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Network attached storage
Pavlíček, Ladislav ; Vokoun, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pavlík, Jan (referee)
The thesis explores the subject of data storage options, focusing on Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution and its potential target users. The theoretical part of the thesis reviews the overall data storage solutions used in the past, compared to the current ones. The further description of NAS is provided, highlighting its specifications and possibilities for use. In addition, the analysis of different methods of data storing on a hard disc drive is conducted and resulting data reliability is examined and assessed. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to recommend NAS for suitable user groups based on their needs and habits. To gather relevant data and identify those characteristics, the research method of survey based data collection is being used. As a result, the particular potential user group for NAS, currently unaware of its benefits and uses, is identified. This group is characterized by its online content use and consumption patterns in areas of video and music content consumption, photo sharing, file backing-up habits, cloud usage, etc. Furthermore, the thesis expands on the potential benefits for those users and provides practical suggestions for use in regard to their identified needs. In the last part of the thesis, collected survey data are being compared to the related national survey data provided by the Czech Statistical Office. The concluding analysis reveals a trend of decreasing interest between year 2015 and 2016 for using cloud data storage solutions in general, mainly in terms of storing and sharing of photos, movies and music. Finally, the limitations of survey data collection are being discussed, focusing on particular internal and external factors which could have influenced the survey results.

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