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Mechanical design of impact simulator under reduced gravity
Melichar, Marek ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Návrat, Tomáš (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the development of the concept of a mechanical device that would meet the necessary requirements to achieve a successful simulation of reduced gravity or microgravity on the tested body at its impact. The choice of a suitable mechanism is based on a literary research of all available variants and highlight of their specifics. Target values are created for the selected method of testing, upon reaching which the concept will be considered successful. In order to verify the functionality of the concept, a mechanism is assembled on a smaller scale. The individual components of the mechanism are tested and carefully selected. All essential physical processes taking place in the system are mathematically described and combined into a MATLAB script. A separate application is created to calculate the behavior of the system based on the specified input parameters.
Analysis of the influence of different weld geometry model on fatigue strength of a weld
Holeta, Aleš ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Vosynek, Petr (advisor)
The work was focus on the analysis of the fatigue life of a simple welded joint. The main goal of this work was to compare different methods of evaluation of welded joints and different methods of creating a geometry of computational models. Calculations were per-formed analytically and numerically. The numerical solution was performed using FEM. The problem was analysed in the open-source program Salome Meca and in the commercial pro-gram ANSYS Workbench.
Simulation of fluid flow around obstacles by Lattice Boltzmann Method
Prinz, František ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Zatočilová, Jitka (advisor)
The task of this diploma thesis is the Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). LBM is a mesoscopic method describing the particle motion in a fluid by the Boltzmann equation, where the distribution function is involved. The Chapman-Enskog expansion shows the connection with the macroscopic Navier-Stokes equations of conservation laws. In this process the Hermite polynoms are used. The Lattice Boltzmann equation is derived by the discretisation of velocity, space and time which is concluding to the numerical algorithm. This algorithm is applied at two problems of fluid flow: the two-dimensional square cavity and a flow arround obstacles. In both cases were the results of velocities compared to results calculated by finite volume method (FVM). The relative errors are in order of multiple 1 %.
The influence of different types of ventilation outlets on the heat transfer by convection from the human body
Zábovský, Ján ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Fišer, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to investigate the influence of different types of HVAC system outlets on convective heat transfer from a human body. The first part of the thesis consists of an overview of essentials important for understanding the issue, specifically, metabolism, thermoregulation, heat transfer mechanisms, thermal vote and fluid dynamics. The second part defines the main working hypothesis and describes the used experimental approach leading either to confirmation or disproval of the hypothesis. The chosen approach is based on a measurement with thermal mannequin “Newton” using two different configurations: constant surface temperature and constant generated heat flux. In case of the first configuration, the convection intensity indicator was the value of heat flux generated from each of surface segments of the thermal mannequin. Their surface temperature was the indicator when running the experiment using the second configuration. The value was evaluated by the thermal mannequin as well as the thermal camera Flir i7 which provided more detailed division of the surface. The final part of the thesis describes the progress of the experiment itself, represents gathered values involving analysis of contaminants and confirms or disproves the original thesis.
Manipulator in the line for heating logs
Vítek, Jan ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Pokorný, Přemysl (advisor)
This thesis concerns with construction design of manipulator. The purpose of the manipulator is to transport beech logs. It is a part of the production line for heating and steaming veneering of the logs before their subsequent processing. This thesis presents a new design solution. It offers detailed descriptions of the purpose of the construction and of individual functional assemblies. It also describes the means for operating the machine and the types of sensors used. Calculation of forces and reactions in the mechanism, based on a simplified load calculation model, constitutes an important part of the work. Design of key components of the machine is then based on the results of the analysis of the forces involved. The supplements of the thesis include photographs of the manipulator realization and selected technical design.
Automotive ventilation system - comparison of an influence of boundary conditions on flow from various types of ventilation outlets
Brdečko, Radim ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Lízal, František (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with a research of the flow in front of three different automotive vents. The velocity field and intensity of the turbulence was measured in detail, using thermoanemometry. After that the same data was measured with PIV method and validation was performed. The difference between achieved data was investigated. The design among the vents was also investigated, because it’s fundamentally affects the air flow. The purpose of this thesis is to obtain data about the velocity field using two methods and their subsequent use to validate numerical simulations, which will be performed in the future. The diploma thesis also contains the calculation of measurement uncertainty.
Conceptual design of electronic overhead monorail conveyor for mass automobile production
Králíček, Filip ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Hloska, Jiří (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is an overhead conveyor. The thesis contains research about overhead conveyors, technical assignment for 3 circuits and their processing.
Algorithms for Model Simplification
Pokorný, Jan ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Pečiva, Jan (advisor)
This paper is dedicated to simlification algorithms of polygonal models. First chapter deals with common principles of model simplification - features of polygonal models are explained here along with operations used in simlification. Next chapters introduce three simplification algorithms - Uniform Vertex Clustering, Floating Cell Vertex Clustering and Vertex Decimation. These methods are tested on a number of models and compared in various aspects - visual quality, aproximation time and geometric error of aproximation.
Residential Building, civil technical projekt.
Pokorný, Jan ; Sedlák,, Petr (referee) ; Kovářová, Barbora (advisor)
In my diploma thesis, I focus on a building technology project of an apartment house in Prostějov. My work aims to design an optimal construction process. The thesis consists of a technical report, coordination drawing, project of the building site, building machines and mechanisms, time schedule and financial plan, description of technological process of the ventilated facade and of the monolithic reinforced concrete vertical structures including quality controls and testing plans. The process of making ventilated facade in comparison with the ETICS system is presented in more detail. Because the construction works take place in a city centre, the study of noise on the construction site is included as well.
Topological structures in ferroic materials: Book of Abstracts of the International Workshop TOPO2019
Hlinka, Jiří ; Pokorný, Jan ; Bubnov, Alexej
This is the Book of Abstracts for the International Workshop on Topological Structures in Ferroic Materials (TOPO2019 conference) held in Pruhonice-Prague on June 16-20, 2019. The special objective of the conference is expressed in the conference title: Topological Structures in Ferroic Materials. The continuous worldwide interest to this conference series is proving that it has a respected position within the series of International conferences covering all interdisciplinary field of the research. The fifth TOPO meeting in Prague 2019 was aiming to bring together the forefront science experts as well as young scientists interested in topological aspects of magnetic, superconducting, ferroelectric as well as liquid crystal matter, and mutually benefit from the beauty of the existing unifying scientific perspective. At the TOPO2019 conference more than 90 participants from 20 countries all over the world presented about 50 lectures.\n

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