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Implementace projektu Homestay ve vesnici Woen Buek
Nováková, Ludmila
The diploma thesis concentrates on the creation and application of a development pro-ject in the village Woen Buek. The thesis characterizes Thailand, its development chal-lenges and tourism as a tool of developing rural communities. The development project proposal focuses on the implementation of the tourism product Homestay, which is ex-pected to contribute to the decrease of poverty of group members and the entire com-munity. This will help local inhabitants get involved in Community-based tourism, while striving to preserve the lifestyle of local residents.
Diversity of anaerobic ciliates
Nováková, Ludmila ; Čepička, Ivan (advisor) ; Kostka, Martin (referee)
Ciliates (Ciliata) are single-celled eukaryotic organisms belonging to the large group Alveolata. Ciliates are classified to eleven classes. Anaerobic/microaerophilic representatives belong to classes Armophorea, Litostomatea, Plagiopylea, Oligohymenophorea, and Prostomatea. The mitochondrion of the anaerobic ciliates has been tranformed to hydrogenosome. The anaerobic ciliates are characteristic for the presence of methanogenic symbionts in the cytoplasm near hydrogenosomes. Anaerobic flagellates are free-living or they live as commensals, mutualists or parasites in the digestive tract of animals including humans. The true diversity of anaerobic ciliates is still not fully understood. The reason is that only sequences of described ciliate species are usually included into phylogenetic analyses. However, many environmental sequences representing considerable part of known molecular diversity of ciliates have been published as well. The aim of this work was to obtain and analyze sequence data of anaerobic free-living ciliates. We have determined SSU rDNA sequences of 32 different freshwater and marine strains of ciliates. Phylogenetic analyses showed that the strains belonged mostly to the classes Armophorea, Plagiopylea and Oligohymenophorea. The strain LIVADIAN belonged, together with genera...
Some problems in translating modal means in a contrastive manner
Nováková, Ludmila ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Maroszová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with modality in German and highlights possible problems which can arise when modal formulations are translated from German into Czech. It focuses on modal verbs, which are presented as a special verb group. Knowledge of modal verbs is the basic prerequisite for accurate translation as far as semantics, grammar and stylistics are concerned. Since the correct identification of modality in a sentence essentially influences the accuracy of a translation, modality is considered exhaustively. Data was gathered from the parallel corpus Intercorp (project of parallel corpuses of The Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague), the Coocurrency Database (CCDB) IDS Mannheim which competes with the parallel corpus InterCorp, and original German fiction texts and their Czech translations and was the subject of comparative critical analysis. These analyses demonstrate the problematic phenomena encountered when German modal formulations are translated into Czech.

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