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Immunological causes of female infertility
Bajerová, Kateřina ; Brynychová, Iva (advisor) ; Novák, Jan (referee)
Currently, up to 15 % of reproductive age couples struggle with infertility. Female infertility is the cause of conception issues in nearly 40 % of these cases. The origin of female infertility consists of wide range of causes and other factors. Immunological causes are certainly one of the most significant ones. In pathological conditions, defense mechanisms of female immune system can target alloantigens presented on sperm surface. Moreover, autoimmune response and antibody production can occur as well. Antibodies can target various parts of ovarian follicles and oocytes, phospholipids, nuclear antigens, enzymes etc. These antibodies can inhibit fertilization, maturation of oocytes and embryo, embryo implantation, and also recurrent miscarriages. The aim of this thesis is to summarize various causes of female infertility focusing on immunological pathologies. The thesis also describes functioning of immune mechanisms in the female reproductive tract and briefly touches on oogenesis and female hormonal cycle.
The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of the patient with a diagnosis of spastic paraparesis as a result of intradural meningioma
Novák, Jan ; Nechvátalová, Vendula (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
Author: Jan Novák Title of thesis: The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of the patient with a diagnosis of spastic paraparesis as a result of intradural meningioma Objective: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to elaborate theoretical knowledge about a spastic paraparesis as a result of intradural meningioma. The theoretical knowledges and findings were used as a base for creating proper physioterapeutical treatment for patients with diagnosis mentioned above. Methods: The thesis is devided into two parts, the theoretical part is aimed to spinal and spinal cord anatomy, its physiology and patophysiology. Moreover information about spinal cord tumors, their symptomatology, diagnostics and treatment are included. The practical part contains the case study of patient and includes in kinesiological analysis, detailed description of all the therapeutic units, out kinesiological analysis and the conclusion. This part gains its practical findings from specialized experience at rehabilitation department in Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady in period from 21st January to 15th February, 2019. Results: Patient's health condition has been improved. We could observe better muscle strenght and range of motion of lower extremities and participation of core muscles. Moreover quality of sitting,...
Analysis of Brewery Management
The thesis deals with the analysis of the management of the Dalešice brewery. The thesis is focused on the financial aspect of the company, which is analyzed by using financial analysis tools and the non-financial factors that influence the existence of the brewery. The results of the financial indicators are compared with the results of the whole brewing industry. Based on the analyzes, solutions are proposed to eliminate possible inefficiencies and recommendations for the future development of the brewery.
Extension and modernization of clinic in Zamberk
Novák, Jan ; Šuhajdová, Eva (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design and elaboration of the project documentation for the works required for the completion and modernization of Žamberk Health Clinic. Specifically it deals with the extension of ambulatory psychiatry of its inpatient ward. The object in focus is located in the built-up part of Žamberk and it is located in the area of the Specialist Asylum Albertinum Žamberk. The building is designed as an annex with one underground and two aboveground floors with a flat roof. It is divided into three units: a dormitory psychiatric care, the dormitory gerontopsychiatric care unit and the therapeutic block. The suggestion was to keep up the requirement to minimize the interference of existing outpatient psychiatric facility and to create operationally interconnected unit between the existing object and the extension at the same time. The construction system is considered from traditional building materials. The fundamentals are made by a combination of plain concrete and lost formwork. Vertical carrier structures are made of reinforced concrete monolithic walls for the underground floor and brick walls made of ceramic blocks for both aboveground floors. Vertical partitioning structures are also walled from ceramic blocks. Horizontal carrier structures are designed as reinforced concrete monolithic continuous boards. The object is insulated with ETICS, the roof is flat and single-skinned
Analysis of roundabout design parameters and their impact on accidents.
Novák, Jan ; Karpíšek,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Mahdalová,, Ivana (referee) ; Macur, Jiří (referee) ; Holcner, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation deals with the analysis of roundabout design elements and their impact on accidents. The analysis objective was to identify the important elements of roundabouts that have impact on accidents. In order to achieve this goal, the multifactorial statistical safety assessment method was used on the basis of a representative sample of data, by developing several safety performance functions, verifying them and interpreting the result. Several design elements, which from the point of view of the traffic accident mechanism belong to the infrastructure factor, have been identified: AADT, average diameter, entrance width, entry angle, direct passage angle, location and many others. The original sample contained about 1200 roundabouts, which were reduced to 200 based on data availability. Accident frequencies were monitored between 2009 and 2016, i.e. for eight years, resulting in total 2674 roundabouts accidents. The result is an accident prediction model, developer based on roundabout approach design elements, and map of critical roundabouts, identified based on empirical Bayes estimate of accident frequency. Following approach parameters were identified: AADT, entry angle, distance between collision points, deviation of angles between approaches, presence of apron, presence of bypass, entry type, presence of pedestrian crossing and surrounding area type.
Anthropological aspects of male infertility
Sakmárová, Františka ; Novák, Jan (advisor) ; Brynychová, Iva (referee)
Nowadays, more and more couples have had trouble with conceiving a child. Worldwide, around 15 % couples are affected by infertility, while men make up for 20-70 % of this problem. In last decades, the prevalence of the male infertility has been rising globally, with the sperm quality parametres becoming worse. From the view of male infertility etiology, it is rather difficult to pinpoint reasons of this trend. Besides sick individuals whose infertility is caused by genetic or congenital malfunctions or infections, the male infertility affects seemingly healthy individuals as well. The infertility of these objectively healthy (albeit infertile) individuals is from the etiological point of view said to be caused by environmental factors, worst of them being endocrine disruptors, and lifestyle factors, such as obesity, alcohol, smoking and stress. This thesis presents a complex view of male infertility problem, describing both its current state in epidemiology and its changes in time and space. Further on, the thesis is dedicated to the etiology of male infertility, including the lifestyle factors, where anthropology point of view is accentuated. Keywords: male infertility, reproduction, sperm, sperm parameters, causes of male infertility
Bipedal locomotion of primates: ecological, ontogenetic, and morphological aspects
Letošníková, Lenka ; Hora, Martin (advisor) ; Novák, Jan (referee)
In my bachelor's thesis I focus on bipedal locomotion and bipedal posture of various primate species in a morphological, ontogenetic and ecological context. Nowadays, a habitual bipedalism is used only by human, about whom I mention only marginally with comparing him to the other primates in my thesis. First part of thesis deals with morphological aspects of bipedal primate locomotion, including description of anatomical differences of primate species and comparison of bipedal walk to quadrupedal walk. Next in thesis, I deal with ontogenetic aspects of bipedal primate locomotion, where I compare the rate of bipedal use among infant and adult primates and also among selected primate species. Finally, I describe the use of bipedal walk and bipedal postures of primates in different situations and ecological conditions. Keywords: bipedalism, primates, primate locomotion, ontogenetic aspects, morphology, ecological aspects, transport, human
Spectral flux of the p-Li-7(C) Q-M neutron source measured by proton recoil telescope
Novák, Jan ; Bém, Pavel ; Fischer, U. ; Götz, Miloslav ; Honusek, Milan ; Simakov, S. P. ; Šimečková, Eva ; Štefánik, Milan
The cyclotron-based fast neutron source at NPI produces mono-energetic neutron fields up to 35 MeV neutron energy using the p + 7Li(carbon backing) reactions. To be applied for activation cross-section measurements, not only the intensity of neutron peak, but also the contribution of low-energy continuum in the spectra must be well determined. Simulations of the spectral flux from present source at a position of irradiated samples were performed using CYRIC TOF-data validated in the present work against LA150h by calculations with the transport Monte Carlo code MCNPX.
The activation of W and Zr by deuterons at energies up to 20 MeV
Šimečková, Eva ; Štefánik, Milan ; Bém, Pavel ; Mrázek, Jaromír ; Novák, Jan
The proton and deuteron induced reactions are of a great interest for the assessment of induced radioactivity of accelerator components, target and beam stoppers. In order to investigate the important nuclides, we have carried up the irradiation experiments with the variable-energy cyclotron U-120 M of the NPI CAS ež. The production cross sections of the nuclides 179,181,182m,182,183,184m,184,186Re and 187W from reaction on natural W were investigated by deuteron beams of 20 MeV energy. A part of preliminary results of deuteron activation of natural Zr is also shown. The stacked-foil technique was utilized. The comparison of present results to data of other authors and to predictions of evaluated data libraries is discussed.
Study of Styrene-7,8-oxide Adducts with Cysteine, Histidine and Lysine in Human Clobin
Jágr, Michal ; Pacáková, Věra (advisor) ; Stiborová, Marie (referee) ; Kuchař, Miroslav (referee) ; Novák, Jan (referee)
(\ ši::!ÉEgigě Ei!! Ě:ÉE 5 i ; ; ? Ě á ÍšiáE i ! gi ? = ; ě :?á 1EÉ?áÉĚi€Eěi ÉiáE ei Éilí1ĚgóÉE! !iÉižĚiiil; *=i ; íšEíá g FÉ; .E áE ;t .= Ě ?ša á ; žt:!Ě Ešíiži; E! i ? ÉĚ;n €;EEž á€13€.;5ěÍiE i .: ɞ隀 Eť7: g 3 g ř Ě g E € E# Ť ě ž Ř =č }€ 2 P óč ó Y rJ li ? ó E'=.í + ťe Ě=:ňa=oěáž =€ÚE E €ť N Č.]

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