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Technologie výroby a hodnocení jakosti tepelně opracovaných masných výrobků
Novotná, Ivana
Heat-treated meat products are the most important group of meat products, as the range of products and popularity among consumers. The introductory part of this thesis describes the clasification of meat products according to traditional division, and especially according to legislation. The raw materials are the basis of quality for the production of high quality meat products, The most important is the meat itself, as well as additives such as spices, salt mixtures, protein and carbohydrate additives, colouring and polyphosphates. The thesis describes the process of production of this product group. Most described is heat treatment, especially smoking. Smoking is one of the basic technological processes in the meat industry. It is a method of heat treatment, preservation and aromatization of food by smoke. Smoke and its composition affect the characteristic of the final product and gives sensory benefits to the product. On the other hand, it also contains harmful substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Sensory, laboratory and microbiological methods are used to evaluation the quality of meat products. Sensory evaluation takes place during shoping and consuming by customers themselves or by trained evaluators during quality control in the production process. Laboratory and microbiological methods are important for evaluation the correct composition of the product and its healthiness.
Sledování změny jakosti masného výrobku v závislosti na technologii výroby
Novotná, Ivana
Vysočina salami is the best known and the most widespread product of durable heat-treated meat products in the Czech Republic. Chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory parameters were examined for this product depending on salt content (2 % or 1,6 %) and grain size (1 mm, or 2 mm). There was found no difference that would be important from a technological point of view during comparing the fine and coarser grain in the Vysočina salami. By comparing differently salty products, lower salt content could cause manufacturing problems. By reducing the salt content, the drying time was prolonged, and the colour stability deteriorated. It is advisable to reduce the salt content to the lowest possible level in order to improve the health aspect of the consumption of meat products but at the same time the technological characteristics of the production are not affected. Finally, salt is important for the taste of the product. This was clearly demonstrated in sensory analysis. The analysis shows the Vysočina salami with 2 % salt addition has been more palatable to the consumer.
The issue of neglect of the elderly from the perspective of the workers in direct care
Abstract The issue of neglect of the elderly from the perspective of the workers in direkt care Bachelor's work concern is the issue of senior self-neglect from the workers view in direct care. Work is divided to theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical part aims at explanation of concepts related to subject of bachelor's work. First chapter is presented to specify the concepts of human age and ageing and age periodicity. Second chapter describes changes in ageing - physical,psychical and social changes. Third chapter concern is human needs at old age. Fourth chapter describes particular forms of senior care - care provided by family,social and medical care. Fifth chapter concern is EAN Syndrome and it's particular forms. Last sixth chapter concern is violence on seniors in institutional care,factors,which are increasing the threat with wrong manipulation and causes of it. The work goal was to find out,if the workers of the social service centre sufficiently getting informations about senior neglects and how would they act upon the case of it's appearance. Part of the goal was to find out,how opinions vary and workers attitude during providing the services. To complete the goals,there was created four research sphere questions : First sphere was finding about social service centre workers,if they getting informed enough about senior abuse and neglect. Second sphere concern was to find out,if the workers in direct care meet the senior neglect. Third sphere concern was,what ways the workers would have chosen upon the findings of the neglect and abuse. Last fouth sphere was about getting known workers opinions or perceptions towards the senior abuse and neglect issue. Considering the chosen subject,there was selected qualitative approach,interview method and semistructured interview technique. Research complex form were six female respondents chosen by random selection. Chosen workers were doing profesions as social workers,then workers in social services and a nurse. The workers were chosen at České Budějovice organisation,which provides senior care within the residential and cross-country services. Within the framework of the research was finding,that the social service centre workers are informed about senior neglect,only one worker hasn't had necessary informations. Respondents mentioned,that the most frequent occurrences are psychical,financial abuse and care neglect. Out of the care neglect,they mentioned,that it goes especially for insufficient help with personal hygiene and not giving them adequate amounts of liquids. Within the framework of their profesion, five out of six asked respondents were met with cases of senior neglect. In most cases seniors suffered from mental harm,loss of financial resources or they weren't provided with basic vital needs. Most of the respondents would report the fact of senior neglect upon the findings to superior or police. Fourth question of the research helped to find out the workers opinions on senior abuse/neglect case. Respondents ideas are, that it's necessary to raise the numbers of qualified staff and even that it would be convenient, to set up supervisions for organisations,which are providing social servises for seniors. One of the respondents said,that also teamwork is very important and workers rest. Bachelor's work could help to extend senior neglect informations to wide public. It could be used as an informative material for workers in organizations,which provide social services. And it also could be used as a teaching material for students studiing social care or other helping profesions.
Business Plan
Novotná, Ivana ; Ing. Vojtěch Pánik. MBA (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
Presented Master’s thesis deals with a proposal of business plan about floatation specialized fitness studio for women. The proposal follows the analysis of the present state in this line of business and the aim is to find out if the proposed studio will be profitable.
The Economic Impacts of Active Employment Policy
Novotná, Ivana ; Veselá, Kamila (advisor) ; Jitka, Jitka (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to conclude the Active Employment Policy, its tools, advantages and disadvantages and to find an effective solution. The Issue of Unemployment is described continuing with new methods and their utilization in the Czech Republic and then in the Vysocina Region. One of the biggest issues is a fact that nowadays do not exist any evaluations of the results of tools of effectivity which leads to creating a bias in their benefits for the society. A big part of the state budget goes into expenses of the Active Employment Policy, nevertheless it is not known their progress. Consistent analyses and controls of using these tools described in this thesis might lead to a solution but another issue can be showed up, e.g. Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data. It can be theoretically contacted that some of the tools and methods are not as effective as the society needs, on the other hand it is hard to substantiate the real results.
Company´s Security Policy
Novotná, Ivana ; Hlavenka, Jiří (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
Presented Bachelor’s thesis comprehensive analyses problems of IT security of concrete Czech company medial size and suggests integrated solution of this sphere including practical implementation at the same time. According to the extent of problems I choose section of company’s security policy.
Distribution network of the pharmaceutical industry
Novotná, Ivana ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Šípek, Ladislav (referee)
This thesis deals with the descriptive analysis of entire process of the pharmaceutical industry's distribution and the verification of its effective functioning in the Czech Republic. The first part is focused on the definition of key terms and presents the theoretical basis for this thesis (specifics of pharma industry, history of pharmaceutics and pharma industry, actual situation and predictions of pharma industry). The second part is concerned the individual subjects of the distribution - pharmaceutical company, wholesaler and pharmacy.
Uznávání nákladů a výnosů v účetnictví
Novotná, Ivana
The bachelor thesis deals with a comparison of expenses and revenues declared by Czech accounting legislation and International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (IFRS for SME) and subsequent comparison of the results achieved by the two reporting options. The first chapter describes SMEs, the next part focuses on the expenses and revenue according the Czech legal accounting. The next chapter discusses the emergence of international standard and its differences from the Czech accounting legislation. In the practical part standard is applied to the profit and loss statement of a particular company. The items are analyzed and transformed to the statement of comprehensive income according to IFRS for SME.
The trajectory of drugs from basic research to the consumer
Novotná, Ivana ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Šípek, Ladislav (referee)
This bachelor's degree thesis focuses on the trajectory of drugs from basic research to the consumer and after its succesful completion, the consumer can use efficient and safe drugs. The purpose of this thesis is to describe the trajectory of drugs from basic research to the consumer as a complete unit (research & development, marketing, pricing, distribution, advertising of drugs). Key terms, procedures and actors are explained and defined. Great emphasis is placed on understanding the technical passages, so that the reader without pharmaceutical education could join to topic and after reading would able to "absorb" and understand the basic information.

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