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Working in creative team versus working with directors solitaires.
Venclová, Tereza ; MATÁSEK, Petr (advisor) ; ŽIŽKA, Tomáš (referee)
In this dissertation I am concerned with my role of a stage designer in a particular creative team, whose members are: Jakub Vašíček ? director and author, Tomáš Jarkovský ? dramaturgist and author, Tereza Venclová ? stage designer, Kamil Bělohlávek ? stage designer, Ondřej Müller ? composer. In individual examples of realizations of inscenations I compare the method of working in teams and working with directors, who I call solitaires. The solitaires are: Dodo Gombár, Jiří Jelínek, Janek Jirků, Ondřej Pavelka, Ivan Ramont and Martin Tichý. I research aspects which determine the quality of cooperation with solitaires and the team from my own experience, as well as advantages and disadvantages of working in collective. Since I am not a theorist, I consider the creation as a focal point of my work. So that my aim is not to create a comprehensive research dealing with general rules, but to inform about how my thinking of my own creative work has been developing in the time of my studies and where I got. I believe in making a good use of this reflection in my future work.
Straub, Mathias ; ŽIŽKA, Tomáš (advisor) ; MATÁSEK, Petr (referee)
In this work I reflect and analyse different concepts of scenography in theatre and site-specific production, that I have tried in several projects from the year 2011 to 2012. The main focus is stressed on possibilities of interaction with the audience, where spectators turn to be participants. The reflection of following projects are item of the work: 1. PQ2011: SixActs (2011) ? Praha (CZ); 2. Kam Ústíme? ? úSTÍNADLAbem? (2012) ? Ústí nad Labem (CZ) 3. Ethno Hist(e)ria (2011) ? Gračiště (SL); 4. Česko-polský projekt (2011) - Varšava (PL); 5. Fliegerträume/Okřídlené Sny (koncept) ? Železná Ruda/Bayerisch Eisenstein (2011) (CZ/D);
Theatre as a fine art medium
Täubelová, Kristýna ; Kalfus, Pavel (advisor) ; Preková, Jana (referee) ; Matásek, Petr (referee)
In my thesis I am analyzing scenographic creation from the point of view of the fine artist, who is working with tools typical for the theater, which means that they are using theater as a fine art medium. This also touches upon a specific trend in contemporary theater practice, in which there is an intermingling of fine art and theatrical elements
Costumes in Puppet Theatre
Nguyen, Ha Thanh ; Matásek, Petr (advisor) ; Králová, Andrea (referee)
In my bachelor´s the Costumes in Puppet Theatre, I amattempting to categorize different types of costume. I also examine their usage in puppett heatre and their over lap into the puppet itself. There are examples of personalities who take advantage of these principles. However, within the frame of the given topic, I concentrate on the development and making of the bachelor´s performance Děviatko.
Rhythm, sound, music and searching for their use in stage design
Krtičková, Anna ; Matásek, Petr (advisor) ; Smolík, Robert (referee)
In my bachelor´s work Rhythm, sound, music and searching for their use in stage design I am trying to find possibilities of relationship and cooperation of music and plastic art in a theater. Based on historical and contemporary examples, I demonstrate different ways of musical visualization and I explore sound as a character that is making and imaginative part of a dramatic performance. Simultaneously, I reflect developing and making of our bachelor´s performance Děviatko.
Metaphorical Potence of Materials
Černá, Adriana ; Matásek, Petr (advisor) ; Králová, Andrea (referee)
This work consists of two parts. The first theoretical part deals with metaphor and material, possibilities of using materials and their importance, it also deals with the material library, which allows you to track the development of materials. I mention here the use of materials in my own projects. The second part deals with the description of production Idiot, its origin, course and final form.
Theatre for Small Audience
Vítková, Zuzana ; Matásek, Petr (advisor) ; Smolík, Robert (referee)
My thesis concetrates on specific features of the theatre for small audience. I look at space and proximityas quantities that determine our relationshipto that what we can see. I am also concerned with detail in the theatre. There are examples of some personalities who aim their performances at small audience and small theatres. In the practical part of my thesis, there is description of my work on the performance called the Tale from the Empire of Fantasy ( Příběh z říše Fantázie).
Scenography and space in choreograpy of Sasha Waltz
Palátová, Dana ; Kodet, Jan (advisor) ; Wiesner, Daniel (advisor) ; Matásek, Petr (referee) ; Eliášová, Bohumíra (referee)
Sasha Waltz is not just a significant phenomenon in modern dance in Germany. Her artistic influences have overlapped into traditional ways of staging operas and erode cliché experiences, which are understood as static installations, such as museums. In the thesis I have tried to map the work of Sasha Waltz through space and her set design from the beginning of her career to the present. I had the opportunity to personally see and compare her debut and latest projects. To collect the main sources of my thesis about the work of Sasha Waltz, I spent several months gathering information and conducting personal interviews
Art of a Location
Gajdošíková, Silvie ; Žižka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Matásek, Petr (referee)
Analysis of a three projects Under-on-up in Dresden, Move house specific in New Yorku and Ball lightning project in Prague which is in progres now. They will be introdused in historical kontext and in connection with contemporary art scene. This thesis is basen on fenomenon f art interventions into authentic space. It´s focused on own projects created in 2009-2010. It´s project Under-on-up in Dresden, Move house specific project in New Yorku and Ball lightning project in Prague planned in 2012. In this thesis I am going to clarify a terms which are connected with a topic - site specific, genius loci, interaction, instalation, performance, land art, authenticity and community art. In all projects I analyse theyr concepts, development, sources of inspiration and themes. In a third planned project Ball lightning I describe single motives, connections, and experiences, which woul, in ideal result, pay good interest. I am going to compare theese projects among them according to type of intervention, using of a space, interactivity, estetical proportions and production. At the end I try to basicly evaluate this comperation and inner substance of art intervention into a specific spaces with accent on a described projects.
Between Minimalism and Postmodern Citations
Šilar, Antonín ; Matásek, Petr (advisor) ; Králová, Andrea (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the connection of postmodern expresive scenographic means and purist scenography.The main theme is new media, especially in terms of integration into the dramatic space.Involved also spectacularization of it's motion picture and performative art digital media and it's influence in the subsequent disillusionment phase of this fascination by technical effects and the potential of digital technology.In a comprehensive description of my work on three theatrical projects, I compare three different approaches to new media in a dramatic space. For these projects, I emphasize the need intermediality of all elements of stage design.

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