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The Pilsen Conservatory with a Focus on the Violin Department
Přibová, Marie ; Kubátová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Perglerová, Marka (referee)
The diploma thesis "The Pilsen Conservatory with a Focus on the Violin Department" first deals with historical contexts that are connected with important violin personalities of the Pilsen Conservatory. The first part presents historical events which are linked to significant violinists of the Conservatory in Pilsen. Its aim is to present complex overview of the teachers who worked at the Conservatory from its beginning and who contributed to the high level of the Violin department with their experienced work. The thesis also focuses on the important graduates who represented or still represent the school with their pedagogical and artistic success at diverse musical events either in the Czech Republic or abroad. The second part brings interesting interviews with the teachers and the graduates of the school. Among them the most interesting are the parts where the teachers explain the methodology, which they use in their lessons. From the point of view of the oral history the teachers' memories of their beginning with the violin, difficulties during the study or their life are also very interesting.
Brand Equity: the impact of selected marketing mix elements on creation of brand equity
Machek, Martin ; Boučková, Jana (advisor) ; Tomek, Gustav (referee) ; Přibová, Marie (referee)
In today's highly competitive environment, the success of a company is often determined by the right brand management and by efforts to continuously improve the brand value. It is therefore an essential task of marketing. But determining the value of the brand is a very difficult task and it is of interest to both theoretical research and marketing practice. Submitted thesis provides an overview of the current state of knowledge about this very important issue both in terms of leading authors from the scientific and academic communities and in terms of marketing practice in the form of models of specialized agencies. Thus formed synthesis can then be used by academics in the orientation of their future research and also by marketing managers to evaluate the effectiveness of approaches currently being used. For this purpose, marketing managers can also use case studies in each chapter, which show the issue on the specific example of successful companies. Qualitative expert research among managers of successful international companies can serve the same goal. Managers of small and medium-sized enterprises can apply a formalized model of the growth of a brand, which is very intuitive and does not require deeper knowledge of mathematics. The last chapter presents the results of primary quantitative research, which focused on the issue of the relationship between social networks and branding in the Czech Republic.
International Distribution as Communication Tool: What builds Experience and Value Creation in the Luxury Retail Setting?
Tisovski, Marija ; Machková, Hana (advisor) ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (referee) ; Přibová, Marie (referee)
The thesis argues that the distribution formats can be significant strategic communication and differentiation tools for luxury brand and that the intangible determinants within the space can provide balancing link between company trying to manage its brand expression and consumers search for the meaningful experiences. The dissertation uses a luxury retail setting, as the highest in distribution hierarchy to analyze these relations. This ensures a level of diversification from mass retail approach. In addition, this brings back to the store as source of value creation and experiences that one should expect from a luxury brand. The aim: To explore conceptually the nature of value creation and how the relationship gets between a retailer and customer translated and communicated by a means of store, also to identify the key determinants for the value creation within the formats while looking at which levels it brings to ability to co - create the experiential value with consumer. Method: The two primary methods used are: in-depth, semi-structured interview with professionals or key informants and field notes in ethnographic context with a sample of 52 international marketing students. The secondary data collection draws upon extensive, relevant and significant academic literature review including books, professional journals, online resources, etc. Findings: The work identified two value drivers: Symbolic Desire and Exclusive Excitement. Excitement and Desire were found to be the main emotions to trigger the consumer within the luxury setting and to translate a product into service or experience of a kind. Second, research identified the two experiential prospects of: Become and Belong. These show all the way the interaction builds and develops to immerse the customers in a branded world and experiences. As a result the thesis suggests two new approaches; Experiential Value Co-Creation and In - Store Typology. Such orientation offers an outline for adjusting the service and mapping the generic groups of luxury consumers. Moreover, in-store experiential typology offers four types of spaces and/or segments within the setting: Expertise, Exclusivize, Aspirational and Popularize.
Branding of foodstuffs in the market of the Czech Republic
Průša, Přemysl ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Machková, Hana (referee) ; Přibová, Marie (referee) ; Jindra, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to summarize and develop a theoretical framework for brand management, which could be usable in the business practice, and apply this framework on a reality of a chosen brand in the Czech foodstuffs - wine market. In the analytical part the aim is to analyze the current status of the chosen wine brand including its current way of brand management and further develop a new system of brand management of the chosen brand using the framework developed in the theoretical part of the thesis. The Czech foodstuffs market has been chosen, because there are no works currently dealing with foodstuffs in relation to brands and the foodstuffs market is strongly affected by the present economic development, when the consumers' purchase power is going down. Very important is the market dominace of the international retail companies together with the growing significance of the private brands. The Czech wine market is even more specific -- it still has rather generic character -- consumers do not decide upon brands, the crucial decisive factor remains the price. A Chilean brand TARAPACA is used for the application part of the thesis -- imported brands account for 50 % of the Czech wine market and TARAPACA is one of the imported brands with the biggest market share in the Czech wine market. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the theoretical fundamentals, its main aim is to develop a definition of a brand, brand identity, positioning and other brand related notions, so that it is possible to work with them in the application part of the thesis. The second part brings an overview of the most important approaches currently used for the brand value assessment -- these are evaluated and criticised in this part of the thesis -- the outcome is a new set of criteria, which can be used for brand value assessment (brand equity). In the third part of the thesis an attention is paid to the problem of brand management as a process, a part of this chapter is also an analysis of the present phenomenon in brand management -- which are private brands. The fourth and fifth chapters of the thesis are based on the application of the theoretical fundamentals on a case of the chosen Chilean wine brand in the Czech wine market. In the fourth chapter an analysis of the current situation of the chosen wine brand is performed including the brand audit according to the scheme of Scott M. Davis. A special attention is paid to the analysis of sales support promotion activities -- as regards their sales and communication impacts (impact on the brand awareness). In the fifth chapter a new complex system of brand management of the chosen Chilean wine brand for the Czech market is developed according to the scheme of Scott M. Davis.
Marketing research in B2B
Pipová, Jana ; Zamazalová, Marcela (advisor) ; Přibová, Marie (referee)
The Diploma Thesis consists of four chapters. The first one describes B-2-B market and compare its approach to the customers with its approach to the consumers' market. Further this chapter describes the latest trends and specifics of the pharmaceutical field. The second chapter describes the marketing research and its various ways of realization. The following chapter depicts this marketing research in connection with the B-2-B market. The last chapter is the practice part of the thesis. Firstly there are the reasons that led me to realize this research. Then the main goal and the hypothesis are mentioned. The description of the researches course, its main summaries and the methodical edifications are not absent as well.
Chinese Advertisement and Media Market
Rezek, Tomáš ; Mikeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Přibová, Marie (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to present Chinese advertisement and media market to European entrepreneurs. Effective marketing is a very important factor for the success of every business strategy, especially in China. When talking about marketing and commercial communications, it is important to mention culture that has strong influence on the whole economy. First part of my thesis contains basic information about Chinese business environment.Onwards I deal with crucial cultural factors, which have in my opinion the biggest influence on the Chinese's behavior. The very same factors cause many problems to foreign entrepreneurs coming to China. I asses the evolution of Chinese media market in the second part of my thesis. In this part, I pay attention especially to expenditures on advertisement in different means. I use the comparison with United States -- example of a country with mature advertisement and media market, in the analysis. Third part of my thesis is about EXPO 2010, which will take place in Shanghai. I consider mainly the Czech participation.
Sociálněpsychologická teorie a její aplikace v marketingové komunikaci
Karlíček, Miroslav ; Bílková, Jana (advisor) ; Kostková, Hana (referee) ; Přibová, Marie (referee) ; Tichá, Ivana (referee)
Disertační práce zpracovává základní sociálněpsychologické teorie a výzkum do podoby, která má být aplikovatelná v komunikační praxi českých firem, neziskových organizací a státních institucí. Práce poskytuje metodologická východiska ke zkvalitnění přípravy komunikačních strategií i jednotlivých komunikačních nástrojů, a to ve srozumitelné a ucelené formě. Teoretický materiál je propojen s řadou příkladů z české i zahraniční komunikační praxe. Práce je využitelná zejména marketingovými pracovníky z nadnárodních společností a odborníky z komunikačních agentur.

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