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Non/introduction of drug consumption rooms in the Czech Republic
Moravcová, Magdaléna ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Novotný, Vilém (referee)
Magdaléna Moravcová Diplomová práce Ne/zavedení aplikačních místností v České republice Abstract The thesis titled Non/introduction of drug consumption rooms in the Czech Republic is devoted to the controversy that surrounds the debate on the possible introduction of drug consumption rooms in the Czech Republic. It focuses on understanding the attitudes of actors of czech drug policy towards this tool by examinig discourse through analysis of language and speech they use. The analysis of discourse identifies two discoursive groups . The first group are advocates of introduction of drug consumption rooms who adopt the discourse that is marked as a humanist and a second group are the opponents, who adopt the discourse I named as represionistic. The thesis reveals the value contest behind these discourses and also points to the associated discoursive conflict on how to make policy. Such a discourse significantly affects the form of the discourse on the possible introduction of drug consumption rooms in Czech Republic. By using the theory of social construction of target populations the text is looking for an answer on how the target population of problem drug users is socially constructed, and how the character of such a construction is related to the attitudes towards the introduction of drug consumption...
The status of persons with disability in the labor market in the Czech Republic
Moravcová, Magdaléna ; Tomášková, Vladimíra (referee) ; Čabanová, Bohumila (advisor)
This thesis on "The status of persons with disabilities in the labor market in the Czech Republic" deals with unemployment of people with disabilities. It explores the evolution of the social approach to persons with disabilities, that in the course of history changed attitudes of rejection in tolerant attitude. Today, the status of a group of people with disabilities is affected by broader social aspects, which include social consciousness and a focus of national policies. The status of these groups of people are also shaped by other influences, including lack of education, the existence of barriers, ignorance of employers and low motivation. Employment has many meanings to humans in the form of financial security, social contact or as the creator of the daily regime. It is important to ensure that vulnerable groups in the labor market have the same opportunities as non-handicapped. In the Czech Republic there are measures that serve to promote the employment of vulnerable groups, which include a group of people with physicall disabilities. These measures include vocational rehabilitation, advice, retraining and sheltered employment. Non-profit organizations provide employment services to unemployed persons with disabilities. An important role is also played by recommendations from the European Union....

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