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Rotary tables for machine tools
Novotný, Michal ; Holub, Michal (referee) ; Dokoupil, Vladimír (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe current state of science and technology which deals with the issue of rotary tables for machine tools. Another goal of this work is to analyse individual components, which are rotary tables made of, and their appropriate aplication according to requirments for right function during machinnig operations.
Technological study of the construction of a house with medical care
Voves, Martin ; Novotný, Michal (referee) ; Diaz, Yvetta (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a study which designs a construction of a house with medical care implemented in a gap site between the existing terraced houses in Václavské Street in Jindřichův Hradec. The study deals with the implementation of the main technological stages during the construction. The main part is focused on a technological note of the roofing of the building with a gable and a flat roof, a time and financial plan for the construction of the roofing, a report of the area and equipment of the site for limited space possibilities. Finally the study is concerned about technological study of main building stages, engineering report, basic conception of construction site, technological note for roofing, summary and engineering report, machine assembly for roofing and lastly control and testing plan.
Implementation of the bottom construction of the hotel in Strbske pleso
Macho, Andrej ; Doubek, Rostislav (referee) ; Novotný, Michal (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to process a building construction project of the lower building of hotel Ovruč in Štrbské Pleso village, Vysoké Tatry. It is focused on realization of soilcrete and foundation structures. This thesis consists of accompanying and summarized technical reports, sitting of the building with regards to transport routes, technological regulations, organisation principles and equipment of building yard, the itemized budget and time schedule, proposition of construction machines configurations, inspection and testing plan, health and safety at work. All relevant technical drawings are included as well.
Technological stage of the rough construction of the residential building in Bratislava
Krajčovič, Matúš ; Novotný, Michal (referee) ; Doubek, Rostislav (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is the processing of the structural work of tower structure. The construction is based on piles and foundation plate. The thesis presents the construction solutions from the perspective of construction technology. Part of the work is an accompanying and summary technical report, site drawing and site equipment, broader traffic route relations, timetable, itemized budget, work list with quantities, machine assembly, technological regulation for the monolithic construction – waterproof concrete construction, safety and protection at work, field research of cranes.
Construction technology project of the TBU educational complex in Zlín
Valchař, Jan ; Venkrbec, Václav (referee) ; Novotný, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deal with a develop a construction technology project of the TBU educational complex in Zlín. This work includes technical report, time schedule, project of construction site equipment for 3 main stages, design of main construction machines and mechanisms, technological regulation for implementation of waterproof construction, traffic relations, control and test plan, health and safety on job site and ecology and item budget.
Construction Technology Project of the extension of the Medical Faculty in Prague
Januška, Marek ; Novotný, Michal (referee) ; Venkrbec, Václav (advisor)
The goal of this diploma thesis is the processing of the building-technological project for Health University in Prague. For the thesis there was elaborated a technic report, situation of the construction place, object time schdule and financial plan, the study of the implementation of technologist. Stages, project of construction site equipment, design of mechanical assembly, technological regulation for the implementation of monolithic vertical and horizontal load-bearing structures together with inspection and test plan. Furthermore, the thesis contains a schedule of the main building, a plan for securing material resources and a financial analysis of the formwork. The basis for preparation thesis is the project documentation of the construction.
Construction-technological project of the Vilapark building in Olomouc
Hladíková, Simona ; Venkrbec, Václav (referee) ; Novotný, Michal (advisor)
The assignment for the diplomatic work was mentioned in the technological project of the Vila Park in Olomouc. The task was to mention the underground floor of the 2nd dilatation and the building of the apartment house B7 with three floors, which is connected via the basement communication. The content of the technical report in the construction technology project, broader relationships, land-use planning, timeable, equipment design, machine assembly design, technological prescription of waterproof concrete construction, control and test plan, plan and item budget.
Construction technology study stage of extension capacity of primary school Ždírec nad Doubravou
Soukupová, Daniela ; Novotný, Michal (referee) ; Diaz, Yvetta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the technological study of the individual phases of expanding the capacity of the Primary school Ždírec nad Doubravou. It is an extension of emergency staircases and expansion of individual floors in pavilions P2 and P3. The construction of the building is the steel construction system KORD - Jeseník. Therefore, the steel construction technology prescription is developed together with the inspection and test plan. Furthermore, attention is paid to item budget and bill of quantities, concept construction site traffic, time plan and employee balance, and last but not least the principles of safety and protection at work.
Technological phase of the upper structure of the hotel building in Horní Bečva
Michalisko, Matej ; Novotný, Michal (referee) ; Venkrbec, Václav (advisor)
The content of this bachelor thesis is the construction of the Mountain Hotel. The bachelor thesis solves the realization of the rough top structure with focus on the masonry supporting constructions and realization of the ceiling construction using the SPIROLL panels. It includes a technical report focusing on the technological stages, the situation of the construction with the transport routes, the area statement, the technological regulation for the masonry structures, the technical regulation for the realization of the ceilings using the SPIROLL panels, the technical management of the building equipment, the budget item, the time schedule, the design of the machine assembly, and a test plan and, finally, health safety at work.
Realization of the upper rough construction of apartment building in Prague
Ivanova, Anastasiia ; Venkrbec, Václav (referee) ; Novotný, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to solve the stage of the upper rough construction of apartment building in Prague. The house made up of a monolithic structure. This monolithic structure consists of walls and ceiling slab. Stairs designed as prefabricated mounted on monolithic landing and half landing. The landings are part of the ceiling slab, the half landings will be carried out additionally by means of the reinforcement frames in the staircases. The object’s construction system is bi-directional. The building is basement and has ten aboveground floors and two underground.

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