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Civic education in secondary schools during the period of transformation (1989-1995)
Sokolová, Františka ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Černý, Karel (referee)
This dissertation concerns changes in the Czech education system in the period from November 1989 to the end of the year of 1995. Particular emphasis is placed on the subject of Basics of Social Sciences, called Civic Education before 1990, in secondary school. My work is dissertation in based on research of primary resources - textbooks, curricula, magazines and other resources, which give insight into the transformation of the aforementioned secondary school subject. Liberalization was typical for the phase of transformation also in education. It resulted in a diversity of schools and possibilities they could offer to students. The goal of my research was to understand whether this diversity was visible in the school subject that has been newly established as the Basics of Social Sciences. Civic Education of the communist era was influenced by state ideology and the state attempted to use its means to reproduce the political and ideological ideas. The newly established secondary school subject rejected any politicaly influenced theories and focused on introducing basics of sciences such as sociology, psychology, politology, economy or philosophy. By the means of comparison, my research brings an insight on textbooks of the era of transformation in years 1989-1995 and proves the diversity could be...
Everyday life of Russian-speaking students in the Czech Republic (based on in-depth interviews)
Chernyshova, Evgeniia ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Marková, Alena (referee)
The topic of the thesis concerns the everyday life of Russian speaking students in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to capture certain features of the everyday life of Russian-speaking students in the Czech Republic. It consists of several chapters. The theoretical part is devoted to defining the key concept of "everyday life", its characteristics, a brief overview of selected books and theories related to this issue, as well as a description of basic theoretical bases in the sociology of everyday life. The historical part deals with the description of selected daily activities and focuses on the life of Russian speaking students in the territory of Czechoslovakia in the 1920s. century. The methodological part describes what qualitative research is, how the data and the actual course of research were obtained. The practical part deals with the results of the research.
The Czech Union of Women's activities in an integration of Roma minority in the Českolipsko Region (1970-1983)
Kučerová, Daniela ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Cviklová, Lucie (referee)
This work is about integration of Roma minority to the czech society during the period of normalization in Českolipsko, especially what was the contribution of Czech Women Association - organization established by the National Front of Czechs and Slovaks. This work id based on analysis of primary sources from archive in Česká Lípa from the fund called OV ČSSŽ Česká Lípa - Care of Gypsy Population.
The Pilgrimage to Velehrad and its significance during the Modern Era of Czech History
Valentová, Anežka ; Maslowski, Nicolas (advisor) ; Marková, Alena (referee)
The Pilgrimage to Velehrad and its significance during the Modern Era of Czech History The purpose of my thesis is to introduce pilgrimage as a phenomenon that can expose various discourses; strengthening and framing collective identity and manifesting various interest groups in the foreground of changeable historical contexts. To explain this religious tradition, I am using a concept of so called, 'social drama': Pilgrimage has a cohesive function as well as being a platform for social and political expression. With the help of archival sources, I focus on the pilgrimage to Velehrad in the period between the second half of the 19th Century and the latter period of the 20th. In the era of the Habsburg monarchy, we can see in Velehrad especially, a realization of the official state and church discourse in competition with nationally motivated tendencies for manifestation. During the First Czechoslovak Republic these events are used to present a newly Catholically based national identity under the influence of state and church. In the Communist era interest groups expressed their orientation against the state, but tendencies to manifest the ideology of the regime persisted unerringly in the background.
Reflections of China's history in the mirror of British and American historiography
Meng, XianJie ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Německý, Marek (referee)
This thesis introduces China's contemporary history especially the period 1949-1976 based on the analysis of selected British and American historiography. Through the criticism and comparison of British and American scholars' discourse, this thesis will obtain a deeper understanding of China's history. This thesis regards Mao Zedong as the main China's historical figure, as well as the construction of new China as the main line of writing. So the position of Mao and the Chinese Communist Party during the period of the construction of new China is an important part to discuss in this thesis. The thesis mainly talks about the period 1949-76 of China from the perspective of political and economic policies and movements, international relations, social issues, military actions and cultural movements. In addition, this thesis also emphasizes on discussing the angles, methodology and terminology of British and American historiography on China's contemporary history.
Abortion laws in Czechoslovakia in 1950-1986
Černý, David ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Vávra, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis analyses the legislation governing interruptions in Czechoslovakia in the time frame between 1950 and 1986 when this legislation went through many changes. The thesis studies consequences of these changes, their influence on the population in Czechoslovakia and even opinions of its inhabitants living in above mentioned time period. The thesis focuses also on so called "interruption commission"; institutions of former Czechoslovakia, which used to decide about the future of unwanted pregnancies. One part of this diploma thesis is also dedicated to the development and accessibility of contraceptives, which were directly influenced by the legislation.
The Process of acquisition of the bourgeoisie in the early modern society - the example of New Town in Prague in the years 1582-1612
Fořtová, Simona ; Zaoral, Roman (advisor) ; Marková, Alena (referee)
Diploma thesis "The proces of acquisition of the bourgeoisie in the early modern society - the example of New Town in Prague in the years 1582 - 1612" deals with the processes related to the acquisition of burgher rights during the reign of Rudolph II., focusing on the formation of the relationship odopted townsmen - surety; craft and the place of origin by acquirer burgher rights. Powered by TCPDF (
Rewriting Israeli History: New Historians and Critical Sociologists - Formation, Terminology, and Criticism
Coman, Adam ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Černý, Karel (referee)
Rewriting Israeli History: New Historians and Critical Sociologists - Formation, Terminology, and Criticism The New Historians and Critical Sociologists were two groups of thinkers who emerged in Israel during the 1980s, strongly criticizing Israeli history and society, focusing mainly on the 1948 War and Israel's treatment of the Arabs. Coming from various backgrounds and using different methodologies, nonetheless they all shared a highly critical approach towards mainstream historians and sociologists, and, more importantly, towards key moments and issues in Israel's history. These thinkers blamed the Zionist establishment for having ignored the distress of the European Jews during the Holocaust, committing war crimes against the Arab population during the 1948 War, and having abused immigrants in the years after the State's independence. These claims raised passionate debates between mainstream and critical scholars, which strongly affected Israeli society. This paper examines the processes that led to the emergence of these thinkers, and analyzes the specific terminology they employed, as well as their opponents' criticisms. It explores how processes in Israeli society, military and politics, as well as non-academic developments led to the emergence of these thinkers, who sought not only to rewrite...
The creation and reproduction of historical consciousness on the example of the association Radecký Praha
Petrnoušková, Anna ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Maslowski, Nicolas (referee)
The master thesis "The creation and reproduction of historical consciousness on the example of the association Radecký Praha" deals with the historical consciousness, its creation and reproduction. The theoretical part defines not only historical consciousness but also pays attention to the related issues, such as collective memory, historical memory, sites of memory, or national identity, due to the fact that the boundaries between collective memory and historical consciousness are often at least unclear. Theoretical part is primarily based on the works of Maurice Halbwachs, Jan Assmann, Miroslav Hroch and Pierre Nora. The empirical part of this study concludes the research of the association Radetzky Prague, which seeks to return the monument of Marshal Radetzky on the Malostranské náměstí. The research tries to describe and understand the ways of creation and reproduction of historical consciousness of its members throughout the analysis of qualitative interviews. Mentioned authors already provide a certain methodological background research. Conclusion contains a summary and a comparison of research results with theses of authors that are dealing with similar themes. This work is not a purely historical or sociological one; it is trying to stay somewhere between historical and sociological...
Russia in a context of a globalization: specificity of historical development and it's alternative models by A. S. Panarin
Kargin, Evgeny ; Marková, Alena (advisor) ; Černý, Karel (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the analysis based on the Panarin's creation Russia's position in the conditions of globalization and the intensification of intercultural, inter- civilizational relations. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part is devoted to Panarin's critics of globalization. Among the global problems, which Panarin studies, belongs deepening of the global inequality (between developed countries of the so-called First World (USA, Western Europe, Japan and others), shaping of consumer society, environmental issues, westernization of non-Western societies, exterritorialisation of elites, weakening of states etc. In the second part goes about the possibilities of solving the global problems. Panarin sees these options in more closely familiarization with the cultural heritage of non-Western civilizations. In this part in this context goes about the Panarin's vision of relations between the West and the East in the course of human history and about which potential for their mutual dialogue exists at the beginning of XXI century. The third part will discuss Russia located in the border position between East and West, from which follows according to Panarin special cyclic course of the Russian history. This part talks about "Atlantic" and "Eurasian" path of development of...

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