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Spectral flux of the p-Li-7(C) Q-M neutron source measured by proton recoil telescope
Novák, Jan ; Bém, Pavel ; Fischer, U. ; Götz, Miloslav ; Honusek, Milan ; Simakov, S. P. ; Šimečková, Eva ; Štefánik, Milan
The cyclotron-based fast neutron source at NPI produces mono-energetic neutron fields up to 35 MeV neutron energy using the p + 7Li(carbon backing) reactions. To be applied for activation cross-section measurements, not only the intensity of neutron peak, but also the contribution of low-energy continuum in the spectra must be well determined. Simulations of the spectral flux from present source at a position of irradiated samples were performed using CYRIC TOF-data validated in the present work against LA150h by calculations with the transport Monte Carlo code MCNPX.
The activation of W and Zr by deuterons at energies up to 20 MeV
Šimečková, Eva ; Štefánik, Milan ; Bém, Pavel ; Mrázek, Jaromír ; Novák, Jan
The proton and deuteron induced reactions are of a great interest for the assessment of induced radioactivity of accelerator components, target and beam stoppers. In order to investigate the important nuclides, we have carried up the irradiation experiments with the variable-energy cyclotron U-120 M of the NPI CAS ež. The production cross sections of the nuclides 179,181,182m,182,183,184m,184,186Re and 187W from reaction on natural W were investigated by deuteron beams of 20 MeV energy. A part of preliminary results of deuteron activation of natural Zr is also shown. The stacked-foil technique was utilized. The comparison of present results to data of other authors and to predictions of evaluated data libraries is discussed.
Study of Styrene-7,8-oxide Adducts with Cysteine, Histidine and Lysine in Human Clobin
Jágr, Michal ; Pacáková, Věra (advisor) ; Stiborová, Marie (referee) ; Kuchař, Miroslav (referee) ; Novák, Jan (referee)
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Tracing the history of synanthropic flora and vegetation in the Czech Republic
Pokorná, Adéla ; Novák, Jan (advisor) ; Lososová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Mercuri, Anna Maria (referee)
1 Abstract Plant macro remains from archaeological situations were studied in order to trace the history of gradual formation of today's synanthropic vegetation. Synanthropic plants represent a heterogeneous group of species with various qualities and strategies, as well as with various immigration histories. In general, the synanthropic flora is rich in aliens, so it is important to know, when exactly these species immigrated to our territory (to know their residence time). Besides the determination of the residence time of alien plants, also the dynamics of formation of urban flora and vegetation was studied. Special attention was paid to the Medieval Period, when the urbanisation process started. The emergence of urban agglomeration may have been the cause of the emergence of new habitats, followed by formation of new plant associations - the predecessors of the today's ones. In general, towns represent a special case of anthropogenic environment with many various synanthropic habitats, causing their species richness. Questions 1. When exactly the synanthropic flora of medieval towns emerged? Was the transition from the Prehistory to the Medieval Period rather gradual or sudden? 2. What particular species took place in the medieval change of synanthropic vegetation? Where did these species come from? Was...
Parking P&R in Brno
Janyška, Miroslav ; Novák, Jan (referee) ; Holcner, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with organization of parking in the city of Brno focusing on park and ride facilities. It contains basic information about transport infrastructure in Brno, integrated public transport system and multimodal transportation. The practical part is a set of proposals for locations of new P&R lots, their multi–criteria analysis, followed by estimation and comparison with the solution proposed by local authorities. The thesis also contains of analysis of a parking lot in the town of Blansko nearby Brno, that is spontaneously used as a park and ride facility.
Compiler from Scheme to C/C++
Novák, Jan ; Yaghob, Jakub (advisor) ; Bednárek, David (referee)
Scheme is a simple language which is well suited for analyzing various constructs of programming languages and experiments with code optimization. To implement this language we use an intermediate code called continuation-passing-style, which is widely used in implementations of functional languages. We present its relation to conventional implementations which use stack to control the program. Then we describe simple methods of global static analysis of the language. Analyses are based on abstract interpretation which uses abstract garbage collector. It allows many optimizations such as variable globalization, variable renaming and elimination of unused assignments. Powered by TCPDF (
Willingness to pay for green electricity
Novák, Jan ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Gutiérrez Chvalkovská, Jana (referee)
We estimate the willingness to pay for electricity generated from renewable energy in the Czech Republic. Discrete choice experiment is used to elicit preferences for various attributes of renewable electricity support scheme (PM emission, GHG emission, size of RE power plant, revenue distribution, and costs). Original survey is carried with 404 respondents living in two regions - Ustecky (polluted area) and Southern Bohemia (cleaner area). We find that respondents prefer decentralized renewable electricity sources over centralized, local air quality improvements over reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Estimated marginal willingness to pay for 1% reduction in emission of particulate matter equals to 49 CZK, respectively 3.7 % of average monthly electricity bill. In total, WTP for green electricity is larger than current compulsory contributions to renewable energy support scheme. Powered by TCPDF (
The mathematical theory of perturbations in cosmology
Novák, Jan ; Pravda, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Chopovsky, A. (referee) ; Scholtz, Martin (referee)
We deal with cosmological perturbation theory in my work. We investigate General Theory of Relativity in Higher Dimensions in the Chapter 1. I mention GHP-formalism and algebraical classification of spacetimes. I use spinors to show that spacetimes of dimension 4 are special. I discuss also Kundt spacetimes, which are interesting for perturbation theory of black holes. I work with perturbations of FLRW ST's in GHP formalism in Chapter 2, which we want to use in Cosmological Inflation. The final part of my thesis is connected with scalar perturbations in f(R)-cosmologies, that can be used for explaining accelerated expansion in the last 5 billion years. I investigate the Universe at the scales of 150 Mpc, where I could not use the hydrodynamical approach. Thus I work with the generalization of the Landau's mechanical approach. I need quasi-static approximation for getting the potentials Φ and Ψ, since the equations are too complicated for direct integration. I plan to use the result also for numerical simulation of motions of dwarf galaxies in these potentials. Powered by TCPDF (

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