluation also includes assessment of effectiveness and efficiency of this investment project.
Ecological and evolution strategies of necrophagous beetles (Coleoptera)
Jakubec, Pavel ; Růžička, Jan (advisor) ; Petr, Petr (referee)
Necrophagous beetles (Coleoptera) are very interesting and diverse ecological group of species with an immense impact on a natural nutrient cycle. Their main food source and breeding ground are carrions of vertebrates, human remains included. This relationship is often used in various ways by forensic entomology, but its potential was not jet fully reached, because our knowledge of biology and ecology of these beetles is very much incomplete. In this thesis I would like to explore geographic distribution, ecological requirements and developmental biology of several Central European necrophagous beetles as an outcome of their ecological and evolution strategies. For that I raised three broad research questions. Which factors are determining the local abundance of carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae)? How the current geographical distribution of open-landscape carrion beetles looks like in the Czech Republic? How the temperature affects the development of Sciodrepoides watsoni (Spence, 1813)? We found out that soil type can have significant effect on abundance of carrion beetles. They showed preference for chernozem -- Nicrophorus antennatus (Reitter), N. germanicus (Linnaeus), N. interruptus (Stephens), N. sepultor (Charpentier), Silpha obscura obscura (Herbst), T. sinuatus (Fabricius) or for fluvisol as did N. humator (Gleditsch). These findings support our hypothesis that soil type could be an important factor determining the occurrence of necrophagous European carrion beetles. To collect novel data of the current geographical distribution of carrion beetles we used 420 baited pitfall traps at 84 localities, and we collected 71 234 specimens of 15 silphid species. Among them, three endangered carrion beetle species listed on the Czech Red List of Invertebrates, were found. Two are vulnerable thermophilic species of open landscapes, Nicrophorus antennatus (Reitter, 1884) (collected around Louny and Židlochovice) and Nicrophorus germanicus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Louny, Zábřeh and Židlochovice). The third is the near threatened species, Nicrophorus sepultor Charpentier, 1825 (collected around Louny, Kutná Hora, Zábřeh and Židlochovice), which also prefers open landscapes. We studied development of common Holarctic beetle Sciodrepoides watsoni under five constant temperature regimes in laboratory (15, 18, 21, 25 and 28°C). Parameters of thermal summation models and their standard errors were calculated for each developmental stage (egg, three larval instars and pupae). We also find a new character for larval instar determination (head width) and proposed novel approach for future studies of size-based characters in instar determination.
Effect of succession and reclamation on wasps and bees (Hymenoptera: Aculea) on combustion by-products deposits
Eštok, Pavel ; Hendrychová, Markéta (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis summarises the available information about the importance and significance of post-industrial areas from the environmental point of view and information about natural conditions of the Central Bohemian Uplands (České středohoří) in the region of the town Louny. The thesis concerns especially the characteristic areas of the combustion by-products deposit of Třískolupy I and Třískolupy II which are connected with the Počerady brown coal power plant. The practical aim of the thesis is to evaluate the effect of the different ash-material management on the presence of the aculea Hymenoptera (Hymenoptera: Aculeata), regarding especially its diversity and the presence of the rare species. In the thesis, reclaimed areas have been compared with the areas in which spontaneous succession is proceeding. For the data collection, hymenoptera have been trapped in coloured plates filled with the salty solution of water and detergent, so-called Moerickeho pan traps. From particular sampling sites 638 hymenoptera individuals have been collected through the monitored period of time and classified into 98 species and 13 families. Based on the collected samples it was possible to compare the differences between the succession and the reclamation sites. On the areas developing spontaneously more species and individuals were observed. In total, 26 rare species from Red List were recorded.
Digital footprint on own computer and the Internet
Růžička, Jan ; Halbich, Čestmír (advisor) ; Pavlík, Jan (referee)
The objective of this bachelor's degree paper is to evidence the negative impact and potential losses associated with unmanaged personal information sharing on the internet and then to provide solutions as to how to mitigate potential threats. This paper first addresses the definition of the digital footprint and its impact before describing in the Second Chapter the potential risks that are connected with leaving an unmanaged digital footprint. In order to investigate the levels of willingness of internet users to share their personal and private information I utilized a Questionnaire to interpret their understanding of privacy, risks associated with loss of privacy, identity theft and the levels of protection they adopt whilst being online. The final part of this Paper describes various means of personal data protection and how to mitigate, manage and minimize one's own digital track.
Possibilities of use brown coal settling lagoons for nature protection.
Chládek, Jiří ; Hendrychová, Markéta (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
Six study plots of different age and management located on brown coal combustion by-products from Ledvice power plant were chosen for aculea (wasps and bees) investigation. Data were collected by Moericky pan traps from May to August 2015. In total, 283 individuals of 70 species belonging to 9 families were determined. Ten species listed in Red list (3 species critical endangered, 3 species endangered, 4 species vulnerable). Strictly on reclaimed area was preferred by 8 species (52 individuals), strictly on succession area was found 23 species (132 individuals) and in total on non reclaimed areas (succession areas + areas without vegetation) was found 62 species (231 individuals).
Population dynamic of amphibians and reptiles of Vlkovská sandpit
The theoretical part contains summary of the literature on the topic of succession, mining, human impacts on biodiversity, land reclamation and ecological requirements of reptiles and amphibians. The practical part contains the observations of these two model groups of animals and subsequent evaluation of their abundance and diversity. During the three years I made total 37 herpetological observation, during which I observed the occurrence of eight species of reptiles and amphibians on five locations. When observing reptiles and amphibians I used non-invasive methods of observation. The found species were Zootoca vivipara (507 individuals), Lacerta agilis (583 individuals), Pelophylax esculentus (976 individuals), Pelophylax ridibundus (710 individuals), Pelophylax lessonae (1,401 individuals), Lissotriton vulgaris (203 individuals), Natrix natrix (32 individuals) and Anguis fragilis (7 individuals). The values in the brackets represent the total number of individuals found during 3 seasons. Generically the richest site was "Jezírka" (8 species), species habitat poorest contrary, "Přesyp" (2 species). In all the years the abundance of two model groups (frogs and lizards) were significantly different (abundance of Pelophylax: Chí Square = 2764; d. f. = 4, p <0.001, Zootoca + Lacerta: Chí Square = 119; d. f. = 4, p <0.001. Pelophylax: Chí Square = 1573; d. f. = 4, p <0.001, Zootoca + Lacerta: Chí Square = 43; d. f. = 4, p <0.001. Pelophylax: Chí Square = 37; d. f. = 4, p <0.001, Zootoca + Lacerta: Chí Square = 741; d. f. = 4; p <0.001). The researchl lasted three vegetation seasons. They had distinctly different climatic conditions. The abundance of reptiles and amphibians in season of 2013 was significantly impacted by the spring floods. Season 2014 any major climatic fluctuations and therefore I considered it as a standard. Season 2015 was greatly influenced by the high summer temperatures and the lack of greater precipitation during the summer months. This fact influenced mainly amphibian populations.
Production of a Jig Using Rapid Prototyping Technology
Růžička, Jan ; Zouhar, Jan (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the design, modeling and manufacturing of complex shaped parts using modern additive technology Rapid Prototyping. The theoretical basis of the work is involved in Rapid Prototyping and CAD systems and their technology, terminology and basic terms. The analytical part is dedicated to the implementation of the design – construction of the model in parametrical software SolidWorks followed with a creation of the part using 3D printer uPrint working on Fused Deposition Modeling method. Conclusion of this work compares this method with CNC machining and evaluates which method is more efficient and more economical.
Business Plan
Homolková, Hana ; Růžička, Jan (referee) ; Sládková, Jitka (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a foundation of a new beauty salon. The work deals with all aspects which are relating to its establishment and management. The work uses different methods for describe all steps which lead to foundation of the beauty salon. It works up with the issues of establishment of the successful salon, in which the customers want to return, the searching system for new customers, acquisition of market share.

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