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Power soldering station 500W
Šelepa, Jan ; Patočka, Miroslav (referee) ; Vorel, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis contains a complete description of the design and implementation of a 500W transformer soldering station. This soldering station includes a half-bridge DC/DC converter with a pulse transformer. The device works with a very low voltage and extremely high output current. Therefore some parts have a special design to ensure the proper equipment function. Coaxial transformer with very low leakage inductance (nH units) is unusual. A synchronous rectifier is another special feature working with low voltage and high output current of the transformer. The finished functional prototype consists of a soldering station and a soldering adapter.
Magnetic fields for biomedical experiments
Otýpka, Jan ; Cipín, Radoslav (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
In this work deals with magnetic fields for use in biomedicine. This solution involves the choice of the correct geometric arrangement of coils for generating magnetic field with a homogeneous distribution of magnetic induction of the widest possible area. The paper compares thre traditional types of coils, solenoid, toroid and Helmholtz coil. For Helmholtz and solenoid coil and is then carried out an analysis of the magnetic flux density in the inner space. Next part is devoted to electrical resonance in the LC circuit. This is then utilized for the development of pulsed magnetic field in the Helmholtz coil. It summarizes the theoretical and practical knowledge to design and construction of resonant converters. The end is devoted to the measurement of circuit parameters and verification of theoretical knowledge.
AC and DC current sensors
Zimek, Alois ; Huták, Petr (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this master’s thesis is to focus on analysis of a current transformer with feedback correction of measuring error, make an AC current sensor and verify its qualities experimentally. The measuring scale of this transformer is I = 0 to 100A, f = 50Hz.
Laboratory test equipment for IGBT transistors
Chvátlina, Pavel ; Vorel, Pavel (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
This master’s thesis describes the function and realization of the laboratory test equipment designed for measuring and analysing of collector current iC and voltage uCE courses during the opening and closing process of a power IGBT transistor. The opening and closing times toff and ton of the new power transistor IGBT are changing in the range from tenths to the ones s, so the reading of current iC and voltage uCE proceeds in a very short time. The measuring circuit of this test equipment is based on a short-time discharging of a condenser battery to the inductive load over the measured transistor. Consequently it is possible to replace the power supply whose maximum output power would otherwise have to be in the range of ones MW. In the final part of this thesis there are described properties and design of a high-frequency sensor with the Rogowski coil, which can be used for reading collector current course during opening and closing time of the measured transistor IGBT. Collector current iC and voltage uCE courses can be analysed with a storage oscilloscope.
Back-up power supply 230V/50Hz/300VA with a battery supply 12V
Snítilý, David ; Patočka, Miroslav (referee) ; Vorel, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this project is to describe, design and create a converter from 12V DC to 230 VRMS. The power of this device is about 500W. The device consists of two main converters. The first one is step-up DC/DC converter and the other is DC/AC inverter. Step-up converter is designed as a resonant converter. It is useful for pushing down losses in semiconductors and inceasing efficiency. The inverter is changing DC voltage from the first converter to AC voltage. Control of this device is realized with DSP Motorola. This device should be used mainly for supply common devices up to 500W. Main usage is planed in a car or to another place where is not posible to connect some device to plug.
Mathematical models of the transformers and asynchronous machines
Cipín, Radoslav ; Běloušek, Josef (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
The fist part of this work is dealt with the construction of the mathematical models of voltage and current transformers. There are created and simulated models of voltage and current transformer with the nonlinear magnetization characteristics. The second part of this work is dealt with equivalent circuit of the induction motor in the form of Gamma-circuit. The speed-torque characteristic and the dependence of stator current on the slip are calculated from this equivalent circuit. The third part of this work is dealt with electromagnetic design of the alternating current machines by the help of a classic way and a new way.
High power traction converters
Žižka, Pavel ; Vorel, Pavel (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
This master thesis is based on realization of the previous university project, design of locomotive reconstruction and solving accompanying problems. In this thesis there are described all parts of a converter. The end of thesis involved theory about driver circuits of power transistors IGBT. Nowadays is still more often to think about reconstruction of the old technology rather than design a complete new construction. Investors take this decision from the financial reasons and because to the old technology designer can add only the converter. In this instant we talk about electrical locomotive, there should be kept a supply transformer and a driving unit (DC engine). The aim of this thesis is to design the converter between these two basic parts. The converter must taking the quasi-sinusoidal current which is in the phase with the input voltage, also must be able to control the engine and recuperate energy back to the network. For realization of these conditions, the converter must contain the active rectifier working in the DC-link and from which the step-down DC/DC converter is fed. Converter output is connected to the driving unit. The digital control of the power transistors is provided by processor MOTOROLA DSP56F. The control impulses, switching the power transistors, go through the driver circuits to transistors. All problems are described in the following text.
Electrocar traction drive supplied with the hydrogen fuel cell
Pokálený, Jan ; Huták, Petr (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is a traction drive of electrocar with fuel cell. The drive is supplied with hydrogen fuel cell with power of 2 kW. The traction drive consists of the three-phase DC/AC converter and the asynchronous machine. The main part of this work is a creation of the mathematical model of the traction drive in program Matlab–Simulink.
Street reconstruction B.J.Krawce in Chocen
Jetmar, Jiří ; Patočka, Miroslav (referee) ; Smělý, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design road reconstruction in the street Bj. Krawce in the municipality Choceň, which is newly designed as Zone 30. Appropriate width layout and provision a sufficient amount of parking spaces are designed for local residents with regards to the impact on the environment. Furthermore calming traffic flowis using calming elements (speed bumps).
Modifying the bus station in the Moravska Trebova
Beneš, Petr ; Patočka, Miroslav (referee) ; Smělý, Martin (advisor)
The content of bachelor thesis is adjustment of current bus station including existing indeterminate paved surfaces designed for spontaneous parking in its surroundings. Thesis includes adjustment roads for pedestrian traffic, wich increases its security and construction a new surfaces of green areas for restoration environment of the bus station.

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