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The Speech of Orthodox Icons: Icon as the Way to Christ
Drahotová, Hana ; Kraus, David (referee) ; Milfait, René (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis with the title: The Speech of Orthodox Icons: Icon as the Way to Christ deals with the topic of orthodox icons and their specific speech. It sets itself a goal to answer a question whether icons can talk to present man living in Western Christian tradition or to human in general as approximation of the centre of Christian message. It results from Orthodox Creed and makes an attempt to interpret sense, language and message of icons in the light of Christian message. The thesis is composed of four chapters. First chapter is more generalized. It tries to understand man as the general human being and thanks his manner of cognition the world to show the importance of existence of symbol in human life. It moves to insurmountable real symbol of Orthodox Christianity F to the icon. This is followed by the chapter about meaning of icon for the orthodox Church, about its theological sense and about icon as the highest artistic symbol of spiritual reality. The chapter about symbolical language of icons attempts to explain what is the real meaning of some symbolical meanings which icon uses for expressing its speech. The last part of the thesis, the chapter about what is the icon's message, tries to be an answer of the aim question of the thesis. Here it is dealt the joyful Christian message in the...
The Journuy Toward Freedom. Inspiration by Saint John of the Cross.
Žáková, Lenka ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Klaus, David (referee)
The Bachelor thesis with the title The journey toward freedom: Inspired by Saint John of the Cross sets oneself a goal to inform readers about spirituality and teaching of Saint John of the Cross. It tries to interdigitate two the most famous writings of Saint John of the Cross - it is the book The Ascent of the Mount Carmel and the book The Dark Night - with the Bible. The topic of the freedom is the main topic of the Bachelor thesis, especially the process of liberation the man from something and toward something. In the first part of the Bachelor thesis the reader gets to know the basic informations about life of Saint John of the Cross; about roots of Saint John ́s teaching; what is the foundation of the man and at the same time what is the aim of the one' s life and for which he is calling. Next what is the cause for necesarry free oneself. In the next chapters the reader learns about the important symbols, counsels and rules of Saint John' s teaching and toward which he is inviting the man with his teaching. The second part of the Bachelor thesis deals in detail with individual parts of the process of liberation leads through the "dark night" all the way to the "transcendental union" the soul with the God, ergo to the "absolute freedom". Powered by TCPDF (
Traffincking in Children
Uhlířová, Kristýna ; Christofová, Dagmar (referee) ; Milfait, René (advisor)
This thesis is attempting to shed some light on the issue of trafficking of children and commercial sexual exploitation of children in particular. The thesis is theoretical and divided into the following main chapters: Human Trafficking, Trafficking in Children as a Part of Human Trafficking, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. Powered by TCPDF (
Ethical Tissue in the Palliative Care
Veselá, Monika ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Prokopová, Jindřiška (referee)
Bachelor document "Ethical tissue in the palliative car" has as a first objective to map the areas in which the categories as the death, dying, care about dying person, care about long-time ill are relevant and see them from the angle of the ethic and ethical approaches. Because of the fact of the reason to include also the view of the biomedicine results, I was using the name of tissue. My opinion is that this term the best reflex whole wideness of the problematic and maps all the areas, which are involved. Powered by TCPDF (
An illustrative offer of Christians to the youth in Prague in a perspective of their missionary-evangelistic-pastoral commission
Bušovská, Andrea ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Čižmár, Rastislav (referee)
The submitted work is concerned with an illustrative offer of Christians to the youth in Prague in a perspective of their missionary-evangelistic-pastoral commission. It deals with terms mission, evangelization, pastoral work, which it puts into context and explains why there is a hyphen between these terms. The author presented different missionary and evangelistic ways that can be used amongst the youth. She emphasizes that it is not the way of doing things but the presence of Holy Spirit who works upon the human spirit that is important. The author introduced illustrative examples of especially evangelical organizations and churches in Prague and did a public inquiry about their activities among the youth in Prague. She used this very optics of missionary-evangelistic-pastoral commission of churches and the knowledge about young people to look at the results of the inquiry and the offer. Then she analyzed and evaluated everything and underlined common accents and also differences of the offers including problems and hindrances. She also suggested certain impulses to improve these activities. Powered by TCPDF (
Syndrom CAN
Hájek, Jaroslav ; Dočkal, Jan (advisor) ; Milfait, René (referee)
The graduation work deals with the issues of syndrom CAN particularly with physical punishment of children as a possible form of abuse. The work is divided into three main parts. The first and the second part is theoretical an there is contained information about syndrom CAN and physical punishments, got by reading professional literature and other sources. The empiric part deals with questionnaire survey and it's results. Respondents became pupils of the sixth grade of Primary shool in Prague and Primary school in Nové Město na Moravě. The purpose of the work was to verify the presumption, that children in Prague have more experience with physical punishment than children in Nové Město na Moravě. Powered by TCPDF (
Social Aspects of the Mountain Teaching
Samiec, Tomáš ; Jandejsek, Petr (advisor) ; Milfait, René (referee)
The topic of this work is the Mountain teaching and its effects to contemporary social work. I analyze its particular thesis and their practical use. First chapter is about Blessings. I interpret their seemingly ambiguous meaning and I try to find, what they are about to say to us today. Next chapter is about some of following statements joined to interpersonal relationships. These thesis concure to previous blessings and execute previous chapter's thoughts. There is an evident theoretically-practical relationship between two of these chapters. The last chapter is about possibilities to execute these thoughts within contemporary conditions. But also I consider with question of church's place in the social area, because this question is interesting and not unique. But there is no doubt that church stanceis important due to helping others is an implementation of Mountain teaching's social aspects. Powered by TCPDF (
Transsexualism - Human Relations with a View to Partner Relation
Procházková, Petra ; Klimešová, Anna (advisor) ; Milfait, René (referee)
This essay is about transsexualism. You can read about history of this word and its definition. There is part about diagnosis, treatment and about work with people, who have problems with their gender identification. You can learn about other words, which related with transsexualism and you can get know something about medical care or about facts, which related to this theme. There are parts about social, juridical and spiritual views, which can be very interesting. The important part is about human relations. There is part about family, friends or about relations in institutions (school, employment). Another part attends to relationship between partners. One of these partners has problem with transsexualism. The last part of this essay is based on two conversations, which were done with people, who have problem with their gender identification. You can get know about their opinions of relationship between partners. Powered by TCPDF (
Children's commercial sexual Abuse as a Topic for Theological Ethics
Milfait, René ; Rethmann, Albert-Peter (referee) ; Ovečka, Libor (referee)
RESUME Not every child can enjoy a happy childhood in an environment that provides for delivering of his/her essentials of life, and thus allows for complex development of his/her personality. Not only in the Czech Republic, but in the whole world, there are still children that suffer from physical and psychic neglect and abuse, as well as sexual exploitation; very often, the abuser is a family member or someone known to the child. The most serious form of maltreatment caused to the child in today's world is the sexual abuse for financial or other economic reasons, i.e. the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). This involves trafficking, prostitution, sex tourism, pornography, incest, rape and sexual harassment. The submitted thesis discusses commercial sexual exploitation of children within the framework of theological ethics. The phenomenon is described and examined here and related challenges and suggestions are defined with respect to the individual as well as social ethics. The problem is partly discussed also in context of the legal ethics, because the manifestations of CSEC are considered vice crimes or sexual assaults. The first, more general, chapter of the thesis is focused on the definition of the Child Abuse and Neglect Syndrome (CAN) and the process of recognizing the phenomenon in...

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