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Podcasting as a New Media Phenomenon and its Current State in the Czech Republic
Svobodová, Markéta ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This MA thesis is devoted to podcasting, one of the phenomena of new media. It describes its origins and development; in greater detail it deals with the present state and characteristic features of podcasts from the viewpoint of their contents, forms, user practice, ways of financing, and also technological perspectives. Attention is focused on elements which interconnect podcasting with radio and radio programmes and also on their differences. The phenomenon is presented in the context of chosen concepts related to web 2.0. Several chapters focussed generally on the development and present state of podcasting are devoted to the situation in the Czech Republic. The research part then provides insight into the present situation from the point of view of independent podcast creators, with whom half-structured interviews were carried out. On the basis of a qualitative analysis of these interviews, several types of attitudes to podcasting and a number of factors related to production of podcasts were identified - primarily motivations to create them as well as some discouraging aspects. Further results of the analysis concern motivation of the authors to listen to podcasts of other creators, their view of the present state of affairs in the sphere of podcasting in the Czech Republic, and their...
The role of travesti show in media culture
Provázková, Jana ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis The Role of Travesty Show in Media Culture is concerned with a question if we can find some similarities between the way how media presents travesty show and the way how people think and talk about this kind of entertainment. As a research method I chose qualitative content analysis and questionnaire. Theoretical part focuses on explanation of technical terms, history of homosexuality, queer culture, queer theory, travesty show and history. In practical part I will create concrete codes from qualitative content analysis and from these codes I will make categories. Part of practical part is also a questionnaire. In the end of this thesis I will compare the codes from qualitative content analysis with the answers from the questionnaire. And based on this comparison I will find out if there exist any similarities between the way how media presents travesty show and the way how people think and talk about this kind of entertainment.
Fashion Community as an example of consumer online journalism
Pavúková, Natália ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on fashion blogs and the perception of bloggers by their readers. The thesis is divided into three parts - theoretical, methodological and analytical. In the first part, I explain the terms that are associated with blogging and therefore journalism, online journalism, blogging, social networks, but also the character of journalist, blogger and the concept of an opinion leader. In the second part, I will present the procedures that I used for date collection, I will also introduce the research objective and describe the research file. In the last part, I describe the research itself, which I translated through a mixed analysis when I used both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Using a questionnaire survey, I perceived the perception of a fashion blogger from the viewpoint of its followers, their identification with the blogger's figure, but I also chose the supplementary question where I studied, whether the readers prefer fashion blogs or magazines and also the reason for their preferences. The results confirm the positive relationships of readers to the blogger, they consider him as an inspirational person who influences fashion trends, but also opinions on current topics. I see the added value of this diploma in revealing what readers think about bloggers and...
The development and position of female characters in the Witcher video games series
Boukalová, Kateřina ; Krobová, Tereza (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This work focuses on the analysis of visual representation, behaviour and development of female characters in the video games series the Witcher, which consists of three games with consequential stories. The aim of this work is to analyse all female characters that appear in this three-part series, from main characters to supporting characters and female monsters. In the first part of this work, there is the theoretical clarification of the basic gaming terms and how the gender problematics are connected with video games - namely femininity, sexism and basic female archetypes, which are an inseparable part of games. Furthermore, the thesis introduces the origin of the Witcher world as well as its main hero, Geralt, and briefly introduces the plot of the series. In the second part of this work, the three main characters of the series are analysed in the terms of their visual representation, behaviour, motivation as well as their relationship with the main hero, their behaviour during fights and their relationships with other characters. Furthermore, this work analyses selected female characters, which are examined as individuals (for example sorceresses and warriors) or as groups (for example village women, town women and vampires), according to how significant they are. This thesis focuses on how...
Comparison of Liberal and Democratic Corporatist Media Models in 2018
Davidová, Barbora ; Hanák, Peter (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of the media systems of Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and Sweden, following the work of Hallin and Mancini's Comparing Media Systems: Three Models of Media and Politics. Using the example of these four countries, it tries to find out whether there is still a clear boundary between media systems in Liberal and Democratic Corporatist countries, or whether media systems converge towards the Liberal model as Hallin and Mancini predicted. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and an analytical part. The theoretical part introduces the term "media system" and also several different typologies of media systems with special emphasis on Hallin and Mancini's typology. The analytical part compares national media systems according to four parameters: the structure of media markets, the degree of political parallelism, professionalization of journalism and the role of the state - each of these parameters is described in a separate chapter. The work uses data from recent research, publications and articles and compares them with data from the original Hallin and Mancini's publication. It attempts to describe as accurately as possible the present state of the media systems of the four above mentioned countries, both individually and in total. Findings of the...
Novorossiya: comparison of its perception in Czech and Russian environment from 2013 through 2016
Švarc, David ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This Bachelor thesis concerns itself with the internationally unrecognized confederation known as Novorossiya. This political entity emerged between 2014 and 2015 during the Ukrainian crisis. The ultimate goal of this work is to map out how the emergence of said state was reflected by four Czech and four Russian media platforms. The research itself is preceded by a chapter dedicated to the historical context of the geographical region. The content of this chapter includes important geopolitical and historical events that preceded the rise of the confederation which ventures back to the rule of Catherine II. up to the eventual Ukrainian Crisis. The parameters of the media inquiries made regarding the crisis are closely examined and include a year of research around said crisis in both directions (2013 & 2016). This is done in the hope to provide a wide enough scope of time and information to be able to clearly state if and when the idea of Novorossiya was present in any form and in what measures was it present. The research done is both quantitative and qualitative terms in order to have sufficient data to reach a conclusion.
The preception of political agenda-setting on Facebook. Is the critical sense of young adulst while perceiving the information infulenced by their level of education?
Izakovičová, Mária ; Nečas, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The way how users interact with social media is constantly changing. In recent years we have seen a shift in the social media from mere communication platforms to complex metamedia where users can interact with it's content and shape it. In this environment however, the quality of the information can vary greatly and even low-quality information can spread very easily. This study examines how do the University students, percieve the information they find on social media - namely Facebook. I analyse how students interact with news content on Facebook, how do they percieve the credibility of the news and which factors influence their perception. The aim of this study is to find out the ways of student interaciton with the news content on Facebook, how they perceive its credibility and what factors influence their perception. There was qualitative research method used and the research was conducted by the techniques of think aloud protocol and semi-structured interviews. Research has shown different ways of student interaction with the news content. In the same time, the kind of interaction affects their perception of credibility of the news content.
The development and change of information leaks in news articles published on tech - oriented media and
Martinů, Ondřej ; Miessler, Jan (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the content of news articles regarding information leaks published on websites and, which focus on mobile phone news and related topics. Information leaks nowadays often appear in the electronics area on related websites, therefore it is proper to focus on this phenomenon from the viewpoint of media analysis. The work explores (through quantitative content analysis) not only the frequency of such reports between years from 2006 to 2016, but also other features, such as sources of such reports, the location of the notice regarding the information leak, or the potential doubt of the author over the truth of the content of such information. Further attention is paid to the comparison of differences between the Czech and international pages. On the theoretical level, this thesis focuses on the topics of online journalism, sources of online journalism, information embargo, ethical aspects of information leaks, with attention to originators of such reports called "leakers". This thesis seeks to clarify the transformation of the two mentioned sites over the said years in regard to the news articles focused on information leaks.
Representation of Gender Inequality in Czech Lifestyle Magazines for Men
Jacobs, Diana ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The thesis focuses on representation of gender inequality in Czech lifestyle magazines for men. The main research question explores the ways in which men's magazines represent the issues of gender inequality. The research method used in this thesis is qualitative content analysis by Anselm Strauss and Juliet Corbin. The sample contains selected articles from Czech versions of the men's magazines Maxim and Esquire, covering all of 2016. The open coding process enabled labeling of the analyzed phenomena, discovering the prominent categories and their dimensions. Axial coding resulted in the reorganization of the categories, which emerged during open coding, by exploring the relationships between the categories and making connections between them. Selective coding identified the central phenomenon of the research. Male Dominance emerged as the core category, integrating the other categories - Manifestations of Gender Inequality, Men's Fear of Gender Equality and Partial Refutation of the Masculine Perspective - around the central phenomenon. The theories used as the sources of the enhancement of theoretical sensitivity are explored and presented in the theoretical part of this thesis. The research concludes that the analyzed lifestyle magazines for men spread negative gender stereotypes and...
Regionality in public-service television of selected 'European countries - comparative study
Bělka, Michal ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on history, position and activities of public service television broadcasters in selected European regions: South Moravia, Eastern Jutland, Andalusia and Scotland. In its theoretical section, we address the issue of the changing role of public service media in the era of technological convergence and new emerging opportunities in the environment of social media and other digital platforms. We also discuss the importance of regional television stations, studios and editorial offices from the viewpoint of both broadcasters and the citizens of particular regions. The empirical section consists of a comparative study focusing on the activities of Czech Television's studio in Brno, DR's production center in the Danish city of Aarhus, a regional station called TV2 Østjylland, RTVE's territorial center in Andalusia, a regional broadcaster RTVA and, last but not least, BBC Scotland. Based on interviews with key public service television managers in all four countries, we have mapped regional activities of these broadcasters from a number of perspectives: local and historical context; legislative and regulatory requirements; organizational and financial framework; broadcast content and interactive communication with the audience. The study also presents specific projects run by the...

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