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Study of aeroelastic interference effect among four cylinders arranged in rectangular configuration
Hračov, Stanislav ; Macháček, Michael ; Michálek, Petr
The paper describes the analysis of the destructive oscillation of a skewed steel rod with the length 21 m. The steel rod is a part of roof supporting bundle (rectangular array) of cylindrical hangers at the airport building; it is therefore exposed to frequent moderate and sometimes strong winds with the low turbulence. The vibration is analyzed from the aeroelastic perspective, i.e. the cause of the oscillation is analyzed as wake-induced vibration because the collapse was observed at the bottom downwind hanger in that array configuration. The normalized distance of hangers in horizontal and vertical directions is equal to 3.15D, and 3.8D, respectively, where D is the diameter of the hanger cross section. Experimental testing of 1:1 scaled sectional model of four-cylinder array in the wind tunnel indicates, that the cause of the high level vibration is most probably the interference galloping. The unstable behavior was detected both for the downwind hanger as a part of rectangular array and for the hanger as a part of a two hangers in a row only. The results indicate the strong influence of the top pair of the hangers on the decrease of the critical wind velocity, which is even below the value of the critical wind velocity obtained for two hangers only. The strong hysteresis effect resulting in the preservation of the high vibration amplitudes even after the decrease of wind speed far below the critical one, was observed.
Prague Gambit at the Global Chessboard - Analysis of the Steps of the Czech Presidency in the "New Great Game" for Energy Resources of the Central Asia Carried Out with Help of the Mathematical Model
Michálek, Petr ; Jirsová, Pavlína (referee) ; Rovná, Lenka (advisor)
Diploma thesis "Prague gambit at the global chessboard - Analysis of the steps of the Czech presidency in the "New Great Game" for energy resources of the Central Asia " carried out with help of the mathematic model" deals with the activities of the Czech Presidency in the Council of the European Union focused on diversification of the European energy supplies through the socalled Southern Corridor. The main goal of the thesis is to answer the question, how the Czech presidency succeeded in increasing the probability of realizing the diversification projects within the Southern Corridor. For this purposes, the mathematical model describing the interaction among the global powers has been created. This model has been subsequently applied to the competing of the European Union and the Russian Federation for the Central Asian producer countries and the South Caucasus transit countries.
Monitoring of the influence of indigenous culture of yeasts on the fermentation process of making wine
Michálek, Petr ; Molnárová,, Jana (referee) ; Vránová, Dana (advisor)
This thesis deals with the identification of wine yeasts isolated from the grape must using PCR-RFLP method. The yeasts were isolated from Pinot Noir grape variety must. Grapes were grown and produced in accordance with the requirements placed on organic and integrated farming. Samples were processed in the laboratory, where pure cultures of individual yeast were obtained. A commercial kit was used for yeast DNA isolation. Obtained DNA was used for further analysis. Using the polymerase chain reaction and the primers ITS1 and ITS4 a specific segment of 5.8S rDNA-ITS region was amplified. The PCR products were then detected by electrophoresis in an agarose gel, and after a subsequent purification, three restriction enzymes: HaeIII, HinfI and HhaI were subjected to restriction analysis. The DNA was digested to fragments specific for yeast species and they were detected by agarose electrophoresis. Similarity of these isolates was compared using BioNumerics program and the result is dendrogram of genetic similarity of isolated yeast. The basic chemical analysis of samples must was also performed.
Application of Balanced Scorecard
Kotková, Jana ; Neumaierová, Inka (advisor) ; Michálek, Petr (referee)
This Master's thesis applies a method Balanced Scorecard in company Lach-Ner, s.r.o., which is part of chemical business in Czech republic. The teoretic part consists of a description of strategy creation, strategic analysis and clarification of the method Balanced Scorecard. The practical part contains strategic analysis including determination of weaknesses and strenghts, opportunities and threats. In the following chapters there is determination of strategic goals in particular perspectives of Balanced Scorecard and strategic map is created. Strategy map is the outcome of the thesis and it is a key tool for strategic management of the company.
Oceňování aktiv ve společnosti Soning Praha - Centrum akustických služeb, a. s., analýza vlivu oceňovacích metod na vypovídací schopnost údajů v účetních výkazech
Michálek, Petr Bc. ; Zmrhalová, Alena (advisor) ; Soldánová, Ivana (referee)
Obsahem práce je řešení problematiky oceňování v konkrétním podniku a to na základě teoretických poznatků uvedených v teoretické části. Jedná se především o obecné možnosti oceňování aktiv, oceňování při běžném účtování, oceňování v účetní závěrce. Část je věnována problematice oceňování zásob vlastní výroby, porovnání oceňovacích metod na vypovídací schopnost údajů v účetních výkazech.

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