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Case report of physiotherapeutic treatment of patient after tibial osteosynthesis
Procházková, Marie ; Nováková, Tereza (advisor) ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (referee)
Title: Case report of physiotherapeutic treatment of patient after tibial osteosynthesis Summary: The general part of this thesis contains theoretical information about anatomy and kinesiology of foot and ankle joint and it also deals with gait biomechanics. There is a brief description of distal leg fractures, their classification, diagnostics and therapy. Furthermore, the general part contains information on physiotherapeutic procedures and methods used in fracture rehabilitation. The special part is elaborated as the patient's case report, which was created during the four-week clinical practice at Rehabilitacion hospital of Beroun. The patient's case report contains anamnestic data and an initial kinesiological analysis. The goals of short-term and long-term therapy plan are based on this initial analysis. Finally, the work also includes the progress of individual therapeutic units, output kinesiological examination and evaluation of the effect of therapy. Key Words: ankle joint, foot, fracture, physical therapy, rehabilitacion
Utilization of the garden-pond biotope in secondary education (Comprehensive inquiry-based education program)
The purpose of this thesis is to develop a comprehensive educational program involving student activities related to the biotope of the garden pond. The theoretical part deals with general issues of inquiry-based education and the utilization of school gardens. The main contribution of the thesis is the creation of a concrete educational program, comprising seven activities which employ the environment of a garden pond. It is designated for biology and geography classes at middle/secondary schools. Each activity portfolio consists of a methodological sheet for teachers and a work sheet for students. Most activities can be carried in the environment of any water tank; some activities can be also done in the school building. The training program was pilot tested with elementary school teachers and subsequently with sixth and seventh grade students. Concurrently, an evaluation of the program's effectiveness was implemented in the form of written tests. The thesis discusses the findings from this evaluation as well as the practical verification of the suggested program that was carried out on teachers and on students.
Case report of physiotherapeutic care about patient with diagnosis after Meningoencephalitis.
Hanušová, Barbora ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (advisor) ; Procházková, Marie (referee)
Title: Case report of physiotherapeutic care about patient with diagnosis after Meningoencephalitis. Summary: This thesis consists of two parts - a general part and a special part. The general part summarizes theoretical basis of the disease. It explains the term of meningoencephalitis and represents its epidemiology and etiopatogenesis, clinical marks, possible complications of the disease, its diagnostics and cure. The special part contains case report of physiotherapy care for a patient after meningoencephalitis. The case report consists of initial musculoskeletal assessment of the patient, performance of the therapeutic units and assessment of the effectiveness of the therapy. Case report was worked out on the rehabilitation clinic Na Malvazinkách in Prague at the time of continuous bachelor's practice. Keywords: psysiotherapy, meningoencephalitis, tick-borne encefalitis, non-infected brain inflammation, viral diseases of the central nervous system.
Metody hodnocení kvality medu
Procházková, Marie
Diploma thesis "Methods of honey quality assessment" was made at the Department of Post-Harvest Technology of Horticultural Products of Horticultural Faculty at Mendel University in Brno in the years of 2013 -- 2015. Theoretical part of the thesis includes todays legal requirement for honey quality and description of the analytical possibilities of honey qualitative parameters assessment. Experimental part describes 35 honey samples in which the determination of volumetric acidity at 23°C was analyzed. Furthermore, the assessment of antioxidant capacity was made by two methods - DPPH and FRAP. The samples were measured at 23°C and then at 95°C for 5 minutes in both methods. Comparison of antioxidant capacity changes owing to warming was made in both methods DPPH and FRAP. It was found, that the antioxidant capacity after warming increased in DPPH method. In FRAP method, the number of samples, in which decrease or increase occured was comparable.
The validity of Dyar's rule for the growth of water bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha, Gerromorpha)
The main objective of this bachelor thesis to verify the validity of Dyar's rule for the growth of water bugs. The rule was verified on the selected morphometric metadata from scientific literature. At first, the thesis provides a survey of the literature dealing with the growth of water bugs. Afterwards, it presents graphs and charts characterizing morphometric differences between development stages of selected water bugs. The statistical interpretation of the graphs reveals that we can reject Dyar's rule on the basis of using metadata only in a limited set of cases, i.e. Dyar's rule cannot be rejected completely. At the same time, it follows that the validity of Dyar's rule cannot be completely confirmed either.
Changes of the attitude of a nurse towards the nursing care after his/her ranging to a higher position.
The Thesis deals with a change of an approach of a nurse to nursing care provision after her promotion to a managerial position. A nurse appointed to the position of charge or head nurse has different responsibilities, she becomes a manager, her colleagues have suddenly become her subordinates, whose work she has to organize, lead and control. A wide range of new responsibilities might change her approach to provision of nursing care. The aim of the Thesis was to discover whether and how the approach of a nurse to nursing care changes when she is appointed to a managerial position and how a nurse promoted to a managerial position achieves authority among her subordinates. The following hypotheses were chosen in relation to the aims of the Thesis. Hypothesis 1: The approach of a nurse to nursing care changes after being promoted to a managerial position. Hypothesis 2: A nurse promoted to a managerial position requires provision of nursing care in line with nursing standards. Hypothesis 3: A nurse promoted to a managerial position is responsible for nursing care quality. Further research questions were put: 1. Is it difficult for a nurse promoted to a managerial position to achieve authority among senior nurses? 2. Is it difficult for a nurse promoted to a managerial position to control nursing care provided by shift nurses? 3. Is it easier for a nurse promoted to a managerial position to organize work for shift nurses she did not work with before? Quantitative research in the form of questionnaires was applied to confirmation or refutation of the hypotheses. The research sample consisted of head and charge nurses from South Bohemian hospitals and from hospitals in Příbram and Pelhřimov. Qualitative research was organized in the form of unstructured interviews with head nurses from Hospital České Budějovice. After evaluation of the results all the three hypotheses showed confirmed. The research results confirm that an approach of a nurse changes after their promotion to a managerial position. They are much more responsible for quality work among her subordinates. The results of the work will be presented at all-house seminars and conferences and published in a specialized journal. The results will also be provided to the hospital management {--} to the Nursing Care Manager {--} and finally to the respondents involved in the research.

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