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The role of NGOs in the protection of environment
Zahálková, Kristýna ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
1 The role of NGOs in the protection of environment Abstract The topic of this thesis is the role of civil societies in the protection of environment. The civil societies, the most common type of NGOs in the Czech Republic, are legal persons of the private law that, unlike public administration bodies, contribute to the protection of environment voluntarily. This fact however does not undermine the significance of their involvement. In fact, in order to achieve the highest level of the protection of environment, it is necessary that the state treats the civil societies and other subjects of the non-profit sector as its partners. This thesis is divided into two parts that are consequently divided into chapters, subchapters and sub-subchapters. In the first part, the general starting points, in particular legal aspects of the non-profit area and the law of civil societies, including their assessment, are dealt with. Subsequently, the attention is moved to the position of civil societies in the area of environmental law, and to general starting points concerning the public participation in the environmental matters and its division. The second part looks into the roles of the civil societies in the protection of environment itself. Two types of these roles are distinguished: the conflict roles and the...
Cover Song Identification using Music Harmony Features, Model and Complexity Analysis
Maršík, Ladislav ; Pokorný, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ge, Mouzhi (referee) ; Łukasik, Ewa (referee)
Title: Cover Song Identification using Music Harmony Features, Model and Complexity Analysis Author: Ladislav Maršík Department: Department of Software Engineering Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Pokorný, CSc., Department of Software Engineering Abstract: Analysis of digital music and its retrieval based on the audio fe- atures is one of the popular topics within the music information retrieval (MIR) field. Every musical piece has its characteristic harmony structure, but harmony analysis is seldom used for retrieval. Retrieval systems that do not focus on similarities in harmony progressions may consider two versions of the same song different, even though they differ only in instrumentation or a singing voice. This thesis takes various paths in exploring, how music harmony can be used in MIR, and in particular, the cover song identification (CSI) task. We first create a music harmony model based on the knowledge of music theory. We define novel concepts: a harmonic complexity of a mu- sical piece, as well as the chord and chroma distance features. We show how these concepts can be used for retrieval, complexity analysis, and how they compare with the state-of-the-art of music harmony modeling. An extensive comparison of harmony features is then performed, using both the novel fe- atures and the...
Suggestions on Improvement of the Corporate Culture iof the Company HILTI CZECH REPUBLIC corporation
Cirková, Jana ; Radil, Jan (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
This Diploma Thesis analyses an important part of the corporate culture in HILTI Czech Republic, particularly working and private life area balance. It contains improvement suggestions in time management sphere, so the employees work more effective and not only stand the test without detriment to family life and leisure time activities in the hard reality of nowadays, but also being successful.
International taxation and cross-border mergers and acquisition
Pokorný, Josef ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Baxa, Jaromír (referee)
This thesis studies the effects of differences in the international tax system on the location of target companies and potential tax savings leading from international transactions. Using a large sample of M&A transaction data, we develop a target location choice model and estimate it by a multinomial logistic regression. The results show that differences in taxation of target and acquirer country provide opportunities for tax optimization practices that increase the probability of choosing a target location with higher tax difference. We further evaluate these effect using regression on takeover premium which shows that 1 percentage point increase in difference of effective average tax rate may cause up to 0.5 percentage point increase in takeover premium. The found effects are heterogenous for individual companies and correspond to characteristics of tax-inversions and profit shifting practices. i
Situation in Prague during organizing of political mass public meetings 1868-72
Kubíček, Lubomír ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor) ; Šindelář, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with the events that occurred in Prague in the years 1868-1872 with closer focus on the year 1868 during the Camp Movement. It introduces the most important events which affected public affairs in the observed period. The thesis deals mostly with protests against Austro-Hungarian Compromise, the celebration of the laying of the foundation stone of the National Theatre, visit of the emperor in the year 1868, announcement of a state of emergency in Prague, Labor Question, legal cases for newspaper editors, political negotiations about Austro-Hungarian Compromise and Fiddle elections. The thesis also deals with previous events which had influence on the observed period. Key words The laying of the foundation stones of the National Theatre Austro-Hungarian Compromise People's Camps Prague Fundamental Articles Labor Question 19. century Fiddle elections
Influence of Hyperkinetic Load on Selected Mechanical Changes of Human Axial System.
Panská, Šárka ; Jelen, Karel (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Radvanský, Jiří (referee)
Title: Influence of Hyperkinetic Load on Selected Mechanical Changes of Human Axial System. Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to determine the influence of hyperkinetic load on the change of selected mechanical properties of the rhythmic gymnastic axial system based on the sophisticated use of the Transfer Vibration through Spine (TVS) method. Methods: The following experimental methods were used to identify changes in rheological properties of AS and to assess load intensity: 1) TVS method; 2) software for evaluating and analyzing vibration tests of heterogeneous systems; 3) kinematic and dynamic motion analysis using:  2D motion video recording,  QUALISYS 3D motion analysis system,  KISTLER, to analyze dynamic human-surroundings interactions. Results: Pilot studies and the main experimental part of the thesis have shown that the use of the TVS method can identify both short-term and longitudinal changes of AS mechanical properties. Due to the hyperkinetic load, the selected mechanical properties of the rhythmic AS are changed. The gymnastic apparatus reacts to the training load by reducing the rheological parameters, especially the damping coefficient b and the viscosity µ. After regeneration, which is on the following day, the parameters return to the default values. The impact load...
Legal instruments of energy efficiency
Kudlík, Leoš ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
Legal instruments of energy efficiency Abstract and key words The diploma thesis deals with energy efficiency as a unique source of energy. The subject of this thesis is to specify key legal instruments of energy efficiency, i.e. conceptual, administrative and economical instruments. The diploma thesis is divided into five chapters. In the introductory chapter, being called Energy Policy, there is a brief outline of the background of energy politics on both the international and EU level, including environmental protection. This introductory chapter also ranks the Czech Republic among countries with high energy performance. Energy efficiency is the opportunity to lower its energy performance. The second chapter, Legal Instruments of Energy Efficiency, defines legal instruments of energy efficiency as a part of environmental protection. This chapter is a general one; the instruments are concretized in the following chapters. In addition, this chapter focuses on the principle of sustainable development, as well as issues related to human factor, climate conditions and rebound effect. The third chapter, called Conceptual Instruments, provides further information relating to conceptual strategies of energy efficiency. For the EU conceptions, key directives are mentioned to regulate energy efficiency, namely the...

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