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Možnosti využití metody objektově orientovaného programovaní v organizační architektuře podniků
Martinez, Felipe ; Malý, Milan (advisor) ; Fotr, Jiří (referee) ; Kubátová, Jaroslava (referee)
The procedures to establish organisational structure are the focal subject of this study. The review of literature and research components of this dissertation identify that there is lack of procedures, processes, and working guidelines to facilitate this managerial task. The creation of any of these procedures is inherently complex as is the intended organisational structure to create. Organisational theories present several models. They identify and discuss primary organisational elements but fail to propose adequate methods for structuration. The doctoral candidate confronts this void to both practitioners and academicians by means of two approaches. Firstly, it proposes a procedure to institute organisational structure founded on the Object-Oriented paradigm. Secondly, it compares and contrasts this procedure with existing processes deployed by managers, entrepreneurs, and expert-consultants. The presentation of this procedure includes a fundamental analogy for its creation; the paradigm selection and explanation (Object-Oriented); a detailled 'step by step' guide for successful implementation and concrete applications of the procedure. The review in this area is extensive and promotes analyses that are both practical as well as theoretical. This assessment promotes and develops a research based on organisational structuring experiences. It uses quantitative and qualitative tools to collect the data. The data are discrete. Various techniques are employed to illustrate findings. Bar graphs with distributions curves represent the data. The graphical and statistical analyses argue the existence of a general procedure to set up the organisational structure. In addition, the research compares the general and proposed procedures. It uses descriptive and graphical tools for the comparison. The findings corroborate the proposed procedure as a valid method to implement organisational structure. The resulting hypotheses derived from the research problem and formulated research questions are validated. This unlocks the opportunity to formally use the procedure as appropriate guidelines for structuring. It equally demonstrates the use of paradigms borrowed from other disciplines within organisational design. Additionally, the procedural knowledge is formally transferable through university course material and lectures. The benefit of the dissertation is the inclusion of the Object-Oriented paradigm within the discipline of organisational design. In doing so, it eliminates the void in this domain and offers both academicians and managers further areas of research.
Manufacturing process analysis of a specific product
Šlemr, Michal ; Martinez, Felipe (advisor) ; Komanec, Ivan (referee)
The processes observation is the first activity in any attempt for their improvement. The objective of this bachelor thesis is to analyse a specific manufacture process using lean tools to suggest possible improvement recommendations. The product is off-road tyre. Mitas is the company which facilitates the development of this bachelor thesis. This document contextualize this manufacture process by presenting product market characteristics, company and its inclusion in the market, the product specifications and the manufacture process. Theoretically, the document comprises basic introduction of lean management and the usability explanation of the description and analysis tools. The tools are then applied in the manufacture processes. First, the tools describe the processes, then these are analysed. The analysis supplies the arguments for conclusions and the suggestions for possible improvements.
Strategic analysis of the company Toy traveling s. r. o.
Peška, Matěj ; Tyll, Ladislav (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
The main aim of this Master's Thesis is to create strategic analysis of the company Toy traveling s. r. o. The business of this company is really specific. It is a travel agency for toys or things that person could have emotionaly attcheed to relationship. The theoretical part describes the procedures and methods, for example PEST analysis and Porter's five forces model used for in the creation of strategic analysis. At the end of the theoretical part there is the SWOT analysis and results of marketing research. The methods and procedures described in the theoretical part are then applied in the practical part. Based on the results of strategic analysis and marketing research provides advice and recommendations for future development.
Application of organization design models upon a company employing handicapped people
Hilgartová, Lucie ; Martínez, Felipe (advisor) ; Konečný, Jaromír (referee)
This bachelor thesis objective is to apply three models of organization design upon a company employing handicapped people and to draw conclusion from them. The thesis concentrates specifically on Six-Box Model, McKinsey 7S Model and Mintzberg's Model. In the first part of this thesis, models are looked upon from theoretical point of view. It is described how they function and how they are supposed to be applied. In the next section, models of organization design are applied upon a company, in which 50% of employees are made up of handicapped people. Applied models are then compared to each other and a conclusion that organizational changes in the company need to be incorporated is drawn.
Knowlege Management
Isachanka, Pavel ; Mládková, Ludmila (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
Tato práce je zaměřena na základní procesy tvorby znalostí v podnicích a veřejných institucích. V teoretické části jsou popsané pohledy moderní vědy na data, informace a znalosti, proces tvorby a řízení znalostí z hlediska knowlege managementu. V praktické části jsou podrobněji probrány otázky tvorby a řízení znalostí na přikladu reálne organizace, a podrobněji analyzovany problemy spojené neefektivní praci se znalostí a mozností zlepšeni .
The Native Theatre, a Business Plan
Tauberová, Kateřina ; Švecová, Lenka (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
The thesis focuses on setting up a business plan for The Native Theater. The theater aims to be the first theater in Prague to perform plays in their original language which should be conducted by its own ensemble as well as in cooperation with foreign theaters. In the first part the thesis focuses on theoretical questions regarding a business plan and its requirements. The second part discusses single practical features as they were introduced in the theoretical part. The thesis looks particularly into the market environment which the theater enters to, the marketing activities of the newly established company as well as on the financial plan of a theater that should exist independently of municipal grants.
Business Plan - Nursery school
Remešová, Kristýna ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
The main objective of the Master Thesis Business Plan -- Nursery School is to write a business plan for establishment of a private nursery school in Prague and verify the future viability of the project. The first theoretical part deals with the business of SMEs in general, as well as, the principles of processing and presenting a business plan. The second practical part is the real business plan with all the appurtenances that such a document requires. These are market analysis, competition analysis, marketing plan, financial plan, risk analysis etc.
Business plan of culturally-multifunction facility in Kladno
Jirků, Veronika ; Vojík, Vladimír (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is about establishing and running culturally-multifunction facility in Kladno. The goal of this work is to compile a bussines plan and using it to respond to absence of a similar facility in the region. This object offers to customers cultural enjoyment of almost all kinds. In the theoretical part are defined the basic terms which are connected to the business plan e.g. a business, an enterpreneuer, a company or a cultural facility. The practical part is focused on realization of the business plan of culturally-multifunction facility and its cultural potential in town and its surroundings. In this part are mentioned services and utilities for customers and how to ensure them, informations about the company and its legal form. It is not omitted an analysis of market environment, target customers, competition and financial aspects of the project.
Doing Business of the Czech Trade Corporations in Mexico - Analysis, Opportunities, Recommendations.
Pauknerová, Ingrid ; Vojík, Vladimír (advisor) ; Martínez, Felipe (referee)
The goal of the graduation thesis is an attempt to extend to all the persons interested in entrepreneurship in Mexico current information concerning this issue. Preamble of the work constitutes a brief characteristics of the country including a short historical review. A fundamental chapter of the thesis is dedicated to the business ambient follows. Its specificity have been analysed on the basis of two different methods - PEST method and SWOT method. Further, there are surveyed promising sectors of the Mexican economy in light of investment and foreign trade and all that with respect to the opportunities for the Czech business corporations. A separate chapter is dedicated to the process of entrepreneur's penetration the Mexican market and its terms. The graduation thesis is also focused on characteristics of particular institutions engaged in the field of foreign trade and investment which can give an advisory opinion or help to the clients. A part of the work is also a list of contact addresses of the entities mentioned in the thesis. Closing chapter presents concrete subvention examples of the Czech corporations export activities.
Strategies of doing business in China
Havrilová, Lucia ; Pichanič, Mikuláš (advisor) ; Martinez, Felipe (referee)
The main task of my thesis was to define and analyze conditions of the entry of foreign company on Chinese market, the current state of Chinese economy and the country's position in the global economy in the 21st century, to define the problems and risks of entering the Chinese market and analyze the business, which appear promising for foreign firms entering the Chinese market. The thesis also describes the basic cultural differences that affect the business relations between Chinese and foreign partners. Further I characterize the status and strategy of the selected company on the Chinese market and its SWOT analysis.

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