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Posouzení faktorů ovlivňujících koncentraci prachových částic při sklizni píce
MACH, Milan
This diploma thesis deals with the concentration of dust particles during harvesting of forage, namely hay, straw and fed forage. The measurements were always carried out on another land in the Vysočina Region. DUST TRAK II 8530 instrument was used to measure dust concentration. Each measurement was performed for ten minutes.
Evaluation of performance of different size excavators
MACH, Milan
The aim of my thesis titled Evaluation of performance of different size excavators was to select five excavators ranked in different weight categories and subsequently to compare their actual performance. I monitored the actual length of one cycle on the basis of which the real performance of each excavator was determined. These results were mutually compared and summarized.
The impact of the principal-agent problem on the genesis of the global financial crisis
Mach, Milan ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Hnát, Pavel (referee)
The core focus of this thesis is the principal-agent problem and its role in the outbreak of the 2007 financial crisis. Analysis of key elements of the problem like moral hazard and adverse selection lays foundations for identifying situations, in which conflict of interests led to negative impacts on the economic performance before and during the financial crisis. This work also studies the influence of factors that are often overlooked by theoretical economists but are still tightly connected to the principal-agent problem, like exogenous incentives based on the mechanism of trust. The author also evaluates mechanisms that have been put into place after the financial crisis and which could help lower agency costs. He also sketches out possible venues of future research in this area.
The causes of the current financial crisis and their impact on the regulatory framework
Mach, Milan ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Zapletal, Petr (referee)
The main topic of this thesis is the 2007 global financial crisis, its causes and impact on the regulation of financial sector both in Europe and the United States. Based on the described causes, its aim is to evaluate the aptness of proposed or already enacted regulatory changes in the financial sector. The first part of this paper deals with the chain of events and trends leading to the outbreak of the mortgage crisis in the US and its subsequent spillover into the rest of the financial sector. The second part focuses on naming the main causes of this development and analyzing them. The final part of this thesis follows the reactions of national and supranational regulatory bodies in Europe and the US, assigns the individual measures to the causes they are supposed to solve, and compares the approaches in the frame of the Euro-Atlantic space.

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