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Variation of Strouhal number on iced cable in sub-transitional range
Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Górski, P. ; Kuznetsov, Sergeii ; Tatara, M. ; Marušić, A.
The influence of ice accretion, angle of attack and Reynolds number on the flow field around iced cables of the cable-supported bridges is not clearly understood. The paper presents results of a wind tunnel investigations of Strouhal number of stationary iced cable model of cable-supported bridges. The investigations were carried out in a Climatic Wind Tunnel Laboratory of ITAM. The methodology leading to the experimental icing of the inclined cable model in the climatic section of the laboratory was prepared. For the aerodynamic investigations the iced cable model in a smaller scale was reproduced with combination of photography and 3-D printing procedure. The Strouhal number (St) was determined within the range of the Reynolds number (Re) between 2.4×10^4 and 16.4×10^4, based on the dominant vortex shedding frequency measured in the flow behind the model. The model was orientated at three principal angles of wind attack for each of the Re. Good agreement with the generally reported value in the sub-critical Re range for a circular cylinder was obtained.
The investigation of fatigue oscillations induced wind loads on cables with of cable supported bridges
Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Kuznetsov, Sergeii ; Gorski, P. ; Tatara, Marcin ; Marušić, Ante
The objective of the project is an implementation of model tests in order to investigate of fatigue oscillations induced wind loads on cables with ice of cable supported bridges. The experimental studies are carried out in a wind tunnel laboratory climate chambre of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Telč within the CET Start-up pilot project.
The simulation of an ice formation and rain drops on surface cables of cable supported bridges and stability measurements of dynamic response
Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Kuznetsov, Sergeii ; Marušić, Ante ; Tatara, Marcin
This project is the first part of larger project which aims to analyse aerodynamic characteristic of cable-stayed bridges in certain climatic conditions when ice accretion on cables occur. Covering the whole process from rain simulation to extraction of aerodynamic characteristic, this is the first project ever conducted in climatic section of wind tunnel at Center of Exelence Telč.

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