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Impact of NAFTA on Mexican agricultural sector
Moravcová, Markéta ; Kozák, Kryštof (advisor) ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to evaluate impacts of North American Free Trade Agreement on Mexican agricultural sector. The treaty was a substantial liberalization element for Mexico. After coming to force, the agriculture of both partner countries was gradually liberalized and after fifteen years the trade between the partner countries was free of all trade barriers on agricultural commodities. The thesis analyses the problem from various aspects. The first aspect consists of subsidies which the Mexican government pays to its farmers and subsidies which the U.S. pays to its farmers. The U.S. subsidies are considerably higher than the Mexican ones. The second aspect comprises the impacts on agricultural commodities and its production in general. This part examines impacts of the agreement on production of particular agricultural commodities and the change of production of certain commodities is examined. The production of more remunerative commodities like fruits and vegetables replaces the production of staples like corn. The following aspect examines the employment and poverty on the countryside and its connection to the treaty. The last aspect lists the impacts of the new agricultural structure on the environment in Mexico. The thesis comes to conclusion that the agreement created more...
Rating Health-Related Quality of Life after Menopause
Moravcová, Markéta ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Koukola, Bohumil (referee) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
Rating Health-Related Quality of Life after Menopause Introduction: Quality of life of individual and its evaluation is increasingly important in clinical practice. Specifically, women in the period associated with menopause often suffer from symptoms which do not directly threaten health, respectively life, but they can reduce the quality of life. With the general aging of our population is increasing the number of women in this period. The care these women must be comprehensive and focused on their subjective perception of women's lives. Clinical practice in the Czech Republic needs specific instrument to assess quality of life of menopausal women. Therefore, the authors created the Czech versions of specific instruments assessing the health related quality of life (HRQL) in postmenopausal women - Menopause Rating Scale (MRS) and Utian Quality of Life Scale (UQOL). Objectives: The theoretical aim of this work was to describe the period associated with menopause, characterize the quality of life and methods of its evaluation and also provide an overview of assessment tools for quality of life for women in the period associated with menopause. We mapped the situation in diagnosing and treating of estrogen deficiency symptoms in Czech clinical practice. The empiric aim of the work was to develop...
Impact of Some Family Conditions on a Child´s Free Time Use
This dissertation is focusing on definitions of some typical features of a family unit and its impact on their child´s free time use. These aspects are for e.g. completeness of the family, child´s status among their brothers and sisters, level of parents´ education and the social strata of parents. The dissertation is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the beginning of the theoretical part the question of family, definition according to the number of members, and other features implicated from the family status are being discussed. Second part concern the free time and children´s education out of school. The theory is followed by purely practical part of my dissertation in which I conduct a research. The main question for my research was if the above mentioned aspects of the family unit can have an impact on the way a child spends their free time. Results of this probe have been concluded and demonstrated by graphs and tables at the end of the dissertation.
Journalism on the internet
Diploma thesis on the topic Journalism on the internet covers using language resources, especially in lexical and syntactical plane, in electronic newspapers. It keeps to the analysis of electronic newspapers,, a in period from May to October 2006. This diploma thesis is not divided into theoretical and practical parts, but the practical part is following immediately after the theoretical part. This makes the thesis well-arranged and more comprehensible. Self-division of thesis is using chapters. A general characterization of individual electronic newspapers, reportage and commentary characterization, as a part of journalism, are listed in an introduction. Substantial part of the thesis is created by chapters, where concrete examples of language resources applications in the internet journalism are analyzed. (Collocations, indirect denominations, buzzwords, expressive phrases etc.) Examples of some commentaries of individual electronic newspapers are listed as appendices.

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