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Preparation of a novel method for screeing of cobalt chelators
Moravcová, Monika ; Mladěnka, Přemysl (advisor) ; Karlíčková, Jana (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Student: Monika Moravcová Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Přemysl Mladěnka, Pharm.D., Ph.D. Title of thesis: Preparation of a Novel Method for Screening of Cobalt Chelators Cobalt as a structural part of the vitamin B12 is an essential microelement for living organisms including humans. However, its excess is associated with pathological conditions. Cobalt poisoning can be caused for example by exposure to cobalt metal dust during the production of hard metals or follow the corrosion of metal hip prosthesis. Patients intoxicated by cobalt can develop different manifestations including neurological impairment, hypothyroidism or cardiomyopathy. The aim of this work is to prepare a standardized, rapid, cheap but precise method for the screening of cobalt chelators. For this purpose, spectrophotometric detection using 1-nitroso-2-nafphhol-3,6-disulfonic acid disodium salt as the indicator was used. Firstly, it was found that the addition of cobalt ions led to a clear bathochromic shift of the maximum absorbance of the indicator. The relationship between the absorbance and cobalt concentration was highly linear from 470 to 560 nm at all 4 tested pH conditions (4.5, 5.5, 6.8 and 7.5). The sensitivity of the method...
Resistance to antimicrobial therapy of Helicobacter pylori strains
Moravcová, Monika ; Keil, Radan (advisor) ; Nyč, Otakar (referee)
Helicobacter pylori (hereinafter referred to as H. pylori) is a gram-negative bacteria which colonises the human stomach mucosa. Its role in the aethiopathogenesis of chronic gastritis, ulcer disorders of the gastroduodenum and MALT-lymphoma has been clearly demonstrated, and in connection with the occurrence of stomach cancer it has been indicated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a class I carcinogen. H. pylori infection can be detected from samples of stomach mucosa taken in an endoscopic examination (rapid urease test, microscopic examination, culture), or the non-invasive method can be used (13 C-Urea Breath Test or H. Pylori stool antigen test - HpSA). Effective therapy of H. pylori infection resides in the administration of a combination of antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor. In recent years the resistance of bacterial strains to used antibiotics has been increasing on a worldwide scale, and we can also observe this trend in the case of H. pylori. If the level of resistance exceeds 20 % for clarithromycin and 40 % for metronidazole, these antibiotics are not recommended for the treatment of an infection caused by this bacteria. In a group of 61 patients at the Department of Internal Medicine at the University Hospital Motol who had undergone an endoscopic examination of the...
Evaluation of the Company´s Financial Performance Using Benchmarking Approach
Veber, Michael ; Moravcová, Monika (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
This master thesis is concerned with financial and business performance evaluation of the company RENATEX CZ a.s. Theoretical part deals with strategic analysis, company performance measuring methods, and financial analysis indicators. The practical part first evaluates RENATEX’s business environment and then, it provides a comparison of the company with selected competitors. While still using benchmarking methods, next phase of the thesis compares operational and financial indicators, services and products in offer, their quality, and implemented business strategies. Finally, the thesis suggests various measures to improve financial and business performance of the company.

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