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Methods of murine brain 3D imaging focusing on tissue clearing
Novák, Jaromír ; Drbal, Karel (advisor) ; Němec, Pavel (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Many variants of microscopic techniques are the key methods for tissue structure examination in the research as well as in clinical practice. Since the vast majority of examined tissues are intrinsically opaque, it is difficult to reconstruct their 3D structure with light microscopy. However the spatial structure is inherently connected to the function of cells, tissues or whole organs. The most common approach is sample sectioning to the thin layers, which are subsequently examined or used for 3D structure reconstruction of the sample. A different approach is to use a series of chemical reagents able to clear the samples and make them accessible for imaging via microscopy without the need for physical sectioning. Although this approach was first used more than a century ago, the widespread use of these methods came in the last few years. Since the resurgence of tissue clearing method a lot of new principles how to clear the samples were discovered as well as many new chemical compounds can be used for this purpose.. Clearing methods are becoming more and more sophisticated: the volume of samples which can be cleared is continuously growing, new methods are becoming faster and automated, the quality of after-cleared tissues is improving and compatibility with many stains including antibodies is...
Contemporary Health and Safety at Work Problems and their Influence on the Functioning of an Organization
Králik, Tomáš ; Svěrák, Tomáš (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
This diploma thesis elaborated on the subject „Contemporary Health and Safety at Work Problems and their Influence on the Functioning of an Organization“ focuses on the description of contemporary state of Health and safety at work problems in work activities, where the source of risk is represented by chemical substances, from the point of view of a company. The thesis sets out a view of legislative definition for the mentioned topic and also the possible application of safety at work management programs. This part also includes a summary description of risk analysis methods. In the practical part of the thesis, there is an organizational directive for a fictive company engaged in chemical production made. This directive will identify possible occupational risks resulting from the manufacturing process, and it will also evaluate the amount of risk for particular work activities in conjunction with hazard factors. The next part of the thesis contains a proposal of measures for risk reduction, based upon the previously mentioned evaluation. In the final part of the thesis, the author contemplates the possibilities of health and safety at work system improvement.
Some characteristics of safe society, its risks and threats
Novák, Jaromír
Safety is essential condition of existence and development of society. Society consists of many systems and subsystems. Complexity of their behavior and their manageability is harder and harder. Scientific and technical development influences more and more whole society and has strong influence to a human behavior as main managing and managed element. Technics and technologies influence working of systems, subsystems in the positive and also negative way. New risks and threats are grooving. Things, phenomena and processes of objective reality are less manageable and by that becoming risky for society. Knowing character of development tendencies of society is harder than in the past and as a consequence of this it is harder to manage things to predict development - especially negative sides.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for its Improvement
Hofmann, Eduard ; Novák, Jaromír (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
The Master’s thesis deals with the evaluation and assessment of the financial situation and of the financial health of the company BLANESTA, s.r.o. throughout the years 2008 to 2011 by means of selected methods of financial analysis. The aim of this work is to propose changes leading to the efficient use of business resources chosen on the basis of the potential problems that will arise from the evaluation of the current financial state of the company.
Extreme situations solving in welfare institutions
Svoboda, Radek ; Valášek, Rudolf (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with extraordinary events solving in social care institutions. There are introduced basic terms, case studies, legislative overview and legislative defined duties for building and operation of social care institutions in the Czech Republic. Next part contains definitions of extreme situations and description of its solving and possible complications. It was undertaken an analysis of the statistics in the Czech Republic about incidents during the last ten years. It contains description of recent state solution in nursing homes in district Pelhřimov. In the last parts are proposed amendments to regulations and standards.
Conception of Population Protection till 2020 and its Possible Reflection in the Teaching at the Elementary and Secondary Schools
Pajpachová, Veronika ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is Conception of population protection till 2020 and its possible reflection in the teaching at the elementary and secondary schools. The issue of teaching of Population Protection was neglected at the end of the last century. Therefore it is necessary to create a functional system that would allow access for school children to a high standard education. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to the history of population protection. It also describes emergencies in the Czech Republic and contains a review of educational manuals and tools used during the education. The second part represents the Conception of population protection till 2020 and shows the current state of education. The conclusion deals with a proposal of the educational system.
Conception of Population Protection till 2020 and its Possible Reflection in the Population Preparedness in Communities
Komárková, Klára ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Our society is threatened with increasing number of risks so civil protection came to be more important. This bachelor thesis focuses on Conception of civil protection by the year 2020 and its possible reflection in preparation of citizens. First part of thesis briefly deals with history of civil protection. Next part concentrates on currently valid legislation. Following is evaluation of previous Conception by the year 2015. Last part of thesis deals with Conception by the year 2020 focusing on citizens.
Posibilities and Needs of Information and Computer Technologies Exploitation by integrated rescue system
Milošic, Tomáš ; Polívka, Lubomír (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
This work illustrates and discusses the fundamental theoretical and practical problems of using information and computer technologies, and analyzes the possibilities of forwarding information and data about emergency situations towards forces and resources of the Integrated Rescue System and among the regional emergency operational centers of the integrated system. Its content is focused on addressing and eliminating these problems through a modernization that can be made by the adoption of projects that use advanced computer and communication technologies. The implementation of these technologies at all regional operational centers of basic bodies of the Integrated Rescue System is an absolute necessity. Information and computer technologies would enable the realization of the objectives and purposes of the integrated rescue system after the implementation of the common modern architectures in the future.
Safety and Protection of Health during the Work of Professional Drivers
Chodurová, Zuzana ; Novák, Jaromír (referee) ; Adamec, Vladimír (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is Safety and Protection of Health during the Work of Professional Drivers. Given that most accidents at work in the Czech republic is in connection with vehicles, it is not surprising that safety and health at work is now becoming a priority for many employers. The aim thesis was to assess the risks arising from work performed by professional drivers and to suggest security measures to protect their health. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts and laws relating to the profession of professional drivers, a general description of the factors affecting the work environment and health and practicable methods for determining risks. The practical part of the work is focused on transport company called H.A.S. Ltd. The method of "what if analysis" is processed by the risk assessment and prevention and in cooperation with station regional hygiene is set categorization work. Part of thesis is questionnaire survey and recommendations for drivers, which are intended to minimize damage to health.
Terrorism and its context
Králik, Tomáš ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Thesis deals with terrorism and its context from the perspective of defining, historical evolution, potential causes and impacts of terrorism on security environment. The conclusion of thesis is focused on possible forms of terrorism and impacts on human society and possible means and collaboration in fight against terrorism.

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