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Perception of U. S. Foreign Policy in the era of Bill Clinton in Bosnia and Herzegovina through American press
Matela, Matěj ; Žíla, Ondřej (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jan (referee)
The main purpose of this master's thesis is to describe and analyze the opinions of a several selected journalists, associated with the The New York Times, on participation the official policy of the United States in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992- 1995). On the basic of texts of several outstanding personalities of American journalism the early 90s, the thesis presents a picture of how this conflict resonated in one of the most popular American journals and primarily how journalists evaluated the policy of president Bill Clinton and his National Security Council in the Balkans. Besides this main practical part, which includes an overview of the every single journalists and political position of The New York Times, the thesis is also dedicated to the overall nature of foreign policy of W. J. Clinton and George Bush sr., background of Bosnian conflict and detailed summary of events in wartime Bosnia with a strong emphasis on the participation of the White House.
Forming of Vojvodina`s Hungarians national identity in the literary and publicistic works in the period between the world wars
Matela, Matěj ; Gál, Eugen (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jan (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor work is to present the evolution of creating the national identity of Hungarians in Vojvodina in the period between the two world wars and especially their literary activities. The first part of the work is focused on the historical and social situation of Hungarians in former Yugoslavia, i.e. what ways has their life changed after the ratification of the Treaty of Trianon and incorporation to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, further on the outline of political rights, situation in education etc. The following chapter presents a picture of literary and publicist activities. The main literary movements are defined in this part of the work and the crucial journals, anthologies and the most important personalities, who used to form the cultural life in Vojvodina in the between-war period, are stated there. The conclusion of the bachelor work, based upon fiction, publicist texts and using the scientific literature (especially works written by Hungarian authors acting in Vojvodina), is dedicated to the main theme, i.e. the creation of national identity of Hungarians living in the between-war Yugoslavia, or more precisely to the view of these personalities of the existence of Vojvodina`s literature and personal national/regional identity.

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