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Overpopulatin - global demographic problem
Tomášková, Markéta ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Fiala, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on overpopulation problem, which is a very debatable term in this time. The thesis analyzes recent development in fertility, mortality and migration in each continent with aim to evaluate threats of the overpopulation. Although this term is more like global problem, the thesis aims to specify and identify continents, which might be truly affected by overpopulation. Part of the diploma thesis is focused on calculation of possible future development of population size based on mathematical models which are birth - immigration - death process and logistic (Verhulst) growth. The projections are established on UN data and their horizon is period 2095 - 2100.
Vývoj střední délky života a dlouhověkosti v ČR
Fridrichová, Barbora ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Langhamrová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis analyzes trends in life expectancy of long-living people in the Czech Republic. Aim of this study is to compare developments in life expectancies for long-living people in the Czech Republic and Austria between 1960-2014, both in terms of predetermined age groups and between both sexes. This work also includes a projection of mortality rates and life expectancy. Projections are calculated for year 2050, specifically for people of 60 years and older, and it is based on mortality projections from the Czech Statistical Office. Values are given for men and women separately. While calculations and estimates show that life expectancy is extending, it impacts most developed countries with the burden of aging population, manifested by overal decline in mortality rates and increasing amount of elderly people. Historically in most societies an 80 year old, or older person was a rarity, but in recent years their number is increasing to the point of being a new normal. This trend is obviously positive, but it does pose a number of challenges for the respective societies, especially for their pension, social security and medical systems.
Labour market, employment and unemployment in the Czech Republic from the perspective of demographic trends
Petýrková, Iva ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Šimpach, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is primarily to analyse the size and structure of population in the productive age in 2010-2050. The potential labour force consists of people aged between 20 and 64 years. However, this age is specified later on regarding the increasing number of tertiary educated population and also the shift of the retirement age. Among the main findings is the extension of school years up to 15 years in 2050. The retirement age is considered due to the current pension system for men and women with two children separately. Both cases can be expected to suffer a significant drop of the productive population caused by the population ageing. Moreover, the thesis defines other impacts of population ageing on the labour market in the Czech Republic and summarizes the possible labour market interventions. For example, one of these interventions can be promotion of flexible forms of employment which could achieve economic inactivity decrease. Especially women could benefit from this one. The main data source of this thesis is the Population projection of the Czech Republic to 2100 by the Czech Statistical Office.
Labour market of the Czech Republic in the connection with an aging population in respect of persons aged 50 years and over
Žemlíková, Jana ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Průša, Ladislav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with a population aging and the issue of employment of older people in the Czech Republic. Most developed countries, including the Czech Republic face to the aging of the population. This unfavourable demographic progress leads to social and economic problems. Employment of older people is more and more important. The aim of this work is to assess the employment of older workers in the Czech Republic, to outline its expected development with using forecasts of the Czech Statistical Office and propose possible measures that would contribute to its increase. The results of the analysis show that the population in the Czech Republic is rapidly aging and according to the forecasts it will further continue in future. The possible solution could be to apply principles of the age management. These measures should help to increase the employment rate of older people. There are measures relating to the education, working conditions, flexible employment as well as safety and health care at work. According to the measurement results LEA, interest in the problems of elderly people and their position in the labor market has recently increased and the concept of the age management has became familiar in companies, but still it is not sufficient part of the HR strategies within an organization.
Employment of university graduates
Fodorová, Veronika ; Langhamrová, Jitka (advisor) ; Miskolczi, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on employment of university graduates. It gives a general overview of numbers of university graduates in comparison with the whole population and the population with tertiary education. It can be used as an information base not only for potential university applicants or university students, but also for (potential) universitys educational establisher. The thesis contains unemployment rate by attained educational level, region (NUTS 3), the educational establisher and type of university. Important output of the thesis is standardized unemployment rate for Czech universities. Furthermore, the unemployment rate of graduates of faculties of University of Economics Prague is given. Moreover, the thesis includes also the monthly average gross earnings by education with emphasis on tertiary educated population by economic sector. The whole thesis analyses data of the Czech Republic only.
Childlessness in relationship to the family behavior in the Czech Republic
Hon, Filip ; Langhamrová, Jitka (advisor) ; Miskolczi, Martina (referee)
This Bachelor thesis analyzes the childlessness, some other selected indicators related to the family behavior in the Czech lands and their context in the various historical stages. Its main objective is to assemble a compilation of census data about childlessness from 1930 in age groups, which is not available anywhere. At the beginning there is a chapter devoted to theoretical matters, followed by the analysis of the selected periods. At first, there is analyzed the first half of the twentieth-century, at least for the years where data are available. This chapter is finished by population census in 1950, because since then it do not cause too many effects of WWII on demographic behavior and are beginning to rather show effects of the new socialist state system, which are described in the following chapter. The last chapter is devoted to the period from the Velvet Revolution to the data, which was the latest available when this thesis was written.
Comparison of abortions in central Europe
Štefaňáková, Michaela ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Langhamrová, Jitka (referee)
The objective of this diploma thesis is the analysis and comparison of abortion in selected countries of Central Europe - Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. In the thesis is analyzed in detail the controversial topic of abortions in terms of the various factors that affect it. For a detailed comparison of the differences between countries are used the indicators of abortion and direct method of standardization, through which is possible to compare the countries and eliminate the influance of age structure. The analysis showed that even though it is the neighboring countries of Central Europe, the situation regarding abortions is significantly different, especiall due to legislative changes and other important factors.
Population aging, unemployment and usage of Age Management tools on the example of Czech regions
Voskárová, Veronika ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Fiala, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the master's thesis is the analysis of unemployment of 50 and over years old population of the Czech Republic and the tools of Age Management which are used to improve conditions for groups that are defined on the basis of their age. The structure of the population is in detail described in terms of demography and economy in the thesis. To achieve all marked out objectives is made a graphic analysis of the unemployment rate of three specified age groups of the population in 2005 to 2014 up to the region level, which are divided into four groups according to economic prosperity and lagging regions. It is becoming more and more likely that we can expect increased numbers of employees 50+, and therefore government policy should pay sufficient attention to this group. We can assume that unemployment rate will continue to decline slightly, which also show forecasts of unemployment in the Czech Republic up to 2020.
Impact of the economic crisis on unemployment in terms of sex, age and education in Czech Republic
Beranová, Jana ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Průša, Ladislav (referee)
The objective of diploma thesis is to define specific groups of population, defined by sex, age or education, which are represented disproportionately in comparison of whole population of Czech Republic. In the thesis is described the population structure in terms of demography and economy, as well as factors which influence the labor market from short-term and long-term point of view. To achieve all marked out objectives is made explanatory statistics for unemployment of specified groups of population and the index analysis that allows to examine the inter-annual development of unemployment rate in terms of age, sex and education. Based on the index analysis are defined critical groups, which are evaluated by proportionality among unemployed persons. The analysis showed that critical groups are considered young people with lower level of education and women with high school education or women 30-39 years old.
Life tables analysis using selected multivariate statistical methods
Bršlíková, Jana ; Vilikus, Ondřej (advisor) ; Miskolczi, Martina (referee)
The mortality is historically one of the most important demographic indicator and definitely reflects the maturity of each country. The objective of this diploma thesis is the comparison of mortality rates in analyzed countries around the world over time and among each other using the principle component analysis that allows assessing data different way. The big advantage of this method is minimal loss of information and quite understandable interpretation of mortality in each country. This thesis offers several interesting graphical outputs, that for example confirm higher mortality rate in Eastern European countries compared to Western European countries and show that Czech republic is country where mortality has fallen most in context of post-communist countries between 1990 and 2010. Source of the data is Human Mortality Database and all data were processed in statistical tool SPSS.

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