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The impact of balneology treatment on Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) and drug consumption in young subjects under 35 years of age
The thesis ``The impact of balneology treatment on Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) and drug consumption in young subjects under 35 years of age.{\crqq} The theoretical part deals with balneology treatment and quality of life in general, its assessment, with chronic diseases of musculoskeletal system and their impact on quality of life. The objective of the thesis is stated and hypothes is set in the practical part by means of which the research itself was started. The following chapter ``Methodology{\crqq} describes the research technique and methods used to confirm or disprove given objective and hypothes stated. The next chapter ``Results{\crqq} contains charts and graphs with final values and their verbal description. Information obtained from the research is confronted in the discussion.
First aid´s Knowledge of Emergency Units
Increasing number of life and health threatening emergency events causes significant financial and environmental damage. With their large range and destructiveness these events compel an effective communication of the available rescue capacities. This increase was the crucial moment for commencement of a development of such system which would join all the necessary establishments predetermined for dealing with a specific emergency situation and concurrently which would become an effective tool for its handling. Such system nowadays is the Joint Rescue Service. The basic establishments within the Joint Rescue Service are the Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic, the Medical Rescue Service and Police of the Czech Republic. Mutual collaboration during actions is co-ordinated and requires permanent co-operation, especially when securing personal safety of rescue groups of the Fire Brigade and Police. It is beneficial when members of these establishments are educated in the area of first aid application as also during the actions lives of these people are often threatened and only the immediate first aid in place may be the crucial prognostic factor. The objective of my Bachelor Thesis was to map the knowledge of first aid application at the basic emergency establishments within the Joint Rescue (Police of the Czech Republic and the Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic). The research group consisted of members of police and fire brigade of the South Bohemian Region. Data collection was in form of a questionnaire provided to be filled in. I distributed the questionnaires personally as I wanted to discuss the relevant topic with the police and fire brigade members and to know their opinion. The research proved that both the members of the Fire Brigade and Police of the Czech Republic are very well prepared in terms of the theory of first aid application to an injured person. The established system of education of policemen and fire brigade men rescuing people in need of first aid is probably functional and provides policemen and fire brigade men with enough information on fist aid basics. Although policemen have less practical experience it does not mean that they would not be able to apply first aid to an injured person. Both rescue services are well prepared for helping an injured person.

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