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Impact of therapeutic mild hypothermia on selected pathophysiological and clinical processes after cardiac arrest
Škulec, Roman ; Dostál, Pavel (advisor) ; Drábková, Jarmila (referee) ; Michálek, Pavel (referee)
Introduction: Induction of therapeutic hypothermia to target body temperature of 32 - 34 řC for 12 - 24 hours may reduce post-cardiac arrest brain injury in patients resuscitated from out- of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). It has been recommended that the target therapeutic temperature should be reached as soon as possible. Thus, prehospital initiation of cooling appears to be a method of choice. Aim of the study: We performed three studies to assess a feasibility and clinical effectivness of prehospital therapeutic hypothermia in the setting of emergency medical service in the Czech republic and to optimize cooling procedure. The selected cooling method was rapid intravenous administration of 4 řC cold normal saline. Materials and methods: Forty consecutive cardiac arrest patients were treated by prehospital administration of 4řC cold normal saline with the target dose of 15 - 20 ml/kg in a prospective multicenter study PRE-COOL (Pre-Hospital Cooling in Cardiac Arrest Patients). The results were compared with 40 retrospective control group patients who did not undergo any cooling attempt in the field. Twelve different application regimens of cold normal saline were investigated for infusion temperature changes during administration in a PRE-COOL 3 experimental "ex vivo" study to find the regimen...
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter - a role of nurse
Rosypalová, Marta ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Hocková, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis is related to peripherally inserted central venous catheters (PICC), the role of nursing staff in inserting and care of these systems. The aim of the work, which is partly based on PICC project organized by the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague, was to investigate the quality of life in patients with PICC after their insertion, to evaluate the incidence of complications (venous thrombosis, bacteraemia, sepsis, local infections, decubitus, disconnection of the system, mechanical complications, etc.) and compare the economic efficiency of PICC systems with other available methods. The aim of the second part of the thesis, which is unrelated to the previously mentioned project, was to reveal the awareness of nurses/paramedics on PICC catheter. This thesis has two traditional parts - theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part deals initially with the central venous catheter in general and then it describes main features of the PICC systems. The following part reviews indications, insertion techniques and potential complications associated with the PICC systems. The role of nursing staff in the insertion and maintenance of these systems is also highlighted. The...
Stress load in a specific job
Leger, Patrik ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
The submitted thesis deals with the problematic of stress Fire Brigade, especially workplace emergency number 112, where calls are received and handled and further workplace "Spojař" where are the emergencies handled eventual exit units or passing other rescue units. The thesis also discussed the conditions for the reception of members on these specific staff positions. With regard to the topic of the theoretical part of the thesis will discuss the stress. The concept stress at work is theoretically defined, divided and classified. There is also defined psychological stress at work generally, its origin, species, its causes and consequences. The thesis also presents particular stressors emergency operator and employee workplace signalmen. Is described how operators respond to stress and how to cope with stress. The thesis also mentioned the burnout syndrome, its causes and prevention of this dangerous syndrome. In the empirical part of the research will be described using a questionnaire and the data will be evaluated using appropriate statistical methods.
Cross-cultural differences in an international company
Laznová, Pavla ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Marek, Marek (referee)
The theoretical part of the Thesis deals with models and patterns that can be found in every culture. It mentions different dividing of culture, perspectives of culture, from what it is being made, what can has influence on it, how it is being developed, what are the differences between cultures, why and what are the specifics of cultural interaction. The practical part consists of company characteristic, where the research had been accomplished, and of the respondent analysis. The research was made through a questionnaire survey. The data were assessed by statistical method, which confirmed or declined the hypotheses. The result was discussed in the summary.
Stress in working environment
Vágnerová, Šárka ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of a stress load in the working environment, specifically of employees of the criminal police. The theoretical part provides a general definition of basic concepts such as stress, personality or resistance. It introduces the various types of stress, its symptoms, causes and possible responses to psychological stress. The larger section is devoted to stress in the working conditions. It describes the most common stressors, risk of a burnout and possibility of stress reduction in general and directly for the police officers. The knowledge gained from the theoretical foundations is applied in the empirical part. The aim of the empirical part is to find the level of stress load among respondents from the ranks of the criminal police using qualitative methods of investigation, interview, in combination with the use of a questionnaire Meister. This section focuses on the positive and negative factors in the workplace, preventive measures and assesses differences based on gender, age, length of practice or marital status.
Stress load in a specific job
Stožický, František ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Daniel, Daniel (referee)
Objectives work This thesis will deal with stress and its effects on the activity of driving city mass transit. The work is described how stress is, how it can be managed, and how to prevent it. Empirical part will deal with the effects of stress on the driver's performance and resistance to him. methodics The theoretical part will be based on a compilation of texts from literature. In the empirical part will be used method of standardized questionnaires. For research purposes is determined hypothesis, which will be checked by statistical methods. The results of empirical research will be commented and presented in the summary tables and graphs.
Psychology of advertising
Musil, Jaroslav ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis looks into one of the most used marketing mixes of tools, commercials. The main part explores the effect of commercials directly on the end-users, on their shopping behaviour and how it effects their decisions. The first, theoretical part focuses on analyses and defining of basic parameters of a psychological commercial which is needed for implementation of the research part. The research was done with the help of the questionnaires when questions both open and closed were asked. The second part of the thesis presents the outcomes of the research, for the purpose of which were selected the aim groups like children and their parents. For higher objectivity two types of questionnaires were used, separate for children and parents. Based on the gained data it was detected that both children and parents are effected by commercials. One outcome of the questionnaires is that children do not realize the effect of the advertising, while their parents are aware of its effects on them.
Stress and its impact on a performance at work
Pokorná, Martina ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Luhanová, Kateřina (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is focused on the term stress and examining the influence of stress factors on performance at work. The work is divided into two main parts - theoretical and empirical. Introduction of the theoretical part provides on the basis of literature searches basic knowledge about actual issue of stress, its kinds, causes, stages and responses to stress. Furthermore, this section describes the stressors that affect humans according to several aspects, techniques coping with stress and stress in the work environment. The empirical part is focused on the problems of the stress of the Castle Guard in Prague. Data in the empirical part are collected through questionnaire survey of ninety respondents. Frequencies of individual answers are processed into clear contingency and association tables afterwards. Established statistical hypotheses are then evaluated using a chi-square test. In the conclusion of this work is a proposal draft of measures to reduce or even eliminate stress factors in the workplace and thus ultimately to improve employment outcomes of the guards and the entire unit.
Stress and its impact on a performance at work
Jeřábek, David ; Michálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Josek, Mikuláš (referee)
The thesis discusses the issue of stress and its impact on work performance of employees in the food processing business. The objective of the thesis is to evaluate the influence of stress on work performance and the overall satisfaction with the working environment. The thesis consists of two fundamental parts - theoretical part and empirical part. Theoretical part defines terms such as stress, its stages, how to be resistant to it and how to handle it. Subsequently it defines stress in the context of working environment. Empirical part addresses the main objective of the thesis, which is analysed in detail using adequate statistic methods and designated hypotheses. The selected method for collecting the data is by survey.

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