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Cathedral today
Nováková, Eva ; Mléčka, Jan (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor)
The main topic of the Diploma thesis is a complex design to rescue cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris. The work is firstly focused on the reconstruction of the structure including its collapsed parts and preserving a link to the destructive fire in 2019. The mainstay of the thesis is a design of new roof space and its use by broad public. Due to uncertainties about the structure stability disrupted by the fire a great emphasis has been put on the weight reduction of the newly built roof structure. The design makes a genuine attempt to be sensitive with respect to the spiritual function of the cathedral, thus the public roof access is separated from the cathedral itself thanks to a newly built underground spaces that are also included in the design.
Newly-built of hotel
Smolíková, Zuzana ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The subject of the Diploma thesis was to design and prepare a documentation for the construction of a spa hotel. The building is situated in the village of Lipno nad Vltavou. This area is famous for a ski resort and the Lipno Dam which can be seen from the hotel. The hotel consists of three operating parts - spa, restaurant, accommodation and recreation area. The whole complex is designed as two rectangular plans. The spa part is a one-storey building with a flat green roof. The hotel with restaurant is a three-storey building with a pitched roof and metal roofing. The main entrance is oriented to the north. In front of the building there is a parking space for hotel guests. The spa structural system is a mix of a reinforced concrete frame with beam and a wall system made of clay blocks Porotherm. The hotel and restaurant is a wall structural system made of clay blocks Porotherm. The floor structure is designed as reinforced concrete slabs. The whole building is insulated to meet all the requirements of energy consumption of buildings.
Newly-built of boarding house in Velke Karlovice
Sedláček, Radek ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is a design of new building boarding house with attic flat in Velké Karlovice. House has eight flats and house is designed for temporary accommodation, the capacity is maximum 20 guests. The object is situated on a large and almost a flat land at parcel no. 3640/1. Pension is detached building. The main entrance and arrival is oriented in the northern part of the building. Plan dimensions of the house are 9,5×15 m and 10×15 m. Vertical constructions are made of ceramic bricks of Porotherm, ceiling construction is designed using technology of Spiroll. Stairs construction is a precast element. The building is roofed by saddle roof with purlins.
Fire station, Svitavy
Navrátil, Michal ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The diploma thesis elaborates the project documentation for the construction of a new apartment of central fire station type C1 with the administrative part of the Territorial Department. The fire station is technologically linked to the second building SO.02 the technical and technological background of the fire station. The building is situated on the eastern edge of Svitavy. The building is non-cellular, it has three floors and a flat green roof. Three floors fulfilling matter with mainly administrative function is connected with two floors blocks fire station with an indoor gym. Above the floor containing garages for emergency vehicles facilities for the emergency unit are placed with a curtain that creates fading of the emergency door. The matter of the gym is optically separated from the station and highlighted with a volume narrow neck and height elevation. In the station there are training places and places for general physical preparation. The buildings are located in a sloping terrain. The ground fire station has a heliport. The establishment supporting columns of the building are for made of prefabricated calyx, and are concreted into monolithic foundation pads. Infill wall vertical bearing and non-bearing structures are designed from clay blocks type THERM. The bearing system is reinforced concrete prefabricated frame. Horizontally bearing structures are designed from prestressed hollow core slabs. The building envelope is made of a curtain wall in dark grey and red combined with a light contact thermal insulation system used on the indoor gym. The envelopes are in the administrative part and the part of the station divided by a glazed area. In the workshops and technology room the envelope is divided by lamellae. Usually there are 13 firemen during one shift, in three shifts there work 39 firemen all together. There are supposed to be 17 employees in the administrative department.
Newly-built of sports centre
Mališ, Jakub ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with designing of a leisure sport centre in Partizánske in Slovak Republic. It is a detached object on a flat terrain. The object of the leisure sport center has two floors, or specifically the sport center stretches through two floors. In the building there is a cafe with bowling, three badminton courts, five squash courts and commercial area intended for massages. The object is designed from constructive system from lightweight concrete block. The second part is constructed from precast concrete frame with infill wall from lightweight concrete block. The ceiling in one part of the object is designed to be assembled of prestressed precast floor slab and in second part of trapezoidal sheet. The roof is made like flat green roof with extensive grassing. The work includes project documentation for the construction.
Newly-built polyclinic in Rousínov
Galata, Jindřich ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is design documentation for implementation of the construction applied on the newly-built polyclinic in Rousínov. The polyclinic is the detached one, placed in the flat building plot with adjacent parking lot. The whole building is solving continuity on the surrounding local roads and dispersion areas. Basement of this building serves primarily as technical facilities for properly working on this new building. For example it’s about storages, utility room, boiling room, mechanical room etc. The first above-ground floor, where is situated entrance in to the building, from the southeast, is placed pharmacy, medical transport service and the first one doctor’s surgery. In the other above-ground floors are placed another doctor’s surgeries every with different specialization and in the last floor is a section for managers of polyclinic. The building is designed as a cast-in-place concrete frame with infill walls from aerated concrete. This building is based on plain concrete foundation pads and in the middle of span is shear core. Horizontal structures are solved by point-supported slabs with periphery beam and roofing is solved by warm flat roof. Whole building is insulated with contact thermal insulation from non-flammable material.
Functional consequences of perinatal hypoxia-ischemia in rat
Nováková, Eva ; Otáhal, Jakub (advisor) ; Riljak, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Functional consequences of perinatal hypoxia-ischemia in rat Objectives: The aim of this diploma thesis is to design a set of behavioral tests which provide an effective assessment of motor and cognitive-behavioural deficits in adults rats after experimental hypoxic-ischemic insult during the perinatal period (P7). Supposed benefit is to establish a model of motor and cognitive-behavioural abilities of individuals after this procedure. Methods: The present thesis has a theoretical-empirical character. The practical part describes how the experiment was performed. 32 long Evans Rats were randomly devided into two groups: experimental group (HIE) and control group (Ctrl). The method to produce hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in the 7 day-old rats consisted of right common carotid ligation followed by systemic hypoxia by the inhalation of 8% oxygen and 92% nitrogen. The adult animals (55-75 days old) were tested by the following list of behavioral tests: Bar holding test, Rotarod test, Ladder rung walking test, Reaching test, Open field test and Morris water maze test. Sigma Plot and Microsoft Excel 2010 were the programs used for statistical analysis. Results: Results of Open field test, Ladder rung walking test and Morris water maze test confirmed that hypoxic-ischemic insult affects the...
Perceived professional competencies for inclusive physical education from the view of elementary school teachers in Prague
Nováková, Eva ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Strnad, Pavel (referee)
Title: Perceived professional competencies for inclusive physical education from the view of elementary school teachers in Prague Objectives: The main aim of the thesis is to describe perceived competences of teachers in the professional fulfilment of the very essence of physical education (PE) in inclusive classes. The challenge is also to point out the barriers they face that prevent the safe and high-quality routing of PE in inclusive classes. At the same time, the intention is to outline the possibilities for systemic improvements. Methodology: 12 teachers (women, mean age = 45 years) from 6 primary schools involved in the Movement for Inclusion project participated in the study. The research used a qualitative methodology in the form of a structured interview, which had an hourly subsidy and was conducted directly at the primary school. Results: None of the respondents had a specialized course on the issue of inclusive PE until the beginning of the project. Most of them would be interested in such further education. Educators draw the most information from books and websites. Their opinion on inclusion is of interest - 67% consider school inclusion to be appropriate, a quarter of teachers disagree with inclusion and 8% have not expressed an opinion. The interview showed that teachers perceive...
Reasons leading to living on the street
Bachelor thesis aims to identify and describe causes of homelessness. Theoretical part is focused on summary of literature dedicated to homelessness. Practical part contains my own research performed with people without home. Main aim of the research is identifying causes of homelessness of respondents.
New Building of Kindergarten in Velké Bíllovice
Příborský, Roman ; Nováková, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The subject of my diploma thesis is create a design documentation of new building of the kindergarten which is located in Velké Bílovice. This building is placed in uptown near the elementary school in the area with flat terrain. The kindergarten is designed for education and raising of 48 children and 12 students. There is a large garden behind the property. This object has two above-ground floors and has no cellar. The roof is designed as warm flat roof. The loadbearing masonry is designed from sand-lime blocks. The whole object will have contact thermal insulation system, the floor structures are from reinforced concrete. The staircase is designed as half-turn stair from reinforced concrete. This object is based on the foundation strips.

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