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Early intervention for children with hearing impairment
The bachelor thesis deals with the early care of children with hearing impairment. The thesis is divided into theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part focuses on the presentation of sound defects, their origin and possible compensation, as well as the impact of hearing impairment on the life of the child. The second chapter is devoted to the issues of early care, anchoring in the legal order, composition of its team and possibilities of utilization. The practical part represents the life of a family in which one of the twins has a hearing impairment. The interview with mother maps their collaboration with early care. Further, based on an interview with early care worker is presented work in organization Centrum pro dětský sluch TamTam o.p.s.
Roma Child in the Educational Process
Přibylová, Petra ; Váňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Syslová, Hana (referee)
The thesis titled Roma child in the educational process aims to describe the specifics of Roma pupil in relation to his upbringing and education compared with children from the majority society. The first part deals with the history of Roma and its impact on the current situation of the Roma in society. The next section describes the education of Roma children in both families and at school, and try to identify possible barriers that prevent the successful integration of Roma children among their Czech peers. In conclusion, the practical part is disassembled own experience working with Romani pupil in confrontation with theoretical knowledge described in the first part.
Variation in dragonfly wing venation with application of geometric morphometrics (Insecta: Odonata)
Přibylová, Petra ; Prokop, Jakub (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
The pattern of wing venation in dragonflies (Odonata) bears a set of characters commonly used in systematics. The aim of this thesis is to identify the wing venation variability of dragonflies by various methods of geometric morphometric. The wing venation variability was examined on the level of suborder, family, species and also in respect to dimorphism through the principal component analysis (PCA), redundancy analysis (RDA) and centroid size. Data set consisting of images of 46 dragonfly species, belonging to 43 genera and 24 families was obtained from institutional entomological collections. The research carried out that Zygoptera have a large variety of wing contours. The wing venation variability of Epiprocta is shown primarily in the costa and node area. Between sexes there is no noticeable difference in shape or structure of the wing. The ratio between wing length and width and the pterostigma shape is dependent on dragonfly body size. Key words: Odonatoptera, Odonata, Epiprocta, Zygoptera, wing venation, variability, geometric morphometrics
Iron fertilization of the Southern ocean
Přibylová, Petra ; Koblížek, Michal (advisor) ; Nedbalová, Linda (referee)
This thesis summarizes the current knowledge of the effect of iron on the growth of plankton in relation to lowering the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Iron is a limiting factor for phytoplankton growth in large parts of the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean. This thesis is focused on the Southern ocean, where it chronologically describes natural and artificial experiments, where the objective was to uncover the possibilities of artificial iron fertilization of the ocean. The iron fertilization experiments were based on supplying the upper layer of the ocean with an iron solution, which resulted in an increase in phytoplankton growth and chlorophyll concentration. The reaction of plankton to a natural iron input via upwelling was also observed. In these cases an increase of phytoplankton and chlorophyll was observed. Nowadays, the lively discussed possibility of large-scale fertilization is restricted by the United Nations due to insufficient knowledge and concerns of geoengineering.
Business Plan for Foundation of Private Nursery
Meisterová, Michala ; Přibylová, Petra (referee) ; Kučerová, Vladimíra (advisor)
This diploma thesis is a proposal of a business plan to establish private nursery in the city of Kuřim. The private nursery will be established as a limited liability company. The business plan is based on identified niche market created from insufficient capacity of public schools in the city of Kuřim. The thesis consists of three parts. The theoretical part defines a business plan and its components. The following part analyzes current market situation. The very last part of the thesis suggests step by step solution towards business plan realization including financial analysis, risk assessment and risk minimizing.
Sphere of Action, Organization, and Proceeding of the Labour Office in CR
This Bachelor work deals with the change and development of various activities of the Labour Office since its formation until now. It refers in particular to the change in the organisational structure associated with the establishment of the unified Labour Office in 2011 and further to the extension of activities of the Labour Office associated with the transition of agenda of non-insurance payment of social benefits in 2012. The work describes individual activities of the Labour Office; primarily it focuses on activities in the section of non-insurance social benefits social welfare benefits, benefits in material need, contributions to the care and benefits for people with disabilities. It deals with the question whether the public is well informed about the activities of the office work.
The accounting and tax environment for business in the Netherlands
Přibylová, Petra ; Skálová, Jana (advisor) ; Láchová, Lenka (referee)
Thesis deals with the accounting and tax environment for business in the Netherlands and seeks to highlight the differences in legislation in comparison with the European trend. The work describe regulation of business and the related accounting and tax legislation. It focuses on group and tries to provide the answer to the question why the Netherlands is regarded as tax haven. There is obvious growing pressure of the European Union, the Netherlands implements IFRS principles to national accounting standards known as DAS. Although some issues still keep the original national treatment. Fiscal adjustments have a distinctive character, the country is an attractive destination in terms of taxation of dividends, interest, royalties and other capital gains.
The Teachers' Pedagogical Communication
The topic of my bachelor´s work is pedagogical communications from the point of view of secondary school teachers in České Budějovice. My work is devided into two parts: the theoretical one and the practical one. I define basic terms, what communication is. Goals and method of my work are mentioned in the practical part.
Breeding on the primary school
This thesis deals with breeding at primary school. In the Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education is included in the educational field Man and the world of work. Pupils are brought into contact with animals in the household and hygiene conditions and farming. This work determines the extent of knowledge that students have in this area and how they relate generally to the animals. On the basis of educational tests and questionnaires which were filled in by eigth grade´s pupils a research was carried out. The results are summarized in this diploma thesis.

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