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Family constellations of Bert Hellinger - therapeutic and consulting method
Malíková, Klára ; Šturma, Jaroslav (referee) ; Junková, Vendula (advisor)
Family constellations is a way of dealing with clienť s problems or issues, which can be used with individua! or group of clients. Author of this method is Bert Hellinger, german psychoterapist and priest. This phenomenological method of work has many similarities to several famous methods and approaches, for example Satir' s constellations, Moreno's psychodrama, Rieger' s island offamily. Iťs usually presented as controversial method. We tried to present its philosophy, its procedure and signify its position in Czech Republic. We wanted to :find out, which psychologicals or therapeutics phenomena can be seen during its process. Main importance of this work is in presentation of subjective evaluation and personal experiences of people, who actually attempted this method, to help them with their problems and personal development. Based on interviews with them we were looking for what does this method brings to clients, whether does it help, whether it is according to their opinion effective or not.
Profit versus tax base in the Czech Republic
Malíková, Klára ; Randáková, Monika (advisor) ; Bokšová, Jiřina (referee)
The theoretical part is focused on the definition of the basic concepts of the assets, cash and accrual bases. In addition to profit, its components and its differences from the tax base. Much of the work deals with different concepts of costs and revenues in accordance with accounting regulations and tax law. The work deals with the various costs and revenues in terms of tax efficiency and impact on adjustments to the tax base.The practical part is devoted to empirical research, the proportion of tax on profit for the sampled companies.
Deferred Tax
Malíková, Klára ; Randáková, Monika (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is aimed at problems of deferred tax. Concepts of deferred tax obligation and deferred tax lien are specially deffinated. This thesis is aimed at ways of calculation and regulation deferred tax by czech legislation. There are few examples of how to calculate and account deferred tax that can be found mainly in the last part of thesis.

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